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BRC July 8th 2013 Minutes
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Belleville Running Club

Organization Meeting

Monday, Nov 11, 2013, 7:30pm

Nichols Center



Andrea, Meghan, JT, Angela, Doug, Toby, Dan, Rick Sherman

Committee Reports

        Membership (Andria)

Group Run  (Meghan)

half and full traiing for fall is upcoming info meeting is during speedwork next tuesday @ 5:30ish. Long runs start July 20th on a 14 week plan based on rock and roll. Sept 7th we're going to do a 6 mile race for half and a 13 for the full.
Treasurer’s Report - $3135.58 in the bank

Old Business

Status of tree donation to Parks n Rec - sarah is working on it

Sponsorship Guidelines - dan put together a sponsorship guidelines for anyone interested in sponsoring us for any event, or general website sponsorship.

RRCA Runner Friendly Community - the next deadline is Nov 1st to put in our application. We'll put together a committee for the application.??? and Kathleen will be helping out with that.

New Business

BRC tent at Wingfest - Dewey is getting us a booth at the wingfest, Aug 31st is the date. We'll need to man the booth and just give out info, flyers, just offer general info and help.

Chili Cookoff - Committee for all the chili cookoff stuff. Let toby know if you'd like to be a part of the chili cookoff committee.

Sunday biathlon training rides - 8am at West

Carlyle triathlon training day - Sometime in August, pick a date soon!


Member Announcements / Accomplishments

Toby had a couple of 5k PRs! Nice work Toby.

Open Discussion