Voter Turnout Analysis

What is a major injustice, disservice, or other that you see in our community today that you would like to see a law to affect change?

Higher voter turnout corresponds to_________ type of election.  Which types of groups have historically benefited from voter turnout?  

What kinds of laws prevent minorities or certain groups from voting?

What is the average voter turnout rate for the last major elections and votes?

What was the average voter turnout for the last “minor” election?

What techniques can be used to increase voter turnout rates?

How will you use this information to help to create awareness about your topic and affect change in policies?


Type of election that has the highest and lowest voter turnout rates.  ___ 5pts

Laws that affect voter turnout rates & how.  ___ 20pts

Average voter turnout rate last major elections ___5pts

Average voter turnout rate last minor election____5pts

Techniques to increase voter turnout rate(4)____5pts/technique (20 pts)

Using information to change policies____50pts