Rules of Trollball


The goal of trollball is to be the team with the most points after 20 minutes of game time.


o Teams consist of 7 - 10 warriors and 2 healers (so 9 players minimum).

o One of the players on each team is the captain. It’s their role is to:

  • Ensure player registration is up to date throughout the tournament.
  • Ensure their team is present and accounted qfor when needed.
  • Ensure their team plays fairly and responsibly.
  • It is not mandatory, but suggested that each team also has:

o A coach may watch their team’s play from the outside and give constructive feedback on where they can improve, during the game or after rounds.

o A water carrier, to ensure there is a place for players to rest and rehydrate between games.


o Players must be 16 years or older.

o Players can only wear soft kit (no armour)


o The playfield is 90 feet (27 meters) by 50 feet (15 meters), surrounded by a border of 4 feet (1 m) for healers. Behind each goal line there is an area 8 feet (2.5 m) long; this is where substitute players must wait to be brought onto the field.

o A coin is flipped to determine starting halves.

o The games are 20 minutes long (two rounds of 10 minutes) plus a 3 minute break to change ends.

o The goal is to put a troll head in the barrel of the opposing team; each time this is managed, the scoring team gets 1 point. The team accumulating the most points at the end of the game wins.

o There is a maximum of 5 players per team at any time on the ground. All substitutes (at least 2) wait behind their team’s goal line in the substitute area.

o Both healers must begin behind the border around the playing area, on opposite sides from each other; they may begin anywhere from their player’s start line, to the centre line.

o Non-healer players are armed with a sword which is 110cm (or less) in total length. Each team only has 5 swords, which must be presented to the marshal before game start.

o At the beginning of each game, the troll head is placed on the center line of the field. The two teams must wait behind their respective goal line and wait for the start whistle.

o During the game, only healers are able to leave the play area.


o A player can be killed in a number of ways:

o Each player only has 1HP and no armour (regardless of what they’re wearing). As usual, head, groin and feet hits do not count. Hand hits do count.

o Hits need only be light touches on appropriate areas to count; realistic swings are not required.

o The troll head can only be touched with the hands; if it touches any other part of the body (except for the head), or a player’s sword, the offending player is considered dead. The ball can be thrown to fellow players who must catch it, or let it fall before picking it up. If they try to catch it but drop it, they care considered dead. The head can be held under an arm however, and it cannot be stolen from a living player’s possession.

o The ball can only be passed to friendly players, and cannot be used as a weapon against opponents.

o Players are not to charge others; doing so results in the offending player’s death or disqualification for repeated events.

o If a player (not a healer) sets foot on or over any of the boundary lines, they are considered dead and must sit or kneel where they are.

o If a healer dies, they too must sit or kneel. Without a sword however, they cannot be recovered until the next round starts.

o A dead player cannot do anything and must sit or kneel where they are killed. They hold their sword hilt above their head and wait for a healer to come for them.

o If a player dies whilst holding the troll head, they must place it next to them without throwing or hiding it.

o Players are raised from the dead after each point, and must return to their start position behind their goal line.


o When a player scores a point by dropping the troll head into the goal barrel, they must bring the head back to the centre of the playing area and place it on the line. The player must also approach the scoring martial and tell them his or her name.

o The troll head cannot be thrown into the goal - it must be dropped.

o If a player is killed as they drop the troll head and it ends in the barrel, the goal is still scored.


o Healers collect swords from players dead on the ground and run them to waiting outside the area of play. Healers can run in and out of the borders at will, but they must have at least one foot in the game to collect a sword, meaning they can be tagged by an opposing player.

o Once a dead player has had their sword collected by a healer, they must immediately leave the field and head back to their substitution area, using the shortest route off the field. They cannot interfere with the movement of players still in the game.

o Healers can only carry one sword at a time.

o Substitution players cannot enter the field until they’re holding a sword given to them by a healer.

o Healers cannot be tagged or killed if their entire body is out of bounds (they cannot be touching or over any boundary line).

TrolBall Field.png