Seeds of Faith Co-op 2010-11 Class Descriptions and Outlines


In this list you will find class descriptions, age ranges, fee amounts, and outlines for the classes we are offering this year.  We have done our best to provide complete information for you. The list is alphabetized by class name.


If you have any questions about the content of a class, it's best to contact the teacher. However, please do not ask the teacher to pre-approve your child to take the class if he or she falls outside the age range. Teachers often feel pressured into saying “yes” and usually it doesn't benefit the class or the student. Some teachers are flexible in this regard, but you can ask Darlene Hamblin if a certain class will work for your child. You can also simply send an email to with your questions and we'll answer or forward the questions to the teacher.


The American Revolution (ages 13+) - Melissa Jordan - Fee $10

In this class we will step back in time to the early days that established the foundation of the United States of America!  We will take a hands on look at the American Revolution through exciting lessons and projects.  We will also be working on raising funds through the year to take a trip to Washington D.C. , sometime in April or May.

So can you smell the smoke of the cannon fire in the air?  Do you hear the townspeople anxiously chattering as they scurry in the streets, or the clapping of the horses' hooves on the cobblestone?  Get ready for the adventure as we step back in time over two hundred years ago...


Week 1    Colonial beginnings - begin timeline and map

Week 2     The French and Indian War  - George Washingtonp

Week 3    The Problems Begin - "Taxation Frustration"

Week 4    Troubles in Boston -  Tea Troubles

Week 5    The First Continental Congress - Franklin Experiments

Week 6    Shots Heard around the World - Candle Dipping

Week 7    The War is Underway - Battles of the Revolution Map

Week 8    Let Freedom Ring -   Liberty Bell

Week 9    A Long Hard Winter - Valley Forge

Week 10  Women of the War

Week 11  The War Continues Land and Sea

Week 12   The Tide Turns

Week 13   A New Nation is Born - Bill of Rights

Week 14   "Tribute to the Revolution"! - End of the year party where each student will bring in a dish from the time period and we will party colonial style!

Apologia Biology Labs - High School (ages 13+) - Wendi Edgett  $30

Lab sessions for the Apologia Biology class. Classwork, reading and tests will be done at home under parental instruction. Tests and homework are home responsibilities.  Completed classwork must be shown for student to participate in labs each week.  Dissection is a part of this class, and issues of conscience regarding dissection should be discussed with teacher before enrolling. This class will be fun, but it will be a no-nonsense class, so that everyone can get the most out of it. Slide sets and microscopes, and dissection kits will be ordered based on # of students enrolled in the class, (they will be sharing), and upon how many microscopes can be rounded up without having to purchase. Any unused supply fee will be returned at end of class. This class is a year long, and requires a commitment of both semesters. Textbook, Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd edition, required. We will share microscopes, slide sets, dissection specimens, etc, as much as is possible.

WEEK 1 September 10 –Students cover material in Module 1 prior to class, and perform Experiment 1.1 at home. Experiment 1.2 will be done in class. Animations from the DVD will be watched in class as time allows.

WEEK 2 September 24 – Students cover material in Module 2 prior to class. Exp. 2.1 will be done off site prior to class. This is for collecting pond-water specimens to culture for use in Friday’s lab session. Experiments 2.2 and 3.1 will be done in class. Animations from the DVD will be watched in class as time allows

WEEK 3 October 8 –Students cover material in Module 3 prior to class. Experiments 3.2 & 3.3 will be done in class. Several animations from the DVD will be watched in class as time allows.

WEEK 4 October 22–Students cover material in Module 4 prior to class. Experiments 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, and 4.4 will be done in class. Animations from the DVD will be watched in class as time allows.

WEEK 5 November 5 –Students cover material in Module 5 prior to class. Experiment 5.1 at home. The teacher will start experiment 5.2, outside of class, and finished in class by the students, who will make observations, take measurements, and report findings. Animations from the DVD will be watched in class as time allows.

WEEK 6 November 19 –Students cover material in Module 6 prior to class. Experiment 6.1 and 6.2 will be done in class. Animations from the DVD will be watched in class as time allows.

WEEK 7 December 3–Students cover material in Module 7 prior to class. Experiments 7.1 and 7.2 will be done in class. Animations from the DVD will be watched in class as time allows.


WEEK 1 January 7 –Students cover material in Module 8 AND 9 prior to class, and complete Experiment 8.1 and 8.2 at home. Experiment 8.4 will be done in class, followed by Exp. 8.3, as time allows. There are no experiments in Module 9. Animations from the DVD will be watched in class as time allows.

WEEK 2 January 21-Students cover material in Module 10 prior to class. We will be doing Exp. 10.1 on Carbon Dioxide & Greenhouse Effect in class. Animations from the DVD will be watched in class as time allows.

WEEK 3 February 4 - Students cover material in Module 11 prior to class. Exp. 11.3, Dissection of an Earthworm. Exp. 11.1, Observation of Spicules of Sponge, and 11.2 on Observation of Hydra, and 11.4 Observation of Planarian if time permits. Animations from the DVD will be watched in class as time allows.

WEEK 4 February 18– Students cover material in Module 12 prior to class. Exp. 12.1, Dissection of a Crayfish. Exp. 12.2 is to be done independently at home. Animations from the DVD will be watched in class as time allows.

