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T3 Week 9

15 September 2014

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Week 9: 15-19 September

Jump Rope For Heart Jump Off Day: 

How are you going with your sponsorship for this event? Next Monday is our Jump Off day. We have got some amazing skippers in Rm1. There is an increasing number of skippers who can do Double Dutch! Looking forward to seeing all the skills on show next Monday.

Our aim in the Senior Syndicate is to have skipping ropes turning continuously for 45 minutes. We will have skipping stations set up with students rotating around the stations. I’m sure there will be some challenges on the day as well to extend those who have become confident and able skippers. 


Pak n’ Save Visit: 

Many thanks to the parents who gave up their time to go with Rm1 on their supermarket visit last week. Mrs Gomm was most impressed with the way Rm1 worked when at the supermarket and how they got into the set task of reading and comparing nutrition information on food packaging.

What did you think of the new lunchbox they got?

Rm1 have got a $60.00 voucher to spend. We will plan a shared lunch for our Privilege Day next week and spend the money on that. There is much debate about what we should buy now that they are very aware of “everyday” foods and “occasional” foods. Very fitting given that we are writing persuasive texts at the moment as well!


Many thanks to Mr McManus who sent some plants to school for the garden. We have expanded our original vege garden and taken over another patch to fit them in.

We were delighted to see our carrots peeping through the soil today. Lots of excitement!

We have got flowers just peeping through as well. The weeds are growing as fast as the veges and flowers. We shall have to do a really good weeding job next week before the holidays.

New veges in the children’s vocabulary are…

Kale, Mesclun, Organic cabbage, Rainbow Beet

There will lots of exploring of new tastes next term when we get to eat them as well. I am looking up Kale as we speak to find out more about it. Any recipes out there for us?

Cheryl Torrie & Sherryl Gomm

Room 1 Teachers

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