Welcome to Southampton Little League Tee-Ball Division.  We welcome all first timers in our program and returning parents!

The goal of Tee-Ball is to have fun with building of skills and passion for the game.  Tee-Ball is a non-competitive division of our league.  There are no outs or keeping score.  We start our season a little later than our older divisions; hopefully the weather is a bit warmer.  We want tee-ball players first experiences to b a positive one.

The season will begin the first week of May with practices with your manager and coaches getting to know your child.  Practices are an hour or less.

Your ball player will get rudimentary lessons in the skills of baseball.  Those include how to hold and swing a bat, which direction to run the bases, catching and throwing the tee-ball.  We use a little league approved “soft” tee ball.

There will be two games a week for a total of twelve, ending in mid june.  Games start at 6:00PM at Flying Point Field complex.  The tee-ball field is located behind the main majors field, closest to the parking lot.  There is at least fifteen minutes of skills practice prior to the game.  Teams hit through their whole line up and then change sides.  Games last two or three innings.

All parents are invited to participate helping with pregame drills or keeping order on the bench.  It has been a Southampton tradition for parents to share in bringing snacks to the games.

Any players that want to be on teams with other families should  let me know by Mar 31 so I can arrange.

I can be reached by email at schmidt5@optonline.net.

Have a happy season and remember the families you meet here are probably the same ones your child will graduate high school with so go out and make friends

Director of Tee Ball

Robert Schmidt


P.S.  All you need to bring is a glove and a baseball hat!