WEEK 5 March 4-Students cover material in Module 13 prior to class, Exp. 13.1 Dissection of a Perch, Exp. 13.2, Dissection of a Frog. Animations from the DVD will be watched in class as time allows.

WEEK 6 March 18- Students cover material in Module 14 prior to class. Exp 14.1, Leaf Identification & Collection to be done at home; Exp 14.2 How Anthocyanins and pH Help Determine Leaf Color; Exp 14.3 Cross Sections of Roots, Stems, and a Leaf. Animations from the DVD will be watched in class as time allows.

WEEK 7 April 1–Students cover material in Module 15 prior to class. Exp 15.1 Flower Anatomy, Exp 15.2, Fruit Classification, Exp 16.1, Bird Embryology. Material in Module 16 and Exp 16.2 Bird Identification should be done independently. Animations from the DVD will be watched in class as time allows.


Apologia Physical Science (ages 12-14) - Kelly Klein $35

Details to come


Argue Your Point: Public Speaking and Debate (ages 13+) - Marla Young - $20

In this class we will cover the basics of public speaking and argumentation and debate.  This class will have work that will need to be completed outside of the classroom.  And student participation is required.  Each student will be required to actively participate in several debates as well as several speeches in front of the class, and perhaps others as well.

Public Speaking

Argument & Debate

We will begin the class with the public speaking aspect.  The class size will help determine the amount of time devoted to each section.


Art Encounter (ages 8-9) - Nicole Dodson - Fee $10

We’ll be learning the 7 art elements – line, shape, color, value, texture, form and space.  We’ll also be completing various art projects to help reinforce those concepts.  By Februrary, we’ll be able to put all the elements together to create different projects incorporating many of the elements we’ve learned all at once.  Based on the book How to Teach Art to Children:


Week 1, Sept. 10  Introducing Lines: straight, curved, broken and bent. Project: create a maze with lines, curved line bookmark 

Week 2, Sept 24  Introducing Shapes: Positive and negative shapes.  Project: fall inspired

shape designs, shape search contest in small teams using print ads. 

Week 3, Oct 8  Introducing Color, primary/secondary with color wheel.  Read Owl Moon, and Arrow to the Sun.  Project: mixing paint to make secondary colors 

Week 4, Oct 22  Color (continued): cool/warm colors.  Project: Fall inspired craft involving warm colors.  Discuss tertiary colors.  

Week 5, Nov 5  Introducing Value.  Read Black and White.  Project: paint a snowman in a snowstorm using varying shades of white and gray.  Shading shapes through drawing. 

Week 6, Nov 19  Introducing Texture.  Project: Create crayon rubbings of different textures and shapes, or textured paintings using household items.  Read  Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse. 

Week 7, Dec 3  4  Texture (continued). Discuss different techniques for creating texture using paper: tearing, cutting, crinkling, twisting, pleating, etc.  Project: create texturized Christmas tree 

Week 8, Jan 7  Introducing Form.  Discuss two-dimensional vs. three-dimensional.  Project: Create 3-D forms using paper and clay 

Week 9, Jan 21  Introducing Space.  Project: Create space using overlapping, changing size and using perspective 

Week 10, Feb PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER!!!  Pop-up collage Valentine’s cards (using shape, color and form). 

Week 11, Feb 18  Project:  Clay cartouches containing hieroglyphs spelling each student’s name (using lines and shapes).  

Week 12, Mar 4 Project: Aboriginal bark paintings (using line, shape, color, value and texture). 

Week 13, Mar 18 Project: Mosaics with tissue paper (using shape, color, value, texture and space).

 Week 14, Apr 1 Reproduce one of Georgia O’Keefe’s flowers with colored chalk (using line, shape, color, value and space).


Art Masterpieces (ages 10-12) – Teacher: Alisa Brackney - Fee $25

THIS CLASS IS REPEATED FROM LAST YEAR. In addition to creating works of art, the students will begin to recognize/view art in its time periods and then create their art to

reflect some of those artists. A study of major artists and their styles through visual and experiential opportunities...paint, sculpt, draw, and more through major and some not so major art time periods. Space permitting, moms are welcome to participate. Please contact Alisa with any questions about the fee:


Week 1:  Intro to art and its ages

Week 2:  Be like Ghiberti, create a Florentine Relief

Week 3:  Renaissance Art

Week 4:  Paint like Michelangelo

Week 5:  Be a Naturalist Artist

Week 6:  Botanical Illustrations

Week 7:  Impressionistic art

Week 8:  Paint like Monet'

Week 9:  Post-Impressionist Period and Expressionism

Week 10: Clay Facial Expressions Sculpture

Week 11: Cubism and the beginning of "Modern" Art

Week 12: Cubist Collage

Week 13: Series Drawing

Week 14: Complete projects and final overview of art through the ages

Austentatious (ages 13+) - Lisa Wagner & Darlene Hamblin - Fee $20

Engaged after two dances?  Could you even imagine?  That was the reality for Jane Austen's heroines.  Come enjoy discussing the modern implications and history presented in the six original Austen novels and many film adaptations. We'll discuss the protocol of romantic relationships, how people communicated before the digital age, what being a teen was like at the turn of the nineteenth century, fashion and many more enthralling topics. Mrs. Wagner and Mrs. Hamblin are Austentatious enough to dare you to read all 6 of Jane Austen's novels and even to like doing it!


