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Antwerp, Wednesday 12 July 2017


The President of the United States Donald Trump



Twitter and Google Are Hacked in Belgium

Please Investigate

Dear Donald Trump_address.jpg

First and foremost, happy Independence Day to you, your family and all the people in the United States.  May all the Americans be blessed with freedom and independence and may USA contaminate many countries with the same, by the will of the AlMighty God.

With my letter of today, I would like to request the cooperation of the government of United States for  investigating the hacking of my Twitter account (@unitedchambers), which I found filled with slander on 23 June 2017.  It was around 2 PM, when I sat down in a Brussels library (the Munt) to get some work done.  I was using the library PC.  I quickly made screenshots (see further below).  While I was doing this, my screen froze while the other visitors continued using the computer without a problem until  the entire computer system in the whole library went down.  We were recommended to wait until the system restarted.  

All the computers restarted except the computer that I was using refused to restart properly.  They assigned another machine to me.  As soon as I logged into Twitter, the computer system went down a second time for everyone.  I asked a stewardess if this has anything to do with the hacking of my Twitter account.  She answered “for a problem with Twitter you have to turn to Twitter and not with us”. She admitted that it was the first time something like this happened and that the server maintenance takes place during the office hours.  

It wasn’t just a server maintenance.  I think It was an attack by a virus or a hacker.  

I promptly contacted the police about the cyber attack on my Twitter account as well as the slander.  I am not sure if the police is willing to make a connection with all the computers going down in the Munt library (and in Permeke library in Antwerp) as well as the fact that all the anti-mafia steps that I take, particularly those related to my websites and my newsletters, are being followed by a highly envious secret group of individuals who have been disturbing my path and my progress during more than 30 years, and who have been robbing my intellectual property in various ways including a burglary in my home and cyber attacks.  The burglary happened on 18 February 2010 on Rijmelgem 10, appartment 5, in 1932 Sint Stevens Woluwe (Zaventem).  

In the burglary of my home, I do not exclude the participation of the ex-mayor of Zaventem, Mr Francis  Vermeiren (Open VLD).  He might have used his power to obstruct the police investigations.  Like all the mayors in this country, he is the Chief of the police in his town. I am communicating the police file number of the burglary at the end of this letter.

In this letter, I would like to send you further information about who might have used my account to tweet undignified messages, or who might have hacked Twitter as a whole with the intention to harm my reputation and my finances.

The first suspect, who might have played an important role in the hacking of Twitter, is Mrs Colette Dongmo. She is a young lady from Cameroon who had been asking me for months to help her with her resume and to show to her how to search for a job in the aviation sector.  

What makes me say that it is her is that I didn't have her laptop with me at the library on 23 June 2017 when the computers went down.  She might also be the one who influenced the mafia to cause the  computers to go down in the Antwerp library on 1 July 2017 at 10 AM, one hour after my departure from Brussels to Antwerp.

I met Colette in December 2016, at the VDAB (the Flemish employment office) in Antwerp (Kievitstraat).  It all started by simple questions “how do I reply to an e-mail in Gmail”, “how do I do this, how do I say that….”.  Colette addressed me in French and she had difficulties expressing herself in Dutch.  I quickly assessed that she couldn’t type or use the computer also, and she has no clue on how to express what she wants in a letter.  I recommended to her to seek help from the VDAB employment consultants.  She answered that they are not satisfying, they often don’t know the answers themselves and they never found a job for her too.  I know for sure that they can find the jobs if they want.  The true problem is that  the employment consultants who help people and companies for real, get fired.

While ignoring that Colette could be an agent spying on behalf of a mafia who is searching for models to “improve” precisely the VDAB and to loot public funds in the process through the VDAB, I exchanged phone numbers with her.  I mean that she is not particularly bright for being a spy.  I kept on bumping into her a few times in the street, in the area of the central library, which is near where she lives (Van Kerckhovenstraat 45, 2060 Antwerp).  

I never had the time for her until she invited me to Brussels at the end of May 2017.  On the phone she attempted to lure me towards her place with the promise that she will soon have an Internet connection.  It reminds me of my nephew Mahjoub Inerhmi, who also lured me to Holland in 2012 with an Internet connection in his home.  Colette’s model to lure me is exactly the same and it may come from my mother.

