Jake Badlands

Rock N Roll Racing

Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Representing planet Xeno Prime, Jake Badlands is a blue haired, mohawked racer bringing sharp turns and fast driving to defeat evil racers from across the galaxy.

Jeff’s Choices



Trait- “Petal to the Metal”

Everyone knows that if you want to win a race you have to give it all you've got... and not hit the breaks. In Heroes of the Storm I imagine that Jacke Badlands would be able to select one of 3 cars at the start of the game- one that moves faster but has less armor, one that has more armor but moves slower, and one that does more damage but has less armor and moves slower. Once the “first talent” is selected Jake will never stop moving on the battlefield (unless stunned) and will continue to drive around being stared by the players clicks.

Mount-  Nos Boost- the fron end of the car rears up and fire comes out of the exhaust!

Q- “Heat Seaking Missiles”

Jake selects a player on the battlefield and fires a missile that will quickly move toward the selected character until it makes contact. That contact must be a hero and the missile will fly through minions, terrain and mercenaries. This is a skill shot that doesn't take much skill- and only other aware heroes can soak the damage from these missiles. I was also thinking that it would be possible with the new UI for Jake to select an enemy hero from the top bar and fire the missile at them.

W- “Slip Sauce”

Jake uses his rear weapon to lay down a puddle of Slip Sauce on the battlefield. This would be similar to the size of 1 Zagara Creep pool and any enemies that enter the slip sauce will continue to move in the direction that they entered it at a 20% faster slip pace until they reach the other side. The can only be one pool on the battlefield at a time and the pools are only on the field for a short amount of time.

E- “Jump Jets”

In true Rock N Roll Racing fashion this third ability is Jump Jets. It allows the Jake Player to Jump off the battlefield and fly over obstacles in his way. This is a combination of Lunara’s Ultimate at a Dwarf Toss- but should have a different feel with Jake constantly moving.  

Heroic 1- “Monster Truck”

This ability turns Jakes chosen car into a monster truck! The wheels are HUGE and allows him to run over players on the battlefield. If an enemy hero is hit with the truck the are flattened to a 2D character and are stunned for a short amount of time. This ability lasts until the timer runs out or Jake is destroyed.

Heroic 2- “About to Blow!”

This is a passive heroic that grants Jake the ability to explode when he is eliminated on the battlefield. He will begin to explode and right before he dies “"Loudmouth Larry" will announce to all players that Jake is about to explode! When he explodes he deals massive damage to all enemies in the area- I imagine that this area of damage would be very big, maybe the size of a Hyperion circle around Jake.

Specialty Skin

Seasonal Special Skins:

Winter: Armored Zamboni

Summer: Duck Boat with Wheels

Fall: Hearse

Spring: Armored Ice Cream Truck



Low-Rider… they hydraulics of Jake's car bounce the front tires off the ground as Jake Sticks his hands out making a rude gesture that is blurred out by the camera.

Kristen’s Choices






        Car Right, Car Bright

At the start of the game, Jake chooses between one of three cars he can ride around in. One gives you permanent extra speed, one gives you a permanent boost to damage and one gives you a permanent boost to defense.


        No mount - Jake is always in his car.


Jakie’s Got a Gun

Activating Q gives Jake control of his gun that shoots out bullets in a spray in front of him that can be moved around during the duration of the ability.



When pressed, Jake lays down a mine that immediately arms itself, blowing up as soon as it is stepped on. The enemy that stepped on it is dealt the most damage while those within the vicinity of the explosion receive less.


Speed Demon

As a renowned racer, it should come as no surprise that Jake would have a nitro button. When pressed, jets of flame erupt from the back of his car, burning any nearby and leaving a trail of hot ground that does damage over time to any standing in the area. Jake’s car receives a speed boost that launches him in whatever direction he wants.


Rocket Man

Jake upgrades his car with the coolest feature around - giant rockets. When the big red button is pressed, two comically sized rockets eject from the sides of his car and lock onto a designated target once fired. They deal massive damage and push back any nearby enemies with its shockwave.


        Space Oddity

Driving into the middle of the fray, Jake does what he thinks to be the most metal thing ever. He sets his car to spin and activates as many attacks as he can. Mines shoot outward in a spiral, bullets fly far distances all around him and any that get too close are burned by the flamethrowers all while heavy metal blares from his boss sound system.


        Mad Max Guitar Guy

The car is now decked out with huge speakers and Jake is tied to it with a harness and guitar that shoots fire.


        Hood Slides

Jake jumps out of the car and slides across the hood a few times before jumping back in.