Moms are welcome to join our class.  We will be meeting outside of class for optional movie viewing; we will choose dates that work for the majority of the class.  Students must read all 6 novels (provided by the class fee) and view movie adaptations for discussion. The Regency Ball 2011 is in March in South Bend, IN and we plan to attend. We will discuss costuming all the way through the class and give the class tips on making their outfits from easily-found items. Fundraising opportunities will be available throughout the year.

Week 1 – Meet Jane Austen; learn who she was, what she wrote, and why she is still important today.

Movie Day: The REAL Jane Austen

Week 2 – Northanger Abbey Introduction (Bath, Gothic novels, teens in Regency England)

Week 3 – Northanger Abbey Book Discussion

Movie Day: Northanger Abbey (2007)

Week 4 – Sense & Sensibility Introduction (letter writing, inheritance, dating & courtship protocol)

Week 5 – Sense & Sensibility Book Discussion

Movie Day: Sense & Sensibility (2008)

Week 6 – Pride & Prejudice Introduction (businessmen, Gretna Green, militia, dancing)

Week 7 – Pride & Prejudice Book Discussion

Movie Day: Pride & Prejudice (1995??)

Week 8 – Mansfield Park Introduction (clergymen, theater, slave trade in England)

Week 9 – Mansfield Park Book Discussion

Movie Day: Mansfield Park (1999)

Week 10 – Emma Introduction (farmers & gentlemen, marriage, life at home)

Week 11 – Emma Book Discussion

Movie Day: Emma (2009)

Regency Ball sometime in March 2011

Week 12 – Persuasion Introduction (manners, sailors, a single woman's role in Regency England)

Week 13 – Persuasion Book Discussion

Movie Day: Persuasion (2007)

Week 14 – Regency Tea in Costume


Babysitting (ages 12+) - Jeanie King - FEE: $20

Learn necessary babysitting skills to confidently watch children.  Also, we will be working on how to market yourself. We will be using the Red Cross babysitting course.

Week 1 – Introduction to the course Lesson 1: You’re the Boss: A Guide to Leadership

Week 2 – Lesson 2: The Business of Babysitting

Week 3 – Lesson 3: Safe and Sound on the Job (Safety)

Week 4 – Lesson 4: Understanding Kids from 0 to 10 (Part 1)

Week 5 – Lesson 4: Understanding Kids from 0 to 10 (Part 2)

Week 6 – Lesson 5: From Feeding to Bedtime: Caring for Kids (Part 1)

Week 7 - Lesson 5: From Feeding to Bedtime: Caring for Kids (Part 2)

Week 8 – Lesson 6: It’s an Emergency … Now What? (Part 1) (What is an emergency, how to call for help, checking a child, etc.)

Week 9 - Lesson 6: It’s an Emergency … Now What? (Part 2) (Breathing emergencies, Conscious choking child or infant, etc.)

Week 10 - Lesson 6: It’s an Emergency … Now What? (Part 3) (Checking an unconscious child, rescue breathing,etc.)

Week 11 - Lesson 6: It’s an Emergency … Now What? (Part 4) (Rescue Breathing – child or infant, etc.)

Week 12 - Lesson 6: It’s an Emergency … Now What? (Part 5) (Basic First Aid)

Week 13 - Lesson 6: It’s an Emergency … Now What? (Part 6) (Basic First Aid)

Week 14 – Wrapping up, any missed lessons, practice, etc.

Basic Signing (ages 6-9) - Lisa Laster - Fee $3 

Each week we will learn & practice signing to the alphabet, a song, a scripture and/or a poem that is familiar to the class. There will be two performances a Christmas song (at end of first semester chapel) & a Worship song at the end of the year program.


Weeks 1-7: Learn to sign alphabet, a song & scripture (poem) as well as “Silent Night”

Weeks 8-14: Continue to learn the alphabet, songs & scripture as well as “Shout to the Lord”

Beadazzle (ages 10-12) - Lori Coucke - Fee $40

This class will be for the instruction and teaching of basic jewelry. We will be using beads, leather, and many other supplies. Each student will have completed at least 10 projects by the the end of the year.

Sept. 10 - Tools & Prep

Sept. 24 – Stretchy string bracelet/anklet

Oct. 8 – Earrings

Oct. 22 – Leather Rope Necklace

Nov. 5 – Book mark with beads

Nov. 19 – Pick your project gift day

Dec. 3 – Finishing Project & gift wrapping

Jan. 7 – Earrings & Bracelet

Jan. 21 – Continuation from previous week

Feb. 4 – Necklace

Feb. 18 – Continuation from previous week

Mar. 4 – Watch band

Mar. 18 – Continuation from previous week

Apr. 1 – Finish any projects & wrap up 

Beautiful You (ages 13+) - Melissa Jordan - Fee $12

"You are fearfully and wonderfully made..." Psalm 139:14 Your outward appearance tells a great deal about your personality- your inner attitudes- how you feel about yourself and how you feel towards others.  Being neat and clean sends a positive message to those around you.  In this class we will have fun learning how to take care of our bodies on the outside as well as work on developing our inner character as we work through the book of the bible, Esther.


