Voyager Academy Kindergarten Supply List 2016-17

These are the supplies requested by the kindergarten team. Our hope is that by having this list early, you can take advantage of sales. Please be ready to send them in with your child at Open House on Thursday, August 4th. Many thanks!


Required Supplies: 

The following should be clearly labeled with your child’s first and last name:

1- Book bag without wheels -It should be large enough to accommodate lunch boxes, folders and art work. Side pockets are preferred to hold water bottles.

1- change of clothing including a shirt, pair of shorts/pants, socks, and underwear placed inside of a gallon sized zip-lock bag with name on the front (please label items individually)

The following are shared supplies within the classroom and should not have your child’s name:

2- black and white marble composition notebooks

1- solid color plastic folder with pockets AND prongs

1- Mead Five Star 2-Pocket Stay-Put Folders


1- Fiskar’s blunt scissors

3- boxes of Crayola crayons (24 pack)

1 - box of Crayola washable wide-tipped markers

1 - box of Crayola thin-tipped magic markers

1- box of colored pencils 

2 - thin black dry erase markers

3- 3 count packages of Avery Clear Glue Sticks (.26 ounces)

1- bottle of liquid glue

1- (12 count) packages of Ticonderoga pencils

1- large box of tissues

1- roll of paper towels  

2-  large containers of Clorox or Lysol Wipes

Boys- 1- box of gallon sized zip-lock bags (with zippers)

Boys- 2 packages of colored cardstock

Boys- 1 bottle of all purpose disinfectant spray

Boys- 1 bottle of hand soap

Girls- 1- box of sandwich sized zip-lock bags (with zippers)

Girls- 2 packages of white cardstock

Girls- 1 package of black dry erase markers

Girls- 1 bottle of hand sanitizer

                                                                        SEE BACK FOR WISHLIST ITEMS

Kindergarten Grade Level Wide Wish List:

Manilla folders

Tape (colored masking tape, colored duct tape, packing tape)

Crayola Twistable Slick Stix

Baby wipes

Plastic forks and spoons

Tempera Paint


Oil pastels


Post-it sticky notes

Playground toys for the children to play with (balls, chalk, jump ropes, play sand, colored play sand, etc.)

Kinetic Sand