huehuehue < I love you.



I’m looking at the sky

and I can’t deny this

feeling inside maybe

I’m yo guy.

you’re the flame in my heart

can’t bear to be apart

Tia knows I love you

through and through

I need you, shmoopy-doopy poo

now hear it out,

We  gonna shout

To the world

true-er words never came about

Don’t be shy, Psi is here

No need to cry, I’ll stand by

the mare I love and by the

graces above this is who I am.

And to the bronies

just wait, you’ll find your

little ponies, I don’t think

I’m mistaken, but we’re still


Don’t feel alone I’m

throwin you back into

the zone, pick up a mare

and let the butterflies start to flutter.

As I’m rapping this I’m

gift wrapping you a present

I hope your family will consent

but if they try to prevent

I’ll fight for us until the end

defend you, no matter the foe

and if you ever let me go

just promise me you’ll be happy.



come on little mare follow me and see how

far we can go with this feeling we have,

never lookin back cuz you’re here with me now, are ya gonna be my special someone,

imma make sure that you stay happy,

long as you stay my special somepony,

walkin side by side close together as we,

show all of the world how wondrous this will be...



I’ve had these feelings for quite a while now,

I think now is the right time to tell you...


I just wanna let you know,

that I think you’re really great,

and beautiful and wonderful,

could it be fate,

that lead me here to you,

so you could be my soulmate,

on this more than perfect day,

your love hits me like a freight,


but i feel no pain,

all i know is the shadows of my heart you’ve slain, got me shinin like crystal, I cant sustain,

my control of the feelings I’ve felt since you came, and entered my life, and ended my strife,

your love, I can say, has pierced like a knife, through the veil that surrounded me,

self­doubt that clouded me,

I struggle no more for you’re all I can see,

And what I see is amazing, beautiful indeed, and along with that beauty did come the key, to my heart to my joy to everything about me, the love that I feel, the love you set free...


See'n other days

not playin this way

Its the time of year

That chaos will reign

Drink a love potion

Then tell me your name.

I want it need it

Cause I Really like yo mane.

I'm insane.

Please Dont trot away

KPR sportin love

for our bro-neighs

Happy hearts and hooves

from Psicosis Jackson and yo main bro Kusheh

Happy hearts and hooves

So you can sing it to yo mares. haha youu~

Happy hearts and hooves