Week 1   Beauty is more than skin deep!  Learn about our skin types  Introduce the book of Esther

Week 2   Facials - Prepping our skin, making a "foundation"

Week 3   Manicures - devotional

Week 4   Pedicures -  devotional

Week 5   Hygiene - make our own soap, devotional

Week 6   Etiquette - Tea party, devotional

Week 7   More on Etiquette, devotional

Week 8   Makeup - devotional

Week 9   Hair - devotional

Week 10   Fashion - devotional

Week 11  "The wise woman builds her house" Proverbs 141 - how to take care of "our" space  

Week 12  Making good choices

Week 13  "You will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream" Jeremiah 17:8 - A look back on our growth and seeing if our "roots" are thriving

Week 14   End of the year celebrating the beautiful you God created!!!!


Beyond Burgers Teen Cooking Class (ages 13+) - Jen Varberg - Fee $55 (or see options form)


Do you want to learn how to cook? I mean really cook? I’m talking Chicken Parmesan, hearty soups, casseroles and more.

In this class you will learn how to create healthy, awesome dishes for your entire family. Show them what you can do! Now you can participate in taking care of your family and learn an important skill. You will learn not only the art of using herbs and spices, but how to make meals for any family size. I have designed this class so that you can make your meal and immediately bring it home to serve to your entire family, no matter how big or how small!

Not just for girls! If you are at least 13 years old and you’re serious about cooking and baking, join us today! Parents are also welcome to register (if space remains after registration).

Fee covers all food items, any necessary cooking/baking equipment and miscellaneous items such as herbs and spices. If you are opting to make enough for your entire family, you will need to bring in containers to bring the meal home in. I will let you know the needed items.

On your first day you will receive a syllabus with information on how the classes will be run, what to expect and a list of upcoming meals we will be making and any supplies needed. Each student will receive a copy of each recipe that we make and a binder to hold them all.

Week 1: Intro, getting to know you, what to expect (syllabus)

Main Entrée: Stuffed shells, salad Dessert: Brownies from scratch

Week 2: Main Entrée: Mrs. V’s Chicken on a Shoestring, cucumber salad, orzo

Week 3: Main Entrée: Goulash (beef stroganoff style), salad, bread

Week 4: Main Entrée: Penne Pasta dish, green beans, garlic bread

Week 5: Main Entrée: Vegetable soup, homemade bread Dessert: Chocolate truffle cake

Week 6: Main Entrée: Sesame Pork lo mein Dessert: Brutzel Bars

Week 7: Appetizer: Bruschetta Main Entrée: Chicken Parmesan, salad

Week 8: Main Entrée: Chicken Divan, carrots, jello

Week 9: Main Entrée: Meat Spaghetti, meat balls, vegetable, garlic toast

Week 10: Main Entrée: Chicken Quesadilla’s, dirty rice, beans

Week 11: Main Entrée: Soups: Chicken and Dumpling & Chicken Noodle Soup with Homemade Noodles

Week 12: Main Entrée: Tomato Mazzarella sandwich on facaccia bread, salad

Week 13: Main Entrée: Breaded chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans

Week 14: Main Entrée: Baked salmon <or> chicken, veggie, rice


Book Cooks (ages 4-6) - Alison Melanshek - Fee $14

We will be reading books and creating a simple snacks in class that go along with each book.  We get to enjoy our snacks in class also.  We do use peanut butter for some of the snacks.   


WEEK 1 -  Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  Sweeten Up Your Day Treats. 

WEEK 2 - The Carrot Seed.  Edible Mud. 

WEEK 3 - Clifford the Big Red Dog.  Dog Bones. 

WEEK 4 - Johnny Appleseed.  Caramel apples.

WEEK 5 - Frog and Toad Are Friends.  Friendship Fruit Salad.

WEEK 6 - Gregory the Terrible Eater.  Dippity-Do (vegetables and dip).

WEEK 7 - Hansel and Gretel.  Candy Houses.   

WEEK 8 - If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.  Mouse Cookies.

WEEK 9 - Ira Sleeps Over.  Bear Biscuits. 

WEEK 10 - It Looks Like Spilt Milk.  Mighty Milk.

WEEK 11 -  The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash.  Bread Boas.  

WEEK 12 - Moose's Loose Tooth.  Apple Smiles.

WEEK 13 - If You Give a Pig a Pancake.  Pancakes. 

WEEK 14 - Rosie's Walk.  Chicken Feed.

Cards Anyone? (ages 10+) Rosie Prain - Fee: $2.00 and bring 2 decks of cards

Learn and have fun playing different games of cards.

Week 1: Introduction to the class and discuss the games we will be learning. Take time for everyone to introduce themselves. Learn to play the card game called Speed and play.

Week 2: Introduce and play the game Canasta. Pass out instructions for play to take home.

Week 3: Play Canasta

Week 4: Learn to play Euchre. Instructions passed out to take home.

Week 5: Play Euchre

Week 6: Learn to play the card game Up and Down the River. Pass out rules to take home.

Week 7: Play Up and Down the River.

Week 8: Introduce and play the card game Golf. I will give instructions to take home.

