The Most Infamous Person in the Cartoon Community That EVERYONE Should Be Aware Of

Written by Simeon Davenport and Zee Ell.

Today, we’re going to be talking about a certain person in the cartoon community that everybody should know about. This is a person who has done so many awful things in the past 4+ years, someone who has manipulated people, fooled people, created legitimate damage, and has even flat out broken the law several times. This is someone who, despite his wretched infamy, barely gets talked about in the cartoon community, especially compared to somebody like TRAFON or Mr. Enter or Vailskibum94. However, nothing any of those 3 have done even come close to what this guy has done (in fact, TRAFON will be talked about a little bit later in this document).

Most people who know about this person usually just ignore him and treat him like Lord Voldemort since they believe he doesn’t deserve any sort of attention. However, that isn’t working, and the reason why will be discussed at the end.

Thanks to everything this person has done, he has earned the title of the most infamous person in the entire cartoon community. Well, actually, Lily Orchard is a good contender for that title too, but regardless, this is someone that needs to be talked about and brought to light, otherwise he will keep doing what he does and continuing to spread damage.

There are still some people in the cartoon community who don’t know who he is, and that might be the worst part. The people unaware of who he is are unintentionally allowing him to continue what he is doing. The more people who know who he is, the better chance we have of stopping him from doing what he does and having the authorities do something about him.

So, enough being vague. Who are we talking about? Who is the most infamous person in the cartoon community that everyone should be aware of?

By name, he is Alex James (Update: This is his name according to a DeviantArt post by one of his victims, which will be discussed later in this document, but it is unknown if this truly is his real name). He goes by several different names online. These include, but are not limited to, “Timbox”,  “HA Animation”, “Man Cartman”, and most commonly, “The Anytown Guy”. For the rest of this document, he will be referred to as the latter.

If you’ve been in the cartoon community for any amount of time since 2015, you’ve most likely come across him or something he’s done at some point and just didn’t know it was him. If you’re in the cartoon community and currently don’t know who he is, you’ll likely have an “A-ha!” moment or two later in this document when you read about something that he did that you know about, heard about, or fell for, but didn’t know that he was behind. You might even be surprised to find out that all of these things were all orchestrated by one person. This just goes to show the lengths of how far he’ll go to push these things. Even if you are aware of one or two of the things he’s done, you might not know that he’s done much more than that, so you are encouraged to read this entire document to get a sense of all the kinds of things he’s done. We guarantee that you’ll learn at least one new awful thing about him that you previously didn’t even if you do know about him and some of the other stuff he’s done.

This document is by no means completely comprehensive. If you happen to know about anything else he’s done that is missed here, feel free to send a tweet to @snorbertd1 or message Norbert#4002 on Discord if you want to talk more about him, or if you’ve got any more dirt on him that can be added here (with credit of course).

Also, this document will consist of many screenshots due to the fact that a lot of his stuff has either been deleted due to account termination, or because he covers his tracks and deletes it himself. We promise that there is no false information in this document. All of the things mentioned in this document are things he truly has done with witnesses to confirm them, and you will have to take our word for it if we cannot prove it with screenshots or links. And in the case of times where screenshots are available, we promise that there is no Photoshop or picture alteration in any way, except to highlight something in the photo, such as to show when a post of his came out. We did not take all the screenshots here ourselves. Credit will be given when it was a screenshot that someone else took.

This document will start with the “less bad” stuff and slowly transition into the huge stuff. Trust us, this goes far beyond trolling a few people in the cartoon community. He’s such an infamous person that he’s gotten the attention of some real animation veterans, such as Craig Bartlett and Jhonen Vasquez. But more on that later. Anyway, without further adieu, let’s get into exactly what he’s done.

