Off Season

Fat Adaptation Info Sheet

The off season is the best time to become a fat burner.  This is an important time to be strict with the diet.  

What to do in the off season...


  1. Keep the nutrition ratios in the ketogenic range
  1. 75-85% Fats, 15-25% Protein, 3-7% Carbohydrates
  1. Keep carbohydrates low
  1. Weight loss resistant  - keep carbohydrates grams below 20 grams
  2. Normal weight - keep carbohydrates below 50 grams
  1. Fast after training efforts until the next regularly timed meal
  2. Consume all the calories for the day in 8 hour window.  
  3. Use amino acids or amino acid peptides to help with hunger and/or hypoglycemia.
  4. For fast loss or lowering fasting insulin levels - once a week implement a 24 hour fast.    


  1. Endurance base building should be in the MAF Heart Rate ranges. 3-5 x per week  
  1. Training sessions can be done fasted
  1. Focus on more Strength Training 3-4 x per week
  1. Correct muscle imbalances
  2. Focus on building base strength
  1. Multi-joint movements
  2. Focus on Prime Movers and large muscle groups
  3. Core work
  1. Focusing on Flexibility and Mobility - 2-5 x per week

Testing - Important baseline tests

  1. Blood Tests
  1. Hemoglobin A1C
  2. C-Reactive Protein
  3. Lipid Panel
  4. Hormone Panel
  5. Vitamin D
  1. Baseline Aerobic Tests
  1. MAF Test
  2. FTP Test (Cyclist)
  1. Functional Screening or Posture Assessment

Reminders -

  •  Changing your primary fuel source is not easy- Switching from a sugar metabolism to a fat metabolism is simple but not easy.  The more dependant you are, the worse you will feel.  Have patience.
  • You will not feel bad forever- It takes anywhere between 2-6 weeks for the body to start to switch over to burn fats as its primary source of fuel.
  • It is a high fat diet not a high protein diet.

Fat Adaptation Friendly Products

  • Amino Acids - Amino Acid Peptides
  • Master Amino Pattern - A few different brands
  • Vespa Power - Amino Acid Peptide
  • Any amino acid that you tested and it works for you
  • Training Drinks
  • Carbohydrates
  • Limited carbohydrates during this block of training.
  • Electrolytes - minerals

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