It is worth noting that the only person who knew that the Internet is vital for my work and that I was using the VDAB resources is my mother and she might have arranged for me to meet Colette, perhaps through Miss Ina Valstar, a Dutch woman who is searched for by the Dutch police for murder, since 1983.  View my letter about Miss Ina Valstar to the Dutch King and Queen.  Right now, my mother is in Morocco.

When I arrived at Colette’s, I found that she had just moved in at Rossini street 55, 1060 Brussels, at the top floor (2nd floor).  She is not officially registered at this address.  Her official address is in Antwerp with her husband.  She is now filing for a divorce and she asked me not to tell to the airlines that she is a married woman.  Why?   Because she wants the men to think that she is a single.

Later during my stay with Colette, I learned that she has been in Belgium only five years.  She came to Belgium through her marriage to a Cameroonian who already lived in Belgium.  Unless she is “protected” by someone very high up, I really wouldn’t know where she gets the guts to divorce her husband in a foreign country where she has nobody. The more I think of it, the more I  think her marriage was probably fake and it was used for getting her into Belgium.

He is a dancer with Turbo Salsa”, she told me about her husband and she showed me videos on You Tube.  “He brings home up to 700 Euro just for one night of performance, in addition to his pay as a kitchen chef, with an American pharmaceutical company…  I was living like a princess missing nothing”, she sighed as if she regrets her departure.  “What happened between you ?” I asked. “He travels a lot and he fathered a child with someone else…. I couldn’t stand it…. Then we were fighting and he asked me to leave… but I still have the keys to the house…”, she explained, “however, he doesn’t want me to sleep there anymore”.  

I wondered why she didn’t give her husband a child during the five years that they were living together.  If her husband fathered a child with someone else, then it must be that there is something wrong with Colette.  I know for sure that she is impossible to live with.  She is a very demanding, ego-centric woman, who wants luxury only for herself, but she was not working to pay herself the luxe she wants.  She said that her husband didn’t appreciate to see her doing nothing while his hands were full.   I noticed that she doesn’t like to cook.  Her husband was doing this too.  When he is not around, she eats out and spends the money he was making.  Despite the availability of money, freedom and loving attention from a disciplined artist who works out every day at the gym, who was practicing his choreography in addition to his day-time job, and who wanted her to become somebody too, she has an unpleasant nature of moaning and complaining all the time about absolutely everything.  

Today, her lifestyle doesn't match her income, and that is what makes her resort to occasional prostitution, she told me (and corruption too for selling off her fellow African ladies like me to the Devil).  For example, she spent the weekend of 24 and 25 June 2017 with a Flemish construction engineer in Houthalen (Limburg - Flanders).  At that moment, she was becoming frantic about finding money to pay by the first of the month the rent of her studio which costs around 250 Euro per month.  She began to bet on this Flemish guy.  She expected him to pay the rent during that weekend, but he didn't respond to that.  He is not an idiot.  He is a human being.  He might begin to think that she spent the weekend with him not for him but for his money.  

She told me her husband is a Muslim.  For as far as I know, the only time when a Muslim husband doesn’t want the wife inside his house, is when she has slept with someone else.

She admitted to me that she has been sleeping with other men for earning some money to pay the rent and the bills.  The reason why she wants a regular job is because she was sick and tired having to prostitute herself for money.  This is why she called me to come over.  I kept quiet about it, to make sure she gets a job somewhere as a hostess, but after everything she has done to me, I am not keeping one thing quiet about her anymore.

I have no comments about how orderly and clean her little studio is. She pays so much attention to wearing clean clothes and taking a shower twice, and sometimes even three times on a day. Each time she rubs cocoa butter particularly on her legs and arms to make them shine. Her landlord complained about the water consumption on her account during the past month. She tried to make an issue of this with me, perhaps with the intention to make me pay part of the rent. I didn't respond because this month she is on her own, and she will have the same issue without me being there.

While she considers herself and her apartment clean, I find her filthy. It is the fact that she sleeps around.  During the whole first week when I was there, her belly was aching.  It was awfully swollen, like a 7 months pregnant woman.  Her belly shows here in the picture in the middle.  She wanted me to take pictures of her highly curved body which she considers beautiful, and which may attract the attention of dirty old men like Azoulay indeed.  Both her belly and her buttocks are like balloons. She has balloons everywhere.