Week 9: Play Golf

Week 10: Introduce the card game 7’s. Pass out instructions for play to take home.

Week 11: Play 7’s

Week 12: Learn to play the card game Shang Hi. Pass out rules of play to take home.

Week 13: Play Shang Hi

Week 14: Learn and play Rummy. Pass out rules to take home. Or Vote on favorite game and play the game of choice that we learned over the year.


Child Survival Skills (ages 6-9) Jacque Raymond - Fee $5

All too often we tell our children "Don't talk to strangers," and we leave it at that.  This class will teach children the skills they need to avoid becoming a victim of a child predator. They will learn: how to detect and avoid "unsafe" situations, what to do if approached by a dangerous person, how to escape at the point of an attack, where and who to run to for help, how to stay safe when home alone, and how to avoid dangerous people on the Internet.  This will be accomplished in a manner that makes children feel empowered, not afraid.  Information will be age-appropriate.

WEEK 1 Dangerous Myths; "Safe/Unsafe" People; If time, intro "red flags"; Ask students to try to bring 1 - 2 pictures (magazine, etc) of

a person or people to next session

WEEK 2   Start each session with brief review.  "Red flags"; Identifying strangers - discussion and activities

WEEK 3  Identifying a vehicle - discussion & activity; First section of  "avoidance"

WEEK 4  Avoiding familiarity tactics - discussion & role play; secret code; home alone

WEEK 5  Finish "home alone" if needed; Escape - discuss & role play

WEEK 6  Where to find help; low & high risk strangers; using phone away from home; identifying self

WEEK 7  Red flags with people you know; "what if" game; being safe on-line

WEEK 8  Finish any material if needed; Review games.

Week 9 Fire Safety...Develope a plan to get out of the house...

Week 10  Bad Weather...Don't be scared be prepared.

Week 11  Emergency First aid for Travel

Week 12  Simple First Aid....Make First Aid Kits

Week 13 Outdoor fun...Bike, Skateboards, Swimming Safety...Learn the Rules!!!!

Week 14 Review and end of Year Party!!!!

Chill Out (ages 13+) - Gloria Mosley - Fee $5

Are you a teenager and want a place to meet other teens and relax a bit (no schoolwork), then chill out may be for you.  Sometimes inside, sometimes out, sometimes games, current events, hot topics, even sometimes snacks; get ready to open up to other teens and make connections.  I dare you!

CHOIR (Ages 6+) – Sherri Melillo – Fee: $6

Students will learn a repertoire of Christmas songs and Hymns and/or worship songs. Each week students will practices songs until they are mastered. In addition, as time allows, they will hear the stories behind specific hymns and hymn writer and composer bios. The choir will perform at a local nursing home in December, outside of class time. In the spring they will perform at the Seeds of Faith program.


Chronicles of Professor Kaleidoscope (ages 9-12) - Michele Peasley - Fee $6

In The Chronicles of Professor Kaleidoscope, the students will learn important historical events, science and geography (plus more!).   Crazy Professor Kaleidoscope has traveled to all of these places and has experienced each and every event.  At each class, he'll read his journal with the class.  H certainly is a wild card... your kids won't even realize he's teaching them.  Depending on the time frame, we may also do related projects. Class Supplies: basic and may on occasion ask for donations; Homework: very minimal to none

week 1: barbed wire - we'll learn about the iron curtain

week 2: black friday - understanding the stock and gold market crash

week 3: in mrs. o'leary's barn - chicago fire

week 4: cuba in quarantine - understanding jfk's role

week 5: the mansion- learning about the hearst castle in san simione, california

week 6: samuel clemens - no ordinary guy

week 7: have a heart- the first heart transplant and other medical firsts

week 8: nevada blast- testing the atomic bomb

week 9: sir arthur conan doyle and other english authors

week 10: walt and mickey (background of disney)

week 11: tango in argentina - eva peron 1st lady

week 12: mixed salad - a mix of all different kinds of historical facts

week 13: dinner with sally ride

week 14: the great fire of london - the black plague, the fire and other english history


Competition Lego Robotics (ages 10-14) - Gordon Winther of Academic Enrichment and Consulting Services - Fee $60 + fee for the competition

NOTE: Students must have taken a previous Lego Robotics class to enroll in this class.


For students that have had Lego Robotics classes in the past, this class is designed to have them participate in the Robofest - Lego Robotics competition in the spring. A problem will be presented to students where they will, as a team, pursue a solution by creating a robotic devise that will perform a variety of tasks. Then, in the spring, the team will participate in a regional Robofest competition held by Lawrence Tech. where they will test their devise to see how it performs in comparison to other participating teams. They will have the chance to move onto a state and world competition based on their performance.


There will be a fee for the (optional) Robofest competition that will be announced in the fall.


Creative Drama & Testimony (ages 8+) - Ginger Latta - Fee $12

FUN! FUN! FUN! Let’s bring out the creative gifts that God has given us to encourage, teach & compel others to serve the Lord. This class is designed to work as a team as well as learning how to express your own testimony for the Lord. We want ALL ages to be part as we are all a part of His body! (We will meet at least one time outside of co-op)

Weeks 1-7: We will be getting to know each other as well as how we can work as a team, focusing on expression, abilities, places & parts. Practice!

