DHMN Organizational Meeting

July 22, 2013

Call to Order

Present: Jake K., Bob T-Son, Paul K., Ross L., Mark F.

Late arrivals: Mike P., Jason K.

Approve Minutes

Moves to approve: Paul K

Seconded: Ross L


Treasurer's Report

Monthly subscriptions total:  $743.68 actual

    $735 nominal (5@15, 13@50+)

7/22/2013 balances:

Checking balance: $1475.11

    Deposits and withdrawals: none

Paypal total: $1229.98

    Paypal transfers in progress: $500

    Paypal Money "Stuck": $729.98

Cash On hand: $100

Rent due: 550

Overall end of July assets: 2255.09 (up $193.68)

We need four more full-time members to achieve minimum long-term sustainability.

Moves to approve: Bob T-Son

Seconded: Jason K.


Old Business

Site Plan

Mark F: Where is the plan?

Ross L.: There is a list on the Trello Boards.

Bob T-Son: What is a Site Plan?

Ross L: Describing types of uses and where they would be located.

Bob T-Son: So making the plan falls under the  Facilities Committee.

Public and Confidential Membership List

Mark F will work on it

Grand Opening: Specific date.

Mark F: Suggests after Lawrence Fall semester starts.


Jake K: How about early Fall?

Paul K: August.

Paul will put out a Doodle Poll to pick the day.


Ross L.: They are in progress.

Main issues:

For the most part, they don’t give regular members the vote.

The stated purpose of DHMN didn’t include anything about the broad nurturing of maker / hacker organizations.

Are we one entity or two. DHMN and Appleton Makerspace.

New Business



Move to Adjourn: Paul K.

Seconded: Ross L.