DHMN Organizational Meeting

March, 24, 2014

Call to Order

Present: Erin Q-L, Steve P., Mark F., Paul K., Bob T-Son, Mike P., Jake K.,

Late arrivals:

Potential (past) attendees: Karl P., Ed K., Ross L., Jason S., Tim B., Kristin M.,

Approve Minutes

Moves to approve: Paul K.

Seconded: Jake K.


Treasurer's Report

Cash: $365

bank: $1485

paypal: 774.59


total: 2624.59


diff: +$946.37 (don't get too excited, haven't paid rent yet this month)

membership: 565 nominal received. -20.61 in paypal fees

notable deltas:

38.25 to cash from donations, making cash total 165.30

-20 from bank: annual report filing fee

-18.85 from bank to adwords, campaign suspended

48.53 from mark on square to bank, to cover all adwords payments.

3/17 tx 500 from paypal to bank

350 from rack sale

Up coming before next meeting:

~-1050 for utilities

-450 March rent

-450 April rent


Upcoming concerns:

$608 insurance due sometime in May

Utilities so far: (we pay .75 of this)

12/17 - 1/21 479.37

1/21 - 2/14 477.23

2/14 - mid march ?

Move to Approve: Bob W.

Seconded: Mike P.


Old Business

New Business

Family Rates

$75 for active members up to two adults and their dependents (minor children, or through age 25 if full time- student) living together in one household. A maximum of 2 additional adults can be included in the membership at the additional cost of $10 per person. (Adults must be residing at the same address and will need to provide proof of the address.)

Move to approve: Mark F.

Seconded: Jake K.


Donation Bucket

Dedicate the bucket contributions to fund specific projects.

Two buckets for two projects to drive competition. Projects to be determined by facilities manager and community liaison.

Move to approve: Paul K.

Seconded: Jake K.


Sixteen to eighteen year old membership

Tabled to next meeting.


Move to Adjourn: Paul K.

Seconded: Mark F.