The Anytown Show

As said before, we’re starting off with the “less bad” stuff. So let’s talk about one of his lesser crimes--creating a bad series. “The Anytown Show”, which is also his namesake, is a YouTube series that he has created. It’s basically a show with a bunch of still-frame images of 90’s and early 2000’s cartoon characters in the same universe, interacting. It’s incredibly poorly created. It’s clear that he has no experience in animation at all given that it’s not even animation, it’s just still frames of 90’s cartoon characters in the same place. The dialogue is represented by subtitles. Here’s a playlist to all the episodes of it if you want to torture yourself:

I’ve seen plenty of people create fan animations like this--a bunch of cartoon characters from different shows in one place, like this:, but usually, they’re actually animated. This can’t even be called “animated”. If you can’t even do animation yourself, write a fanfiction instead. Not only is this not even animation, but even the still frames don’t even look like the show either. Many of them look like they were drawn with MS Paint, which could actually be the case, like this one:

Okay, so at this point, we’d be kind of mean to pick on some kid’s YouTube animation that he probably put a lot of time into, even if it’s bad. However, this is relevant to what we’re going to talk about later on here. Not to mention, his show is also quite disingenuous as well. Not only is this not a real crossover (obviously), but if you noticed that playlist linked earlier, nearly every single video has the Warner Bros. logo at the very beginning, and “HA Animation, a Time Warner company” at the end, and the thumbnails have the Kids’ WB logo in the corner. This is completely disingenuous since Warner Bros. didn’t have anything to do with making it, so putting their logo at the very beginning and in the thumbnail, giving the impression that it was produced by them is not only wrong, but likely illegal as well.

We suppose there’s nothing wrong with pretending you work for a certain company, but putting in their logo at the beginning and end when they don’t have any involvement in its creation or production? That’s just wrong and shameful. Warner Bros. has too much dignity to stoop down to producing something of this poor quality. In addition, his show also falsely credits people who weren’t involved in making it at all, such as voice actors and executive producers (credit to Michelle Masse, or @BowWackaWow on Twitter for these screenshots)

Link to video where these screenshots are from:

This also adds to the disingenuity of his show. Make whatever awful animation you want, but don’t claim it was produced by a company that had nothing to do with making it, and don’t credit people who weren’t involved in it and have no knowledge of it either (especially when your show has no voices, so how could voice actors be credited for it?)! Not only is that completely disingenuous, it’s also likely illegal.

But okay, maybe we’re just nitpicking here. After all, some kid who made this in MS Paint is probably just too naive to know that what he’s doing is disingenuous, isn’t it? It’s not fair to pick on him for that, is it? Well, honestly, the quality of his series isn’t the main reason why many people hate it...


The Anytown Guy has a reputation of being an incredibly vigorous spammer. He does this constantly to many, many people in the cartoon community. Many of the links he spams to people are YouTube links to his “Anytown Show” or other links, which will be talked about a little more later. Here are some links he spammed to a ton of people in the cartoon community on Twitter:

As you may have noticed, all these tweets are exactly the same copied-pasted thing, just tweeted to different people, all on the same day. In the third picture, all of them are replying to tweets that happen to have the words “Cartoon Network upfront” in them. At first glance, it might seem that this account is a bot. However, these accounts do occasionally have the odd, non-pasted reply, like these:

If this account truly was a bot, it would be a little odd for these tweets to be here. So therefore, there has to be an actual human behind this account who has typed this out. If you want to find out tweets that said any specific words, you can simply use Twitter’s search bar and type in certain words. You can even narrow it down to tweets with those words posted in specific dates or by specific accounts using Twitter’s advanced search. It’s not that hard to do, and clearly he is being a nuisance by finding out these tweets that say these things just so he can tweet these links at them.

It’s not just on Twitter though. He does this on plenty of other platforms too. He has spammed links on Facebook, YouTube and DeviantArt as well, all with many different accounts. You might have noticed that those Twitter screenshots show two different accounts, both of which are run by him. He has created quite possibly hundreds of different accounts on these platforms, all for spreading these links to people in the cartoon community. Here’s a video showing his spam links to a ton of people in the cartoon community from a now terminated account of his:

And here’s his activity on DeviantArt. All of these comments he’s leaving are his links spamming to a ton of people, or the same copy-pasted comment asking if the artist of the picture he left the comment on can draw characters from any of his YouTube series, like the Anytown Show:

In case his account gets terminated or deleted, here’s a video showing his spam:

That being said, he will always attempt to come back every time an account of his is terminated. You know those trolls who, if you block them, will just create a new account and come back at you? That’s basically this guy. It’s unknown how many total accounts he’s ever created, but you can usually tell if it’s him if the account in question is spamming a ton of people the same link or picture, related to some kind of reboot or revival, or The Anytown Show, or if the account name has any of the following words in it:

  • Timbox
  • HA Animation
  • Anytown

That being said, the links he spams to everyone aren’t just for The Anytown Show...