That picture was taken when I asked her to contract her disgraceful belly a little, but she couldn’t persevere very long. She was unable to breathe while keeping it contracted.  The woman is 34 years of age and already out of breath after two minutes of contracting her muscles.  What is she going to be like when she is fifty? belly dongmo colette.png

There were moments her belly was really like a 9 months pregnant.  I tried to help by asking questions :  “Do you think it is your estomac, your liver,  your intestines or could it be a problem in the uterus…. It could be that you have slept with someone who introduced diseases in your uterus ?   If left untreated it will turn into tumors”.   Upon hearing this, she shook her head like saying “oh no please don’t talk to me about that”.  She broke down in tears and she started to pray because she believes that prayers will help her out even if it is the worst disease like Aids.

She told me about a sexual contact she had with a old and very rich European man, who eventually didn’t pay her at all.  “That is the risk of prostitution… They pay you with diseases”, I mocked.  On a more serious tone I asked her if that old European guy had cancer.   “His mother died of cancer”, she answered.  “It sounds to me like you have attracted a cancer infection” I said to her,  She instantly got quiet  and like most people who attract cancer she didn’t accept it. “Jamais de la vie”, she shouted angrily.

I asked her what the doctors said she had.  She told me that she spent her time and lots of money in Antwerp getting in and out of many hospitals to get her belly checked by the doctors.  They were unwilling to give her any treatment and  no doctor in Antwerp was willing to tell her what precisely she had.  

That is when I knew that she was connected to a mafia who was using her against me, and at the same time they run a different agenda against her.  They conspire to kill her slowly with the diseases which the doctors keep secret and also by refusing to treat her ailment correctly.  That is how the health system works in Belgium.  I was a victim myself.

Find out more in the medical terrorism dossier


As she didn’t have money for any more doctors.  I sent her to my GP, Doctor Roland Farhi.  He is known to be an anti-mafia.  He prescribed an antibiotic (I think it was amoxicilline from Sandoz).  From my end I began to cook for both of us mostly salads like these (see picture).   She loved it but she admitted to be too lazy for washing and preparing the vegetables.  

We both noticed improvement and at the end of my stay, her belly was practically gone. Of course, prayers from a highly gifted Pastor  also helped, but no prayer will be enough if she serves a Satanic master at the same time and if she has extra-marital relations with him or with the members of his mafia.

She told me that she has been consciously choosing for white males in the belief that they have more money than the blacks.  “That is exactly what they want you to think” I said.  In any case, she will not become a happier woman at all if she lets herself be tricked by the money.  In fact, I noticed that she has actually become resentful against the white males because she thinks they have made her body so sick, to the point that she can’t get up and go to work.  In my opinion whether black or white, it is her attitude in the first place which makes her body sick, and which triggers bad luck for her life.  During the first two weeks that I was there, she has been staying in her bed until noon, because her whole body was aching.  

“I find that the Belgian men are very strange about money. They don't pay.  They don't give money”, she complained in addition to the illness.  “This is why your country depends on a central bank which is shared by 17 other countries or something and hundreds of millions of people in West Africa.   It is to have all the West African women become like you which is to hang on a white tourist just for the money and to get AIDS instead,and to need money again for the medical treatment because you can't go to work by yourself… It is a vicious cycle designed by a mafia and followed as a standard by too many people” I explained.

“In addition”, I said, the central bank of Cameroon is located in France and not in Africa.  DId you know that the Belgian State is the ruler of many a West African central banks and development banks?  When you examine the central bank of your country, you will understand why the kind of Belgian men that you sleep with don’t pay you for having sex with them. They are not going to give back to you the money which they have already taken out of your country's banks. That is why the Belgian males look like having more money than your Cameroonian husband, for instance”.  

She shook her head to mark her disbelief of everything that I was saying.  Of course, I was not going to show the Belgian Official Journal to her, if she calls me in for just a CV and for helping her fill out the online applications.  Then she said that I was saying all this because I have something against the Belgians and that if her country has nothing in the banks, it is because her President is one of the most corrupt presidents in the whole of Africa. “...and sleeping with men to give you money is not corrupt”, I reminded her.  “The president of my country has been in power for more than 30 years, it is time that he leaves”, she argued.  “I think you prefer a president for your country who is just like you, who knows nothing about who is making your country poor”.

