Student Assistant Contract

Student Name: ________________________________

Position: _____________________________

Student Responsibilities:

  1. Students will be expected to attend their assigned classes every day that they are scheduled. The teacher will take your attendance, and they should NOT be responsible for searching for you.
  2. Students will follow the direction of the teacher and responsibilities may include: assisting students with classwork, copying, organizing student work, grading, etc.
  3. Tasks outside of the classroom, such as copying, will be done promptly and with professionalism.
  4. Student Assistants are expected to act with the same level of professionalism as their instructor, therefore cell phones should not be taken out during the class period.
  5. Student Assistants should take their position as a helper seriously; it is important to not be disruptive to the younger students in any way.

Your signature below signifies that you agree to the expectations stated above:

Student signature: __________________________________      Date: _________________

Supervising Teacher: ________________________________