Weeks 8-14: We will be continuing to learn about each other and putting our drama together for the end of the year program. I would love to have a goal of doing a few smaller things during our chapel times thru-out the year but I believe I will need to see which students I have before deciding how that will work.


Crime Scene Investigations & Mystery Theater (ages 9-13) - Gordon Winther of Academic Enrichment and Consulting Services - Fee $60

Students will experience the world of Crime Scene Investigations by going though a series of activities where they will learn about things such as fingerprinting, soil analysis, laying out a crime scene, handwriting/printer analysis, etc. Then using the Mystery Festival program, they will go though a series of crime scenarios where they will use those skills to try and solve a number of simulated crimes using those skills learned.


Crochet (ages 11+ and adults) - Jeanie King - Fee $5 and see supplies needed

This is a very flexible class in which we will have beginner, advanced, and everyone in between so we can learn different levels of crochet together.  I will teach beginners how to crochet and include as many different types of stitches as they want to learn, with the help of others who are experienced in the class.  We will each pick a project from the patterns I have, or from what everyone brings.  Work at your own pace, keep your projects, donate them to charity (we will discuss on first day), or give as gifts.  Patterns I have are for EASY

washcloths and cute little animals (amigurumi), or even baby layettes (more difficult).  We will also each have a goal sheet to write down what we already know, what we want to learn, and track our progress over the year, including the name of projects we are working on.  I will keep these sheets and periodically hand them back to participants to fill out.  Everyone will get them back to keep at the end of the year.


Necessary Items: Crochet hooks size 5 for beginners, any size of hook necessary for experienced, and a ball of yarn for beginners to practice if you have any.  If you are working on a project, bring it in with your own yarn so we can see it & you can work on it.  I will provide practice yarn for a tiny fee.   Buy your own yarn for projects, choose from mine (small fee), or have me order it for you (arrange ahead via email).


WEEK 1 -   Introductions, find out what level of crochet each person is at.  Fill out a goal sheet provided in today's class.  Choose individual pattern to begin working on, or show a project they are currently working on.  Talk about the charity(s) we will donate our projects to.   Begin learning new stitches or work on current project.

WEEK 2 - Work on individual projects or beginning stitches.

WEEK 3 – Continue building on previous week

WEEK 4 – Continue building on previous week.  Check off what we’ve accomplished so far on our goal sheets.

WEEK 5 – Continue building on previous week.  Should be finishing (or close to finishing) Thanksgiving donation projects.

WEEK 6 – Continue building on previous week. Should be finishing (or close to finishing) Christmas donation projects

WEEK 7 – Finish up Christmas projects.  Check off what we’ve accomplished so far on our goal sheets. Make arrangements for delivery to charity for those who are donating their projects.  Look at/choose new patterns for 2010

WEEK 8 – Begin new projects or new stitches

WEEK 9 – Build on previous week

WEEK 10 – Continue building on previous week

WEEK 11 – Continue building on previous week.   Check off what we’ve accomplished so far on our goal sheets.

WEEK 12 – Continue building on previous week.

WEEK 13 – Decide who wants to display their projects for the end of the year program.  Make arrangements for delivery to charity for those who are donating projects. Should be finishing Easter donation projects.

WEEK 14 – Last day, finish up last minute things, prepare for our table at end of the year program.  Finish filling out goal sheet.  See how much we’ve learned!


Destruction (ages 6-9) - Gloria Mosley - $5

Finally a place where kids can actually break things and it's ok! 


Take a bunch of kids, a plie of broken machines and a dozen screwdrivers and let them explore.  This class is hands on and will inspire your young children to ask questions, use reasoning skills and have fun doing it.  They will be encouraged to disassemble and reassemble various appliances.  They will see the "insides" of things and use dexterity to do it. They will feel accomplishment when they reconnect something, or finally get it apart.  We will create a safe environment.  All electrical cords will be severed and any batteries removed.  We will not be taking apart any computer monitors or televisions as thet can hold high voltages even after being unplugged.   We will be destucting  the following types of items: alarm clocks, radio's, keyboards, toasters, blenders, blow dryers, boom boxes, and more. 


We are looking for any and all of these items in multiples for this class. Please spread the news with family and friends, asking for any of their old "machines".  Students will need screwdrives of all sorts and sizes (some will be provided).


Children learn so much by doing...this will be a wonderful learning experience for your child.


Weeks 1-14 - Children will choose from the available machines and work at their own paces.


DODGE BALL (ages 10+) - Cherry Stanek - No fee

We will be playing dodge ball. What more can be said. Not for the faint at heart. :-)  Tennis shoes and good sportsmanship required.


Although all children ages 10+ are welcome to sign up, please be aware that Dodgeball can get very intense. If your child is very sensitive or doesn't want to get hit with a rubber ball, the PE 10+ class in 3rd hour is a better choice.


Feathered Friends of Michigan (ages 8-9) - Alison Melanshek - Fee $10

We will be studying birds, what makes a bird a bird, why they migrate, and why they sing.  We will learn about Michigan's most common birds and their habitats.  We will be making a lap book and adding to it each time we meet.  We will make a bird feeder.  We will construct our own birds and owls out of construction paper and paper bags.  We will also have a representative from Seven Ponds come out and talk about birds. 