False reporting

This is probably where most people know about the Anytown Guy from, and this is probably his biggest claim to infamy. The Anytown Guy is known for creating many fake articles about cartoons being revived, or upcoming cartoons going to Netflix, or similar. Many of these fake articles have been posted on Moviepilot, but a few of them have been posted elsewhere.

Rule of thumb: Do not ever trust Moviepilot as a reliable source for news. If a show was being revived and the network wanted to officially announce the news, they would have gone to Variety or Deadline to share the news, not Moviepilot. Not to mention, they would have said it was happening on social media. None of the fake articles on Moviepilot have ever been followed up by a confirmation by the network themselves, so that’s a sure fire sign that they’re fake.

Anyway, back to the Anytown Guy. Some of his fake articles on Moviepilot include an Ed Edd n Eddy movie, The Last Airbender 2, Recess being revived, Kim Possible being revived, Rugrats being revived (before it was officially announced by Nickelodeon; at the time it was a fake article), and As Told By Ginger being revived. The latter article actually went viral in early January 2016, with many people believing it, including sites like BuzzFeed, so much so that even Nickelodeon had to make a statement that As Told By Ginger wasn’t being revived.

Here’s his Moviepilot article about the Rugrats revival from 2016, which at the time, was false:

Many of his fake articles will often include “concept art” from the revival, which is just pictures from the Anytown Show, or his MS Paint DeviantArt sketches which are equally fake. Not only are these not real, but it makes no sense that an unconfirmed revival would have pictures, especially when it usually takes awhile between announcement and the release date that we see anything from something being announced. That’s another red flag to look out for.

These articles have fooled a lot of people, including, in some cases, people who actually worked on these shows originally! No joking!

Going back to the fake As Told By Ginger revival article from early 2016, at least one person who worked on As Told By Ginger originally actually fell for it and believed that it was coming back! On “We’re in Between”, a weekly podcast that talked about every single episode of As Told By Ginger, there were occasional interviews given by staff and cast of As Told By Ginger. In an interview Mark Risley, a director of various Klasky-Csupo shows including As Told By Ginger gave, somebody asked about how he would go about making an As Told By Ginger revival, and he said that he thought there was already one being made, referring to the fake Moviepilot article written by the Anytown Guy. Patricia, the interviewer, then informed him it was fake. At around the 31:16 mark of this video is where the question is asked and Mark says this:

Also, in an interview that Kenn Michael (the voice of Darren) gave on the same podcast, he even referenced the same article, though at least he said it was “a rumor” and didn’t outright believe it. He mentions this at the 33:24 mark:

And here’s a tweet from Cheryl Chase (the voice of Angelica on Rugrats), linking to a fake blog the Anytown Guy wrote about how The Wild Thornberrys was getting revived that clearly she believed if she tweeted it out:

The fact that even actual people who worked on these shows are even getting fooled too and that these pieces of false news are even spreading to them shows the dangerous power he possesses. Always make sure that the news you’re reading is reliable, and do not trust Moviepilot (or, which is Moviepilot’s secondary name) for news. Moviepilot is not a journalistic site. Anyone can more or less create an account on it and begin writing fake articles. Also make sure that the news you’re reading is from an actual link and not just a screenshot. If it’s just a screenshot, it’s more than likely Photoshopped or had its text edited with Inspect Element, like this tweet from him:

Oh, and if you ever try to call him out on his fake news, he’ll just play the victim and maintain a facade of authenticity, or just not respond at all since he knows he can’t come up with any good excuse for doing this, like he’s a Nigerian prince scammer. Here’s an example of him feigning authenticity when being called out for spreading fake news about Rocket Power getting a reboot:

Now if this already sounds bad, this is just the tip of the iceberg. He has done stuff even worse than this if you can believe it.


