Imaging Cafe @ MIT Cambridge

Imaging Cafe:  Monthly meet of Imaging Researchers, Entrepreneurs and Investors from Boston area 

MIT Cambridge Imaging Cafe brings together scientists, entrepreneurs and industry professionals interested in new emerging areas of imaging, fabrication and health-tech. Host is Camera Culture Group at MIT Media Lab. The cafe meets once a month and is open to everyone.

Next Imaging Cafe is Wednesday December 17th from 4:00 to 6:00 at the MIT Media Lab E14-240

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John Werner <>

Pictures from past Cafe HERE

Are you involved in imaging ventures - Cameras, Displays, Visual Computing, Smartphone Apps, Fabrication, VR/AR, Health-tech?  

Imaging Cafe brings together researchers, engineers, and students interested in computer vision, computer graphics and imaging technologies and foster deeper conversation with entrepreneurs, mentors and investors.

This gathering is for people excited about mobile camera phones, cameras in developing countries, image-search, medical imaging, online photo sharing, home automation, computational photography and more.

We are planning biweekly social gatherings at imaging hot-spots in town for the imaging and computer vision community.

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Ramesh Raskar, Camera Culture Group, MIT Media Lab,

John Werner, Camera Culture Group, MIT Media Lab,

Christian Bailey,

Sponsored by MIT Media Lab, and MIT Beaverworks

Upcoming Courses

New Class.. Fall 2014 ! Engineering Health (how to build a tricorder)


= Nashik Kumbh Mela MIT innovation platform: Jan 24-31st 

= Imaging Cafe: August 5th, 5pm-7pm at MIT Media Lab

= Imaging Cafe: April 14th, 5pm-7pm at MIT Media Lab, e14-525

= Imaging Cafe: Mar 11th, 5pm-7pm at Constellation,  LabCentral, 700 Main Street, Cambridge MA

= Imaging Cafe: Feb 18th, 5pm-7pm at MIT Media Lab

= Imaging Cafe: Jan 15th, 5pm-7pm at MIT Media Lab

= Mumbai IITB health-tech workshop:Jan 26th-Feb 1st

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