WEEK 1 -  What makes a bird a bird.  Body Parts.

WEEK 2 -  Birds of Michigan - Most common.  Their favorites.

WEEK 3 -  We'll take a walk outside and try to identify birds and their calls. 

WEEK 4 - Show and tell.  Students will bring in nests, feathers, pictures that they would like to share with class. 

WEEK 5 -  We will talk about how we need birds.  Different beaks.

WEEK 6 -  Fly Like a Bird.  Why do birds migrate.  Different wings. 

WEEK 7 -  Why do birds sing.

WEEK 8 -  Show pictures of hummingbirds, killdeer, robins, blue jays, cardinals etc.

WEEK 9 -  Listen to bird calls and try to identify them with their pictures.

WEEK 10 -  Making birds and owls. 

WEEK 11 - Visit from 7-Ponds naturalist.  

WEEK 12 -  Make bird feeders.

WEEK 13 -  Finish lap books and models of birds

WEEK 14 - Play bird games, see how much we have learned.


Festivals of the Bible Class (ages 10+) - Jane Hepburn - Fee $15

Who likes to have a party? Did you know each Old Testament feast finds it's fulfillment in the New Testament? They enrich the lives of people who experience and enjoy them. In the Bible, God gave His people festivals to celebrate. In this class we will look at those festivals and learn how they reveal the Messiah and relate to our Christian faith. We'll explore

Jewish traditions, learn about the Jewish culture and some Hebrew along the way. In the spring I hope to take a class field trip to the Jewish Cultural Center to see their Passover Celebration.

Week 1: Rosh HaShanah-The Feast of Trumpets

Week 2: The Festival of Rosh HaShanah

Week 3: Yom Kippur-The Day of Atonement

Week 4: Sukkot-The Feast of Tabernacles

Week 5: The Festival of Sukkot

Week 6: Hanukkah-The Feast of Dedication

Week 7:The Festival of Hanukkah

Week 8: Purim-The Feast of Esther

Week 9: The Festival of Purim

Week 10: Passover- The Feast of Unleavened Bread

Week 11: Passover continued

Week 12: Seder

Week 13: Yom HaBikkurim- The Feast of Firstfruits

Week 14: Shavuot- The Feast of Weeks/Pentecost

Financial Peace for Teens (ages 13+) - Cathy Douglas - Fee $20

This class is the high school version of the popular Financial Peace course by Dave Ramsey. Here is a quote from his website: "Eighty-nine percent of teens want to learn how to make their money grow. Yet, for decades, very few schools have provided any type of money-management instruction. That's why we created Foundations in Personal Finance —a turn-key curriculum designed to provide students with sound financial principles that will guide them into adulthood." Personal finance expert Dave Ramsey will educate and entertain students as they learn how to avoid debt and build wealth. This course meets benchmarks and standards in all 50 states, as well as the national standards suggested by the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy. I taught this class 2 years ago and we had a lot of laughs while we learned some essential skills for our financial future. The description may sound dry, but the presentation is quite entertaining! Teens who took the class before are more than welcome to repeat for a lowered fee if they still have their workbook (IF they can promise not to ruin any punch lines!). ***Please keep in mind that this curriculum is designed as a high school level course. The DVD content is targeted toward high-school aged teens. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.***  Class fee: $20 which covers the course workbook, copies, and extra materials.

Our 14 class periods will not allow us to cover all of the material in the course DVD’s so I have carefully chosen some essentials with the help of my husband who has taught several adult Financial Peace courses. We will be covering:

1) Savings: The importance of saving, the power of compound interest, and discipline, patience, and goal setting.

2-3) Investment Options: Basic principles of investing: diversification, liquidity, risk/return ratio.

4) Wealth Building and College Savings: Long and short term investing, retirement, college savings.

5-6) Dangers of Debt: Myths associated with debt, the history of credit, and the current aggressive marketing of debt to young people.

7) Consumer Awareness: Learn the 5 steps to help you make a significant purchase and the power of marketing.

8) Credit Bureaus and Collection Practices: The credit score myth, identity theft, and correcting a credit report.

9-10) Budgeting 101: The benefits of budgeting, “how-to,” and balancing a checkbook.

11-12) Bargain Shopping: The seven basic rules of negotiating.

13) Relating With Money: General differences between how men and women view money.

14) Finishing Up: This class period will allow us to finish up odds and ends OR discuss careers and/or insurance briefly.

Going Green: From Planet Earth to the State of Michigan (ages 10-12) - Rhonda Meldrum - $8

I will be using the BBC DVD series Planet Earth to give students a more intimate look at our planet which is visually spectacular.  We will watch and discuss portions of the series and get up close and personal with how we can get to know our natural world around us more closely which I believe is the springboard to caring about our environment. We will meet at Seven Ponds once or twice to learn to identify trees beyond the familiar oak and maple. Students will be expected to “not talk among themselves" during the movies, to do a few short research  papers, poster boards or whatever medium they are comfortable with and to be able to present them to the class.  These will also be used for the end of the year program so they should be visually interesting. Pat Wright from the Soil Conservation  Offices will present 3 sessions, on soils, trees and water.