I was not prepared to explain to her how my life has been severy damaged by Belgians and how I have been attacked many times and denied almost everything, because of hidden Belgian interests in my country.  They have something against me.   I have never attacked and damaged the life of any Belgian person.  I never betrayed the feelings of any Belgian man and I have never used them like she does.  What she does is precisely what I call hating the Belgians.  It is to sleep with them first and making them believe that you love them, and then subsequently to become resentful of them because they don’t give you the money.  

I call that hatred

I also don’t do what she does.  She spends hours cursing them for bringing disease to her body and for preventing her from applying for the job she wants.  

I tape recorded all her conversations including her anger bordering the folly.  

Listen to how she chases the Belgian men away like you would chase malefic ghosts away.

She sends fire upon them all

Simply because she has chosen to depend on them for the money which she doesn't receive.

I never depended on them, not even for a job.

Colette knows a lot about the prostitution world and how they make money.  She told me that the price of sex services rises from the least expensive to the most expensive, according to how much the male gets to see or do to the woman, and how many women are involved in serving the same man.  

She herself makes Nigerian meat pies which she sells to the prostitutes on Falconplein in Antwerp. At times she was earning between 150 to 170-180 Euro per night. Sometimes even more.  There are girls who would just give her the money without buying a thing to prevent that she gets involved with dirt, but she does not get the message, if she continued resorting to finding money in this way.

I got the message when a few of them sent sandals for me to wear as I came to Brussels wearing boots.  It shows that there are humans out there who got trapped in a system which might require a military intervention, as I suggested in my previous letter to you.  There were some more things she told me about the prostitution particularly of undocumented African males in relation to the Belgian women, which I will tell you another time.  

Meanwhile,  I was wondering who the old, very rich and filthy European man might be who possibly made Colette’s belly swell with infections.  Could he be André Azoulay, who promised to make this girl of Cameroon become very very rich, without any education or without having to prove a thing at all?  I am thinking of him because she mentioned meeting in Gare du Nord an old and very rich  Belgian or a Dutch man.   In any case, she mentioned that she needed her passport done soon to go on vacation in Spain.

Gare du Nord is an area in Brussels with a very bad reputation because of the prostitution. I couldn’t help thinking of André Azoulay who might have a Spanish identity (Azoulay means Blue Eyes in Spanish (Azul Ojos)) and who was probably remote controlling her, and to whom she was reporting her observations about me.  

I had this sensation because during the first two weeks, I went to the UCL Saint Luc campus to benefit from free wifi connection, but they changed their policy.  You have to be a student to get access to the wifi and the library.

I took Colette with me the first day .  We went to sit in an empty study area really very quiet.  I couldn’t establish a wifi connection.  I needed a password.  Fortunately I made friends on the campus in the past and I bumped into one right at the time when we thought of going home.  He helped me get a password, and I spent the rest of the evening in that building all alone.  Colette went home at 6 PM

I remember in the past, they lock the auditoria between 10 and 11 PM.  Around 9 PM a security guard appeared.  He said absolutely nothing to me, but I found it strange.  That happened on 12 June 2017.

The next day, on 13 June 2017 around, I went back to the same spot around 7 PM.  Absolutely all the doors of the auditoria were locked.  I knew that someone betrayed me.  Could it be the security camera ?   Not only I managed to find another space where I sat to work until midnight, but I also found some Syrian students who shared some fruits and chocolates with me to break the fasting during the Ramadan.  I took some chocolate with me for Colette.

I arrived at midnight. At Colette’s, I found two undocumented young Africans placing the carpet.  One of them is called Youssef from Mali or Senegal. I made a sound recording on how condescending she has been towards these men who help her get settled in her new house, in the same way like she has been using me like a slave, without any appreciation, only with insults, stings and bites.  

I call this ostracising her own Africans

We were all fasting and Colette didn’t offer any food despite the hard work we did for her.  I decided to never help her again.  Youssef also decided that, but for getting his friend to do something for her in the future, she tucked 10 Euro in his hands.  

In my opinion, she is a mafiosa in the making.  For someone who just arrived in this country, the degree of arrogance against her fellow Africans can only be explained by the fact that she is protected by somebody very high-up for harming others, and for being very dangerous for the rest of the society.


