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by v21

“This game is cool y’all”

-- C418, Minecraft composer

“Very pretty little iOS free-fall game!”

-- Zach Gage, Spelltower creator

“Hahaha! The world needs more small and wonderful experiences. Here’s one by @v21“

-- Colin Northway, Fantastic Contraption creator

CUBES is a beautiful, minimalist, compelling game for iPad and iPhone. All you do is tilt to avoid the cubes. Meanwhile, some really excellent music by a Scottish band called Popolo plays. The entire screen becomes pixelated, then dithered, then the colours separate and run together again. It's the kind of game that takes a minute or two to play, then kills you. Then you play it again. The shaders will make your eyes bleed. It consists entirely of cubes, sound and colours. It's a game that's good enough that the designer still plays it to relax, and he is sick of the sight of cubes.

CUBES was created by George Buckenham, an indie games developer from London. He helps run the crazy indie gaming party The Wild Rumpus, and during the day also makes games as Lead Designer at PLA Studios. The game was first created at a TIGJAM meetup, and has spent the last 2 years being very slowly refined from that initial prototype. As well as iOS, the game can also be played on The Beast, an indie arcade cabinet that lives in London.

There are 3 achievements in the game, and I refuse to tell anyone what they are. I'll send a postcard to the first player to get all 3.

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Released : 23rd May 2012

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