The Anytown Guy is also a known plagiarist. Going back to Patricia, the interviewer on We’re in Between, she wrote a review of Rugrats’ Chanukah special in December 2012. Sometime later, the Anytown Guy wrote an article on Moviepilot also reviewing the Rugrats Chanukah special, and it was exactly identical to Patricia’s. Every single word verbatim was stolen, and it even used the same pictures as hers, and of course there was no credit given.

Patricia’s original article:

The Anytown Guy’s plagiarized article:

He has also plagiarized other people's work as well, including Dtoons and has posted it on his own YouTube channel, and posted other people’s art on DeviantArt. Here’s a fan animation that someone else created that he uploaded to his own YouTube channel with the theme to Fish Hooks in the background:

(The video itself has been removed, but here is a screenshot of it)

Plagiarism is one of the most shameful things anyone could ever do, and him being guilty of it is a huge offence.

Now if you’re thinking, “Okay, that’s the worst thing he’s ever done!”, well then you are sadly mistaken...


Going back to plagiarizing Patricia, on one of his YouTube channels, “Ostrich-Voxx”, he uploaded Nick at 35 part 3 in multiple parts.

Nick at 35 was a podcast Patricia did in 2014 on “nickslimecastpodcast”, a podcast YouTube channel run by the “Re-Open Nickelodeon Studios” Facebook page as celebration for Nickelodeon’s 35th anniversary that year. Sometime in 2017, she removed Nick at 35 and a few other podcasts from that channel due to one of the guests on the podcast (which would like to remain anonymous) having personal issues out of respect for them due to what they were going through. On one of her podcasts, someone else on the same podcast asked about them being removed and she explains this, at around the 41:07 mark:

Sometime before that happened though, the Anytown Guy downloaded part 3, which covered all shows from 1991-1999, and uploaded it onto YouTube in multiple parts in 2018, after it was removed from YouTube.

This is an awful thing to do. Not only is this plagiarism of a podcast, but the podcast was removed from YouTube specifically because one of people on the podcast had personal issues and didn’t want his voice being on these podcasts anymore. So for the Anytown Guy to upload a podcast this person was on after the fact not only shows how he’s willing to rip off someone else’s work by reuploading it, but he’s also incredibly insensitive to someone’s personal issues by uploading something that they specifically wanted to be removed due to personal reasons!

Personally, we don’t believe there’s anything wrong with downloading YouTube videos, as long as you’re not going to upload it on your own channel and act like it’s yours, since that’s copyright infringement. But if you’re downloading it to use footage of it in a review of said video, that’s fine, since that qualifies for fair use. Heck, downloading videos just to watch/listen to offline is fine too, especially in cases like these where something is removed from YouTube. But don’t then reupload it yourself. By doing so, you’re not only plagiarizing, but you’re not considering the fact that whoever removed it may have had personal reasons for removing it (especially in this case where it was confirmed to be removed due to personal reasons), and it makes you look insensitive to whatever they were going through when they removed it.


As if spamming, false reporting, insensitivity and plagiarism wasn’t enough, the Anytown Guy has also impersonated as many people, usually by creating blogs under their names and giving out some “exclusive news” (which goes back to him being a false reporter)

Going back to that blog that Cheryl Chase believed and tweeted, that blog was impersonating as Nick Animation Studios. Since that blog has since been deleted, here’s a screencap of it (credit to The Rise and Fall of Nickelodeon or @RiseFallNick on Twitter for this screencap):

Link to original tweet:

And here’s the blog on the Web Archive:

Speaking of The Rise and Fall of Nickelodeon, the Anytown Guy once even made a YouTube channel and DeviantArt account under his real name (Clint Bracey), the DeviantArt account containing cartoon pornography. The accounts have since been terminated, but here are screenshots he took of them:

Link to TRAFON’s video with screenshots:

As said earlier in this document, one name the Anytown Guy goes by often online is “Timbox”. This is actually the nickname of a different person on DeviantArt who the Anytown Guy has posed as numerous times, something the real Timbox cleared up in a DeviantArt post:

However, he hasn’t just impersonated nobodies on the Internet. He’s even impersonated as actual animation veterans too! In early 2019, he made a few fake WordPress blogs, one impersonating as Craig Bartlett saying Hey Arnold! would get a season 6, one impersonating as Jhonen Vasquez saying that Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus and Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling would premiere on Netflix in 2020 (well that one turned out to be half-true, but it was still impersonation), and one impersonating as Klasky-Csupo announcing the supposed cast and “concept art” for the Rugrats revival, all with terrible grammar which a real blog written by real animation veterans wouldn’t have. All three of these blogs have since been removed, but both Craig Bartlett and Jhonen Vasquez have called him out:

And if you’re wondering how we know those fake blogs were created by him, well, links to these blogs were among the links he was spamming to many people on social media. Not only that, but these blogs actually had a section called “My blogs” containing links to the other 2 blogs, proving that they are all run by the same person--the Anytown Guy.