Thus the camera at UCL Saint Luc was Colette Dongmo herself.  She must have reported to someone who destroys all my possibilities, even at UCL Saint Luc for getting online after the office hours.  I think she reports to André Azoulay, because he has the authority to prompt a security agent to come and check out the place.  

If there is one place where André Azoulay doesn't want me to be, it is at UCL Saint Luc, not only because that is where Dr Matta is, to whom I sent the multidimensional investment portfolio, but also because of my contact with the students and my report of a case of prostitution-slavery on the UCL Saint-Luc campus.  This is the man who I met 28 years ago and to whom I appeared like the apple of his eye.  A group of highly jealous people organized for me to get arrested, imprisoned, judged and condemned as if it was my fault that he likes me.  This time the Trigger could be my newsletter filled with hearts and my tender words for him.

I think His Excellency André Azoulay has hurried to Belgium after I tweeted letters to Dr Matta to rather put Lebanon and the Arabs first.  This is something which Mr Azoulay certainly doesn’t appreciate given that he runs ISIL, DAESH, Al Qaeda, Al Shabab, Boko Haram, Abu Sayyaf, Polisario and any group who might be willing to cause another Holocaust somewhere in the world.  

I am sure that he didn’t like it that I reveal the issue around the territory in Kenitra and the Oasis in the Draa Valley  which my family lost during the past 50 years under influence of André Azoulay, who is not a Moroccan and not a Jew.  His real name is André van Lidth de Jeude.   Whether for Morocco or for Lebanon, working with André Azoulay van Lidth de Jeude is dangerous.

If he is in Belgium, then this would be for saving his banks.  That is the only thing which makes him come out of his safe lair in Essaouira.   He came with exactly the same psychology like 28 years ago, when he was possibly competing against me for the money of Dr Matta, who may have shared investments with him, while I was being crushed by the Belgian Justice system.  That was during a time when I had no plans.  This time I do.

Yet Colette was told that I will soon be arrested again “for unconsciously getting involved in something”, she said.  She also said that I will be followed like this during the rest of my life.   How can a young woman, who I never knew before, who is 17 years my junior, and who has been in Belgium only five years, have any knowledge about me having had trouble with the Belgian justice 28 years ago, unless she is being coached by André Azoulay, to speak like this to me like this.  

Of course, I have tape recorded her words, but I want to give her the chance lose her face with the police when she denies having threatened me with being arrested again.  With the tapes, I want to be able to show to the police that I am telling the truth about her.

Colette is the Godfather’s Puppet

Azoulay needs to fill his banks with something. He fills his banks by looting other people's banks with chimerics that are similar-sounding like my plans.  I guess he is interested in the multidimensional airport incubators, given that it is airline, airport, tourism, wellness, trade and infrastructure-related such as my plan for Al Maktoum International, and thus these incubators represent huge sums of money.  His interest is even bigger, especially after the dismantling of the Association of European Airlines (AEA) at the end of 2016.  That is what he wants.  

He used to succeed in stealing my work for having big countries commit large sums to his banks and only with the strategy, but without any methodology to offer for sustainable development.  infoDev is an example.  He wants to repeat the same game infoDev and AEA game with other airlines, particularly the Arab airlines:  

Colette Dongmo_candidate hôtesse de l'air.jpg

In the past the mafioso used to work my failure through the Belgian politicians, through the Belgian justice system, the social services, the employment office, etc.  Today, given that he has nobody to reach me, he resorted to relying on a deluded, uneducated and very poor Cameroonian woman, because  

he is a coward to address me directly

or to meet me eye to eye

Colette said to me that she necessarily wanted a job with Qatar Airways, Fly Emirates, Etihad, Gulf Air or Air Saudia "because they pay a lot", she said. She thinks that she was born to become an air hostess. She walks around every day in a black suit, with a white shirt and a red tie or scarf around her neck. She wants everyone on the street to think she's an air hostess and to give her compliments..  

However I faintly sensed an indication of involvement in human traffic, which may require deeper investigation.  The fact that her clients who buy meat pies are the prostitutes on Falconplein in Antwerp.  It might be a way to whitewash money from crime.  With the proceeds she buys luxury goods like handbags, shoes and clothes, and she also pays the rent.

