Session 5

Striking a balance between farmers and value-added

Background - Snell Family Farm - Ramona Snell presenting

Recently they added value-added products with the addition of a certified kitchen -Benefits for their farm

Important considerations

What are the factors that are bring customers to market?

It is important to look at the market from the customer’s point of view.

Specifically for value-added customers are they shopping because 

Customers who are traveling you need to consider

Problems to watch for with value-added products

How much of the market should be various products?

Ramona Snell's My Plate/My Palette consists of

-1/2 fresh fruits and veggies

-1/4 grains and starches

flowers might erode part of this

-1/4 proteins and meat

butters and oils could take up part of this

Interesting way to look at your market to see what you provide customers

How do customers perceive your market?

Caitlin Hunter (Appleton Creamery) presenting


Winter markets started but customers wanted to see veggies

Diversified veggies anchor the market

Food trucks bring people to the market and keep them around at the market.


What kind of other products are there room for at a market?

How do value-added vegetable products have to be tested? What is the process?

In smaller markets how can you get members to stay?