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Our goal is to build SENA's no-cage condominium style sanctuary.. The primary objective remains the same - Promoting the humane care of homeless pets in need and finding the right home for them.

We want to thank you for your ongoing support and inspiring acts of love. Reflecting back, we realize how far we have come, and how much we have accomplished because of your support. We stand more determined than ever to build SENA and save as many precious lives as we can.
During the past years, we have been searching for the appropriate land, we were also preparing the preliminary building plans and designs. However, very soon we realized in order to start with any of our plans and build a facility of this scope, we need to acquire major permits and major funds. Currently, we have the opportunity to rescue pets, help them with their medical needs and help them find their forever homes. So we are doing just that, in hopes that one day we can acquire funding for the Sanctuary.

Preliminary 3D models of SENA Animal Rescue. The layout of the structures may vary according to the configuration of the land we purchase, but the floor plans will remain the same.

Each of the structures will be approximately 5,000 sq.ft to 10, 000 sq.ft and it includes three exercise areas for dogs. Each of our dogs will have 8 x 10 room (or larger) called a condominium, climate controlled and access to their individual fenced yard. The condos will be built so they will have enough space to walk around, play and sleep comfortably.  Some dogs need to be alone and some need company, so we will accommodate all needs.

Our cats will also enjoy clean and cozy, climate controlled condominium living.3D-1small1.jpg

All condos will open onto a large, enclosed play area, where the cats will enjoy lots of adventure.

Horses too will have covered stables, with lots of ventilation, and riding arenas.

Some homeless animals are traumatized and in need of special care and medical attention. Our rehabilitation programs, attention, medical care and compassion will provide them with another chance at happiness. ALL animals are accepted into our loving community with open arms. We make their stay as comfortable and compassionate as possible. We will find loving, qualified homes for these precious beings, but those who are too traumatized, will stay with us indefinitely in peace and comfort of the Sanctuary.

We need funding for the purchase of land and begin the building process. We need your help. sign up on our email list.
We are excited by this prospect and look forward to your continued support. A donation in any amount will help homeless pets and help build SENA.  

The 3D images help visualize our goal, the condominium type rooms and individual fenced yards. Please keep in mind that in the first phase of construction, structures are being built on possibly 30 - 80 acres of land, the final plans are according to the configuration of the land we purchase, but the concept remains the same.

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