May 13, 2016

Weaver Staff –

Power of the Team, Stand Up and Own It and Passion for Growth are just three key components of our school year coming to a close. Those three phrases along with all of the components within have made for an extremely successful school year with our students and each other. The growth this year, mindset or not, has been some of the most intense and passionate work we have witnessed.

Sam and I have been humbled by your willingness to take risks in your teaching AND your learning. We are grateful for all that you have been willing to put forward.

With that, we would challenge you to one final task when it comes to your professional growth.

Attached are your professional goals for this year.

Simply asked, did you accomplish them?

If so, what were some specific action steps you took to make that happen?  If not, what can you do to ensure they are met sooner rather than later?

I challenge you to look at these and to be honest with yourself.  We work hard as a building to provide students at Weaver with a quality educational experience and a well rounded middle level journey. The only way that happens is to set goals and then work towards meeting them. In the end, that is what we do every day for kids.

Nothing needs to be shared with us, this is for you to complete this spring as you have time.

Thanks again for challenging yourselves, and your students, each and every day! What we have in store for the return of 16/17 is nothing that we have seen before. And, it will be something we will remember and embrace well into the year and beyond.

We hope you have a great final three weeks!

With gratitude,

Craig and Sam