Our team welcomes you to a wonderful year of academic and personal growth. We look forward to meeting your child where they are and challenging them to use a growth mindset to continue to realize their full potential.

Fifth Grade Teachers 

Denni Jo Berger  -   Website

                Katy Mayer - Website        

        Melissa Wood - Website

Kristina Quartuccio - Website        

Events for December

Survival Math: 11th

Gingerbread Houses: 16th

Pajama Day: 16th

Winter Break: 21st  

Fifth Grade Curriculum

Math, Language, Reading, Writing, Science & Social Studies 

Math Units of Study

Unit 1: Area & Volume

Unit 2: Whole Number Place Value and Operations

Unit 3: Fraction Concepts, Addition & Subtraction

Unit4: Decimal Concepts ; Coordinate Grids

Unit 5: Operations with Fractions

Unit 6: Investigations and Measurement; Decimal Multiplication and Division

Unit 7: Multiplication of Mixed Numbers; Geometry; Graphs

Unit 8: Applications of Measurement, Computation, Graphing

Language Units of Study

  • Commas
  • Transitions
  • Compound and Complex Sentences
  • Prepositions

Writing Units of Study 

  • Unit 1: Personal Narrative
  • Unit 2: Informational  Writing
  • Unit 3: Opinion Writing

Social Studies Units of Study

  • Unit 1: Native Americans
  • Unit 2: European Explorers
  • Unit 3: The Thirteen Colonies
  • Unit 4: The American Revolution
  • Unit 5: The Constitution and U.S. Government

Science Units of Study

  Unit 1: Conducting Controlled Experiments & The Water Cycle

  Unit 2: Mixtures & Solutions

  Unit 3: The Human Body & Health

Spirit Days



Online Resources

Fifth Grade Standards:

ST Math: (no at home activation code required)


Everyday Math:

Password:  glued in front cover of planner


Learning Upgrade (Math and Reading Comprehension):

Password:  See teacher


Scholastic News (Reading Comprehension):

Password:  Check with teacher


Spelling City:

Go to:  Find a list

Type in:  Check with teacher


Science Resource:


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Core Clicks (Reading Comprehension):

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Duolingo (Spanish):

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