Miss Dongmo has the art to attract the envy from foreign air hostesses in the street, because she wears almost precisely the same outfit.  She goes to them and says “hey my costume is almost identical like yours”.  That is how she triggers questions from the air hostesses who want to find out which company she works for (they obviously look for higher earnings).  She takes a picture of them like a selfie.  She finds out where they work, and beyond this point I don’t know what she does with all the information.  Brussels Airlines.jpg

I have personally witnessed this in the center of Brussels that she stopped a young black woman who works as a ground hostess for Brussels Airlines.  Colette asked me if I could take pictures of the girl with her together, which I did.  I listened to her conversation with the Brussels Airlines staff member who said she is a Rwandese.  She is very beautiful, tall and she had long dreadlocks.  When she asked to Colette with which company she was, she responded “well I am right now on my way to Qatar Airways”.   You should have seen the reaction of the Brussels Airlines hostess saying “oh, are they recruiting, because I am also interested”.  

When they finished their conversation, I had a go at Miss Dongmo telling to her that she should never mention to anybody with which company she is applying for a job.  “There are millions out there who are much younger and smarter than you and who can take your job.  I am doing efforts to get you the privilege to be in an environment where you can do the job you want.  You are destroying everything by just talking to complete strangers about our plan.  This is the last time you tell anybody which companies we are approaching, or I will never help you again”.      

I am sending a link to the resume of Miss Colette Dongmo https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwElxd1622S2bkNIM2NXYjZpdHc 

Here is the link to the motivational letters I had written for her


It's possible that Colette is the one who sent the vulgar tweets on my Twitter account from her laptop and IP, just when I was in the library.  Maybe I was not completely logged out of Twitter on her laptop which is a Medion Akoya, a brand which is typically sold at Aldi market.  

Maybe she was backstabbing me out of jealousy.  It's also possible that someone else has done it, because I found “Sint Niklaas” mentioned in the “Places Where I have Been” according to my Twitter account settings for @unitedchambers.  I swear by God the Almighty that I have never been to Sint Niklaas for the past 30 years.   You will find an overview of my Twitter settings on this page.

I never told Colette Dongmo a word about my discovery of the vulgar tweets, simply because I didn’t think it could be herself who did it.  I only began to think that it could be her at the end of my stay with her, particularly when she showed me a tweet from someone (@photography_ice) who made it seem like she has sent a tweet to thank him for the follow.


She asked me “what do you make of this?”   “It’s like you have sent it… Maybe your account was hacked “ I remarked, without telling her about my Twitter problem. I asked “are you in contact with people who have strong ICT skills ?”   She didn’t answer me with a “yes” or a “no”, but I saw her eyes briefly getting big as is saying “Oh my God she is looking right through me”.

Miss Colette Dongmo has a twitter account named @Vasedonheur from which she blocked me, most probably so not to get access to her pictures, but I had been filing beforehand all the information on her Twitter account related to my account (@unitedchambers) related to her Twitter account @Vasedonheur..  

Relation Vasedehoneur and UnitedChambers.png

It looks like she has been supported by insiders at Twitter, just like insiders at Google has once arranged the blocking of the access to my Google Apps account in 2012 :

Without prior warning and without being the object of any judicial investigation, I was denied access to two of my own Google Apps collaboration platforms, named : anaccell.com and united-chambers.co.cc.

Later I found that the ideas on the anaccell.com and united-chambers.co.cc. websites were plagiarized by Rituals (a cosmetics shop), L’Oreal and some ideas concerning the web based multicultural economy were found in the Liège Expo 2017 dossier.  Astana 2017 won.

The person who was the closest to me in that period is Daniel Renson and he is directly working for His Excellency André Azoulay in Morocco.  However, the Liège Expo 2017 dossier might provide indications of involvement of the Mayor of Liège, Mr Willy de Meyer, but at this time I really would not know which reproaches to hold against him, because I have never seen or spoken to the man. That is exactly the most scary part about Belgium. It is a country where so many people club together to bring down a foreigner who they have never seen or met. All the Holy Scriptures describe this phenomenon as bad luck from Satan. Therefore I would be more inclined to highlight the role of Daniel Renson in the hacking of all my Google Apps accounts. He is a Satan who thought the I was believing in his role of “a friend”.

