Beginners Guide

Sachchida N. Ojha

First Edition



Greenplum Database 4.2.x


Chapter 1: Installing Greenplum Database System SNE on Fedora, Ubuntu and RHEL Laptop or VM   1-9

Chapter 2: Allowing users to connect to Greenplum Database System  10-13

Chapter 3: Changing Greenplum Database System Configuration Parameters         14-31

Chapter 4: Monitoring Greenplum Database System using gpperfmon database  32-52

Chapter 5:  Building Greenplum Database Environment (Creating Database, Schema, Users and Roles) 53-65

Chapter 6:  Creating Greenplum  Schema Objects ( Creating Tables, Views, Functions, Types, Rules) 67-89

Chapter 7:  Installing Greenplum Load Tools and Loading Data into Greenplum 90-100

Chapter 8: Greenplum Database System catalogs 101-120

Chapter 9:  Greenplum Database System Commands and Utility Reference      121-146

Chapter 10: Backup and Restore Greenplum Database  147-156

Chapter 11: Greenplum DBA Frequently Asked Question and Answers 157-200

Chapter 12: Miscellaneous 200-250

a) Do’s and Don’ts  200-203

b) Greenplum Oracle Compatibility Functions 204-221

c) Greenplum database best practices 222-240

d) Greenplum dba routine tasks 241-260