Party Wall Etc. Act 1996

LETTER OF APPOINTMENT -  Adjoining Owner                                           XDate:    ___/___/2021X

Your Contact Details/Your Appointed Representative*       Name ____________________________________________                                                                                 

House/Flat Number _____________________________ Road/Street Name ________________________________________________

Town/City______________________________________________________  Postcode _______________________________________

Email _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I/we* confirm that I/we* give consent to receive notice/s and/or other documents to the above email address.

Daytime Telephone _______________________________________ Mobile Telephone _______________________________________

*Where there is more than 1 owner an Appointed Representative will act on behalf of all undersigned owners. Any and all correspondence or communication will be via this person.


I/We* hereby AUTHORISE and INSTRUCT Karmjit Grewal of Coburns Party Wall, Ash House, 8 Second Cross Road, Twickenham TW2 5RF to sign, issue, serve, send, receive and respond to all notices under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 for and on my/our* behalf in relation to the works currently proposed at:

Write the address where your

neighbour’s work is proposed

X                                                                                       X             

In the event of a dispute arising within the meaning of the Act I/we* hereby APPOINT the said Karmjit Grewal MFPWS as my/our* Surveyor in accordance with section 10(1) of the Act and that he can act as the Agreed Surveyor.

I/We* further AUTHORISE him to make all requests and appointments under the Act for and on my/our* behalf that may be necessary.

I/We* confirm that I/we* am/are* ‘freeholders’* or ‘leaseholders’* or ‘more than yearly tenants and are therefore defined as ‘owners*’ under the Act.

Where one person is signing on behalf of all other owners they are confirming that they have the necessary authority.

If signing on behalf of an organisation or corporate body an authorised person should sign stating his/her position.

OWNER 1   : _________________________________ SIGNED : x_____________________________________

OWNER 2* : _________________________________ SIGNED : x_____________________________________

OWNER 3* : _________________________________ SIGNED : x_____________________________________

OWNER 4* : _________________________________ SIGNED : x_____________________________________


Email: or

Post: Freepost COBURNS PARTY WALL - (No stamp required)

*delete as appropriate