From judicial sources Daniel Renson has been qualified as a serial killer who buries the bodies of his victims in the woods on Liège territory.  Upon my question why he was kept running free, the answer was that he was being protected by somebody very high up. Voices say that the Mayor of Liège is protecting him, however I have no elements to support the statement.  Do you think he may know more about the criminal burials in the woods of his territory ?  I think he should at least be interrogated.

The insiders to Google and Twitter are likely to operate from the Belgium-based offices where the Internet companies deal with advertisers.  They would do whatever Andre Azoulay requests from them, but for getting the Belgians this far he is using a different name, because he trained the Belgians to never take a Moroccan seriously.  That is why he is using a different name from which they accept instructions  better.

My conclusion is that Mr André Azoulay van Lidth de Jeude might be around in Belgium and in France.  Maybe be had been using Madame Simone Veil’s death as an official premise for leaving Morocco.  Or maybe he fled Morocco already.  

I guess Mr André Azoulay van Lidth de Jeude is ticked by my letter to Dr Amine Matta, and he covets both all the plans in the letter to Dr Matta and his money.  That is why he hurried his pet Colette Dongmo after me.  

Maybe that is why Miss Dongmo was sent from Cameroon to Belgium.  It is to play his special envoy to collect information on wellness, essential oils (given that she is a beautician), on possible contacts or family that I may have and more.  She tried to learn more about what I know about the plants, but I said nothing.

I will make sure that because of her,

The Godfather will hang, this time


On June 29, Miss Dongmo and I had a quarrel, after she refused to give me an hour break at about 3 o'clock in the afternoon.  We have been sorting out her case every day without a pause, without food or drink, and often until two or three o'clock in the morning.  I mean I  had to give her a professional past, while she doesn’t really have one.   I had to help her up, while she is actually very down, just like many people who work for Mr Azoulay.  I thought it was time for me to have a break.   She replied "no" because she wanted her candidacy at Etihad finished.  

I usually don’t wait for anybody to give me my rights.  I just took my right for a break whether she agreed with me or not.  As we were in the library building,  I did not go back to her anymore after the break.  I remained sitting until I got something done for myself.  

Hours later, she pretended she had given me permission for a break and she claimed she had never said "no".   I guessed that she was fearing that I would also begin to say “no” to her, next time around.

I had used the break to write an email to her (see meedan.altatweer@gmail. That's me) in which I gave her an overview of everything I've experienced while being with her. I gave her the choice to pay the return trip or she should explain everything to the police.

She sent me the same day a response, but I did as if I had not received anything. I know she cannot write letters and she cannot type and send a well-structured reply to me in less than 2 hours.  Someone else structured the reply and I think he or she instructed to her to copy and paste his or her message into a new e-mail.  I have checked the e-mail header of the message she had sent to me.  

She sent my email to someone else.  That someone else has picked up her defense as well as the task to answer the message for her.  So far I didn’t find anyone else’s email address, in the case the text was forwarded.  That is something which the Google company can trace.

What struck me was that on July 1 in the morning, just before leaving for Antwerp (my travel tickets are here) , she had asked me to destroy her information in my smart phone. She actually took my smartphone, but I took it back realizing she was already telling nonsense. During my stay with her I saw her with my smartphone. I have since introduced a security code.

"I do not wish to have any tracks of you me working together, do you understand that?  You must erase all the traces about me and clear your phone as well, because I will never want to hear or see you again", she shouted at me.  "I also don’t want to hear or see you again" I said, "but we are not going to do that now, because I have an appointment in Antwerp. I have to go through now."

I have it all on tape in the case she denies.

I have a tape in which she said that she was told to let me know

that I need hard proof to prove that I am the author of everything I make

What was also striking in her behavior is that she continued to follow me in the Brussels South Station. She said she wanted to help me carry my luggage and she held a bag of me all the time. I knew she wanted to prevent me from denouncing her to the police just because of the hacking of my Twitter account, because that's the only concrete violation I found of which we can retrieve records thanks to the help of Twitter and Google.

She made sure I bought a ticket and she ushered me to the train.  She stepped in.  She threw my bag on the floor and she angrily showed a seat and said “you sit here”.   She stepped off the train and she disappeared.  

I stepped out in Brussels Central Station, I went to the library where I prepared the files for the police.  Once at the police station, I was told that I would be better filing the complaint there where I have an existing file number (like Zaventem) or there where I live (in Antwerp).