The fact that some of his victims are actual people in the animation industry shows how he won’t stop at spreading his fake information and tricking people, and the people he was impersonating as even had to step in to call him out.

What’s truly disgusting is the audacity of him to create a fake blog and pretend to be someone else to spread misinformation. At least with the fake Moviepilot articles, he was spreading misinformation under his own name. Here, he’s spreading misinformation under the names of actual animation veterans, whom people are more willing to trust. These blogs are also some of the links he’s spammed to many people on social media. This isn’t just trolling. This is identity theft, which is very illegal. It is unbelievable how no authorities have taken any action against him (at least not that we know of), especially since not only is he flat out breaking the law, but he has done it multiple times and somehow gotten away without consequence (again, as far as we know, he has gotten away without consequence). But speaking of the Anytown Guy flat out breaking the law and somehow getting away scot-free...


This is probably one of the least well-known of the Anytown Guy’s crimes, but it’s hands down one of his absolute worst, and the most telling of the dangers he possesses. On top of being a spammer, plagiarist and false reporter, he has even leaked clips online that weren’t meant to be revealed to the public.

In August 2017, about three months before Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie was released, he uploaded two leaked clips from The Jungle Movie onto YouTube. Neither of these clips were in any of the special’s trailers, and both these clips are confirmed to come from the actual film.

Note the release dates: August 19, 2017. The Jungle Movie was not released until November 24, 2017. These clips were not in any of the trailers or sneak peeks. How else did he even manage to find this leaked clip other than the fact that he leaked it himself (or perhaps he knows someone who leaked it)?

While a comment on the second video suggests that he may have gotten it from an artist’s Instagram page before removing it, there is no way to verify that. And between all of his other offences, it’s honestly not past him to attempt to hack into Nickelodeon Animation Studios and retrieve these clips. With all of the work he has gone through to try and trick people, and with how many accounts he has created, he has shown to be incredibly persistent with what he has done. So attempting to leak clips doesn’t seem past him.

And this is perhaps the most tell-tale sign of the dangerous powers he possesses. If he somehow managed to get a hold of these clips, just imagine what he could do for the average everyday person he comes across. There’s going through great lengths to piss somebody off, and then there’s THIS. Whatever his motives for doing all of this may be, be it malicious annoyance, or looking for 15 minutes of fame, this, above all else, shows how truly dangerous he is, and how he needs to be brought to the public image. There is absolutely no excuse for this. Passion for animation is not an excuse. Being a kid who doesn’t know the harm in what he’s doing is not an excuse. Having a mental disability is not an excuse. Speaking of which…

Using autism as an excuse

The Anytown Guy actually has used having autism as an excuse for his behavior. (

This may be the most infuriating part of all of this, at least to us. As people on the autism spectrum, both of us find it absolutely disgusting that someone would not only do all of these terrible things, but blame it on having autism. Ignoring the fact that we don’t even truly know if he has autism or not, and he could just be lying for sympathy, this is one of the most pitiful excuses anyone could ever have. This gives people on the spectrum a bad name, and only contributes to stereotypes that this is how all people who are autistic or are on the spectrum are like, which couldn’t be further from the truth. This is absolutely despicable, and only shows what an awful human being he truly is.

Even if he truly does have autism or is on the spectrum, that is not an excuse for explicitly breaking the law and being absolutely shameless about it. He’s not doing anything he does because of autism, or any mental disorder. He’s doing it because he is just an awful human being. Autism is not a justification for horrendous behavior, and does not act as an “I can do anything I want to” card.

