First Arcanist Thalyssra

World of Warcraft

Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Born a night elf, Thalyssra made her home in Suramar prior to the events of the War of the Ancients. Though her city was protected from the cataclysm that followed the event, the shield wouldn’t keep out evil forever.

In time, Gul’dan approached the natives of Suramar, asking them to take down their magical barrier in exchange for gifts. Seeing through the lie, Thalyssra sought to prevent the corruption of the Legion through a planned coup only to be stabbed in the back by one of her co-conspirators.

Betrayed and in need of a source of mana to quench her addiction, Thalyssra called out for help, a call that eventually reached the ears of Khadgar. Sensing the cry of distress, heroes were sent forth where they found and helped her establish a base until the day she could finally retake her home and cleanse it of the evil that had seeped in.

Jeff’s Choices





Trait- “Nightwell”

When playing a game with Thalyssra the core will be replaced with the nightwell. The overwhelming power of the nightwell allows all players 30% faster health regeneration while in the Hall of Storms on the battlefield. Thalyssra is a support that will aid her friendly heroes in the battle by giving them the tools to conquer on the battlefield.

Mount- Manasaber (Prized mounts from the royal stable on Suramar)

Q- “Fruit of the Arcan'dor”

This is Thalyssra’s main Healing ability. When she is in melee range of a friendly hero she is able to give them 2 stacks of Fruit of the Arcan'dor. This fruit will add an action button for the player that allows them to heal with. When the friendly player chooses to use this ability their character must take a short time to sit down and eat the fruit and regain health- just like in World of Warcraft.

W- “Withered Training”

“The withered are nightfallen who could not find sources of arcane to feed their starvation and fell into a mindless, feral withered state.”

Thalyssra summons a withered to follow a friendly targeted ally. This withered will attack any hero that attempts to attack the friendly hero- also all damage that is done to the hero is redirected to the withered until they are taken out. Untalented into Thalyssra is only able to summon one withered on the battlefield at a time.

E- “Our Isolation Has Ended”

This works like a cleanse on a basic ability. When activated it makes a target ally unstoppable for 1 second. But unlike the cleanse in the game currently Thalyssra is able to cast this ability on herself. This effect lasts on the target for a short amount of time- and if any enemy hero attempts to stun or slow the targeted hero when this is active will be stunned for a short amount of time themselves.

Heroic 1- “Barrier”

Just like the barrier that once protected Suramar from the Burning Legion, Thalyssra is able to call down a bubble like barrier on the battlefield. Both friendly and enemy heroes are not able to leave or enter the bubble and all heroes inside will be able to only attack each other for the duration of this ability until the bubble’s effect is completed. The Thalyssra player would want to trap heros from her team that were able to eliminate whatever other heroes from the other team that were trapped as well. This could also be used to allow Thalyssra to save friendly heros if on enemy heroes are in the bubble when it is cast.

Heroic 2- “Layline Feed”

THalyssra places a “Layline feed” on the battlefield that draws power from the nightwell core. Around the Layline will be a small area that acts like the hall of storms and allows players to heal while inside of it. Unlike the hall of storms enemy players are able to enter it and friendly players can be damaged while inside. This overwhelming power can only last for a short amount of time on the battlefield.

Specialty Skin: Horticulturalist Thalyssra (Horticulturalists work with plants, applying their knowledge to fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, and non-food crops to maximize their health or growth)

Thalyssra's favorite flower is the dusk lily, which she had printed onto token coins and became her unique seal. It was later used as the symbol of the resistance

Dance: Figure 8 Rave Dance

Kristen’s Choices

Addictingly fun!







Banished from accessing the Nightwell, Thalyssra craves magic - magic that the Heroes of the Nexus carry. Thalyssra runs dry of mana slowly until she gets a kill on an enemy. When that Hero dies, her mana is restored, her ability damage gains a buff, and her mana pool permanently increases.


        Shield Bubble

Creating a forcefield, Thalyssra lifts herself up in the air to move herself around the battlefield.


First Arcanist’s Staff

Thalyssra plants her feet to channel damage that is shot out through her staff in quick, repetitive, high damage shots that target the closest enemy. Each hit to an enemy Hero increases her second ability’s damage


Arcane Explosion

When activated, pure energy explodes out of Thalyssra, stunning and dealing heavy damage to all nearby enemies.



After a delay, Thalyssra will teleport immediately to the chosen spot. This provides her with a shield for a brief amount of time.


Army of the Withering

Thalyssra summons forth the army built for her by the adventurers of Warcraft. This small army comes with three damage dealers, one tank, and one healer. They move as a group, targeting what she commands them to target. If too much damage is dealt at once, those that took a certain percentage to their health will run away in fear, never to return.


What Was Lost

If there’s one thing Thalyssra has had a lot of practice of, it’s drawing out power. When activated, Thalyssra sends out tendrils that latch onto nearby enemy Heroes, sucking them of their life forces and feeding her. She can move during this and cast extremely powerful abilities, made stronger through her drain on enemies.


        Thaly-nda (That’s tha-lynda)

Thalynda enters the battlefield in a bubble, carrying a magic wand, and speaking only in the high pitch required of good witches.


        The Conductor

Thalyssra doesn’t dance herself, but she does enjoy waving her arms and wand very much like a conductor.