On Thursday 6th of July, I have been to the police in Antwerp city and I have the honor to present the report on what was said.  We have made of Miss Colette Dongmo the main suspect of the Twitter hacking and I think she has a connection with a mafia who has been following me for years to embezzle public money through project concepts.  

I have a tape in which Miss Dongmo promised me that they

will keep on following me forever to understand

the ins and outs of my entire system

I think that right now they are interested in the diversity incubator, particularly the one related to the airlines because of the big size and the big amounts of money the airlines pay for creating benefits.  I have been reporting plagiarism to police in the past of which you can find the files on this link.   I was concerned about the embezzlement of the government funds especially in Wallonia, but they were shrugging the shoulders for this, as if this is the way of life in Belgium (and as if there is plenty of money somewhere to avail from).  

“You should be faster in finding the funds and in implementing your projects”, I was told by the Belgians who understood my pain of working extremely hard for something that others steal just like that.  An awful lot of people have been advancing their careers with my formulas for changing over the lives of the Moroccan people.   There was a time that I wasn’t taken seriously, but I continued reporting.

It turns out that the embezzlement of the government funds

is related to the armament of the terrorists (part VI and part VII)

The Brussels attacks are key to this finding

The only disappointment is that the police inspector didn’t take more information from me such as Miss Dongmo’s bank account number.   She made a bank overdraft of 20 Euro for the train fare only for going to Brussels.  She suggested that I could use the rest for buying a coffee and a sandwich.  I have been using the money sparingly until the end, knowing that she was going to strangle me financially.  

I presented a copy of the bank statement to the police inspector to search her sources of income, but he didn’t see the point and he told me “that is not necessary”.  I can’t oblige the police inspector to see how far reaching my little complaint actually is, but his initial steps are very good.  I really do highly appreciate the work which is being done by the police of Antwerp.

In conclusion, of this letter, dear President Donald Trump of the United States of America, may I request to instruct the Google company as well as Twitter and Facebook to search her Google account (dongmocolette@gmail.com) and her Twitter account (@vasedonheur) and her facebook account.  This search will bring us much closer to the true authors of the insulting tweets and the insulting e-mail.  It will bring us closer to who wants information about my current airport incubator project and if the libel is related to my contact with Dr Matta.

The chances are that they are the people who need

money to support ISIL


Miss Dongmo can be arrested and interrogated on the basis of corruption, illegal prostitution, fake marriage, illegal migration, slavery, treason, whitewashing of money from crime, and perhaps she came with false papers.  She looks like collaborating in plagiarizing and in faking projects, and perhaps eventually with the intention to help the embezzlement of government funds.


I sent an email to the police inspector with the request transfer to Antwerp the file number BR 17 L7 001329-2010 dating from 19-02-2010.   That is the file concerning the burglary of my home, which I mentioned in the beginning of the letter.   The file is with the Zaventem police, with Chief Inspector Van Vooren.

Dear President of the United States of America, if hacking, plagiarizing and destroying innovations and companies by other people  is what the employees do in Belgium, if this is how they want to get very rich, then this is not the country for developing a social card buffer, which I proposed recently to the CFO / COO of the Twitter company, His Excellency Anthony Noto and to one of the shareholders of  Twitter, His Royal Highness Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

I don't know about Twitter, Google and Facebook, but I am moving my activities to Portland in Oregon, where I.have an address.  In Belgium I don't.  My US address is 2950 NW 29th Avenue, suite A630263, in Portland, Oregon, 97210, USA.  My phone number there is 1-541 366 4478.   I am looking to move everything, including the multidimensional investment portfolio there, very soon.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact me. I will happily provide any information you may require from me.  I am also prepared to cooperate on any investigation from the FBI, the CIA, the Pentagon, the US Supreme Court or the US Government.

Thank you beforehand for anything that you can do, President Donald Trump of the United States.  God bless you and God bless the United States and the US dollar.

Yours sincerely,

Naima Mouali

President of United Chambers and Innovation Consultant

Founder of Anaccell Corporation

e-mail : unitedchambers@firemail.de

Phone:+ 1-541 366 4478

WhatsApp + 32 465 40 15 98

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Twitter: @unitedchambers


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