This only acts as the final nail in the coffin and cementing of how disgusting he is as a human being. Whether he says this out of ignorance or malice, it doesn’t matter. Even if you gave him the benefit of the doubt up to this point and assumed that he was just some kid online who didn’t understand the harm he was doing and was just super passionate about animation and had good intentions with everything he was doing, there is no possible defense for this.


If the Anytown Guy’s actions weren’t bad enough, on the run up to Donald Trump’s election, the Anytown Guy was so excited that Trump would win that he began boasting about it on TRAFON’s Facebook page, and started emphasizing that “N*ggers should get out of the country”, and when a friend of mine who would like to remain anonymous, who is half African American confronted him on it, he accused her of being a “social justice warrior”, and told her that she’s not welcome, even posting clips from the 1979 Ray Winstone movie “Scum”, in which a character beats an African American with a tool, and calls him a “coon” and a “black bastard”, and stated to this person that’s what he wants to do with her, and another instance was when he posted a clip from “This is England”, a 2006 movie directed by Shane Meadows, where a character pulls a knife on the cashier, and calls him a “fucking paki cunt”, and started posting disgusting pictures from white nationalist sites like “This picture can say n*gger because it’s black”.

This is disgusting; autism is not an excuse for being racist, and shouldn’t be. Racism is inexcusable, and vile, and if you judge people based on the color of their skin rather than the content of their character, then it says more about you if anything. Source of the clips:

Although those fake accounts have been deleted, the person has corroborated an account of her being racially abused mentally by him.


The Anytown Guy is hands down one of the, if not the, absolute WORST members of the cartoon community. With everything he has on his slate, he makes people like Vailskibum94 and Calobi Productions look like saints, and in terms of awful people in the cartoon community, he gives Lily Orchard a run for her money. The Anytown Guy isn’t just your average troll. He is a plagiarist, spammer, identity stealer, false reporter and even potential leaker who hides behind the excuse of supposedly having autism, is insensitive to people’s personal issues, and has also been shown to be racist. He isn’t just annoying. He is a CRIMINAL. He has broken the law many, many times, and continues to keep getting away with it scot-free because people are either unaware of who he is (a problem that will hopefully be rectified with this document), or just ignore him. Not only that, but since his accounts get deleted either due to being terminated for spam, or because he deletes it himself to cover his tracks, there isn’t enough collective information about him to prove that he is guilty to the authorities. Hopefully, this document will change that.

As said at the very beginning of this document, treating him like Lord Voldemort and not giving him any kind of attention is not enough. The more he is ignored, the more that new people who don’t know about him have a chance of being fooled by one of his fake articles or impersonation, and the better chance he has at doing even more damage. He needs to be brought to light.

So please, to everyone who has read up to this point: Spread the word about the Anytown Guy. Spread this Google Docs around. Tell all your friends in the cartoon community who don’t know who the Anytown Guy is about him. Call the authorities. Contact law enforcement. If enough people take action against him, we may be able to finally stop him. Simply blocking and reporting his social media accounts isn’t enough (even though that’s a good start). As shown, he can easily create a new account and keep doing what he’s currently doing. Creating a new account on any platform be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, DeviantArt, etc. isn’t that hard, especially with how many disposable email services there are. He needs to be flat out banned from ever using the Internet, or at least, certain sites, again. That is the only way to ensure he never does these things again. He needs to be brought to light, and hopefully if enough people spread the word about him and contact law enforcement to bring him to justice, his reign of being the absolute biggest thorn in the side of the cartoon community will finally come to an end.

In the meantime, here is a list of his current social media accounts to block and report. This list may be incomplete, so if you do know another one of his accounts, tweet it to @snorbertd1 on Twitter or message it to Norbert#4002 on Discord, and it will be added to this list. Also, due to the fact that his accounts often get terminated or he deletes them himself to cover his tracks, apologies if any of these are dead links. When one is dead, it will be updated as such.




HA Animation

Fake impersonation blogs:

Cartoon Network Studios (deleted)

If you want to see his Cartoon Network Studios impersonation blog, here it is on the Web Archive:

Kiwi Farms:

Man Cartman


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HA Animation


Thank you for your time and have a good day.

Special thanks to: Josh Wagner, Michelle Masse, Nic Nagel