Party Wall Etc. Act 1996

LETTER OF APPOINTMENT -  Adjoining Owner                                           XDate:    ___/___/2017X

Your Contact Details/Your Appointed Representative*       Name ____________________________________________                                                                                 

House/Flat Number _____________________________ Road/Street Name ________________________________________________

Town/City______________________________________________________  Postcode _______________________________________

Email _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Daytime Telephone _______________________________________ Mobile Telephone _______________________________________

*Where there is more than 1 owner an Appointed Representative will act on behalf of all undersigned owners. Any and all correspondence or communication will be via this person.

I/We* hereby AUTHORISE and INSTRUCT Karmjit Grewal MFPWS of Coburns Party Wall, Ash House, 8 Second Cross Road, Twickenham TW2 5RF to sign, issue, serve, send, receive and respond to all notices under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 for and on my/our* behalf in relation to the works currently proposed at:

Write the address where your neighbour’s work is proposed

X                                                                                       X             

In the event of a dispute arising within the meaning of the Act I/we* hereby APPOINT the said Karmjit Grewal MFPWS as my/our* Surveyor in accordance with the section 10(1) of the Act and that he can/cannot* act as the Agreed Surveyor.

I/We* further AUTHORISE him to make all requests and appointments under the Act for and on my/our* behalf that may be necessary.

I/We* confirm that I/we* am/are* ‘freeholders’* or ‘leaseholders’* or ‘more than yearly tenants and are therefore

 defined as ‘owners’ under the Act.

(Full names please. All owners to sign. If signing on behalf of a corporate body an authorised person should sign stating his/her position therein.)

OWNER 1        : ________________________________________________________________________

SIGNED                 : x______________________________________________________________________

OWNER 2*        : ________________________________________________________________________

SIGNED                 : x______________________________________________________________________

OWNER 3*        :  _______________________________________________________________________

SIGNED                 : x______________________________________________________________________

OWNER 4*        :  _______________________________________________________________________

SIGNED                 : x______________________________________________________________________


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Post: Freepost COBURNS PARTY WALL - (No stamp required)

*delete as appropriate