1. Bugs status
2. Included documentation status
3. Website documentation status
4. Tracker spreadsheet status
5. Release decision
6. Any other business

Attendees: AJ, BD, DH, GS, MK, RL

Bug Status

DH: Building exampleCPP for Windows needs libCom

RL: Bugs will defer to next release

Documentation Status

MK: Could take a while fixing all those things, shouldn’t hold up release.

AJ: Agree, too late to bring up.

Website Documentation

DH: Getting started guide to finish. NT docs waiting for Greg. NTNDArray inconsistencies to fix. Recent changes have implementation-dependent stuff which is not appropriate for a standard doc, should be removed. A few days to fix this. Suggest do packaging and wait a few days before final release.

RL: Will take whatever comes when it comes for the final CODAC 5 release.

AJ: How long?

DH: Package now, release next week.

DH: Packaging question: To date have use a configuration script, Marty suggested including an example RELEASE.local, will include both, add to Getting Started guide.

RL: One more issue: renaming CONFIG.local to CONFIG_SITE.local. Agreed at the last F2F meeting, not done yet and needs changing all the C++ packages.

MK: Next release change?

DH: Not a hard change, trivial. I will do it to all release C++ modules.

Tracker Spreadsheet Status


Release Deadline

December 10th

Agreed by all.

Other Business

BD: What are the major features in this release?

DH: In the release README file.

BD: Getting services done is now important to me, need them in the next 4-5 months. Service for AreaDetector, Channel Archiver, … will become critical in the next 4 months. I will be attending more in the next few months to track this.

DH: One thing on agenda last meeting: Dates for SNS Meeting

MK: Ask Kay to send message suggesting hotel

RL: Need official dates for travel approval.

BD: Will handle getting that out.

BD: Is anyone at PSI working on AreaDetector with David?

DH: Markus and/or Simon Ebner working on 0MQ, haven’t had much contact.

Meeting closed 10:30am