1-Students will watch the Intro to the Planet Earth series-Pole to Pole.

2-Discuss Earth’s Beginnings, Watch Seasonal Forests

3-Meet at Seven Ponds for Tree ID

4-Pat Wright-Tree Class

5-Watch Freshwater segment of DVD’s.  Reports assigned on the importance of Michigan’s freshwater.

6-Share Reports

7-Pat Wright- Water class

8-Watch segment on Great Plains;  Discuss Soil Conservation

9-Pat Wright-Soils Class

10-Watch segment on oceans; Reports assigned on ocean related topics. (oil spills, endangered species, fishing practices)

11-Share Reports

12-Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – How can we make an impact

13 – Watch Saving Species; Reports assigned on endangered species in Michigan

14-Share Reports; Discuss wind energy, automotive industry etc.


Handy Helpers (ages 4-5) - Tonya Bolam - Fee $20.00

Handy Helpers are for children that love to be Dad's Helper!  This class focuses on introduction to tools and easy projects.  Class requirements include: safety-goggles, old shirt to paint in, and to bring some hand tools to class.   We will be enjoying play dough between projects.

 Week 1 – Gluing Activity—Popsicle Photoframe

Week 2-- Playdough

Week 3 – Sanding Activity, Introduction to safety goggles--Sanded (and painted if desired) block of wood

Week 4 and 5 – Art Board—Sanding, Gluing, Names, Clothespins, Woodboard, Magnets (??)

Week 6 -- Playdough

Week 7 – Introduction to hammer and hammering safety rules--

several nails hammered into a short board. Wind string or yarn around the nails to create a design.

Week 8 –  Sawing, Introduction to saws and safety rules for sawing--rhythm sticks

Week 9 - Playdough

Week 10 --  Introduction to measurement and using a screwdriver--Piece of wood with several screws

Week 11 and 12 – Bug Catchers—Sanding, preserving wood (bees wax), staples, screen, and screws

Week 13 – Playdough

Week 14 – Introduction to drills and safety rules for drilling--Drilling piece of wood


Healthy Lifestyle Revolution (ages 10+) - Class Cancelled

Inspired Signing (ages 10+) - Lisa Laster - Fee $3 

This sign language class is designed for the more serious student. It will require homework as well as each student will purchase their own sign language manual. They will learn to use the tool by teaching the class a song, scripture or poem of their choosing. They will have two performances one at Christmas & one for the end of the year program.


Weeks 1-7: Students will learn how to use the sign language manual to gain knowledge in signing. They will also learn “Mary did you know?” to perform at Christmas.

Weeks 8-14: Continue to learn from the manual as they learn to student teach. The class will then choose from the class assignments for the end of the year program.


Kids' Concoctions (ages 6-9) – Kristina Johnson - Fee $20

Mix it! Squish it! Concoct it!  During this hands-on class, we will be using common household ingredients to concoct fun and exciting projects.  Our concoctions will combine science, art and math into one hands-on fun and exciting class.  Throughout the year we will cover a variety of scientific concepts, concoct various experiments and study the science behind them.  We leave each class with knowledge and a cool concoction!  Warning, this class may get messy! Class Fee: 20.00 (Includes a notebook and concocting supplies)


September 10 & 24: GO WITH THE FLOW: Liquids: viscosity, density, immiscibility.

October 8 & 22: JUST A PHASE: Phase Changes.

November 5 & 19: STRANGE-BUT-TRUE BREWS: Molecules and Solutions.

December 3: HOLIDAY CONCOCTIONS: Concocting holiday keepsakes.

January 7 & 21: PRESTO CHANGE-O: Chemical Changes.

February 4 & 18: GOO GLOBS OF FUN: Polymers, colloids, gels and more.

March 4 & 18: IT’S NOT MAGIC, IT’S SCIENCE: Tricks that put science into action.

April 1: ULTIMATE FUN CONCOCTIONS: This class will be an end of the year celebration full of fun concoctions.


K'nex: The Secret of the Wampus (ages 6-9) Chris Schultz - No Fee

This class will combine story time, insect and animal exploration and building with the K'NEX Secret of the Wampus set. Language arts and science will be incorporated into the class. Through this unique concept, students enjoy the combination and fun of reading, building, and exploration. As the teacher reads the stories, students are introduced to a variety of creatures. Scientific concepts are introduced and strengthened as student teams build two-dimensional representations of these creatures.


Week 1: The Distinctive Shapes of Bats Faces

Week 2: Techniques Used by spiders to Capture Prey

Week 3: The Distinguishing Traits of Owls

Week 4: Comparing the Structural Features of Scorpions and Spiders

Week 5: The Characteristics and Life Cycles of Fireflies

Week 6: Recognizing the Design of the Wampus I

Week 7: Wampus II and free-build

Week 8: WAMPUS and free-build

Weeks 9-14 To Be Announced


K'Nex Bridge Building (ages 10-12) - Michelle Lepper - $5

Participants will learn about four types of bridges (arch, truss, cantilever, suspension) by conducting skill building experiments and creating their own group K’nex model of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Astoria Bridge, the Firth of Forth Bridge, and the Golden Gate Bridge. We’ll also discuss the location and history of each structure.

Week 1 Introduction, Skill Builder 1 Building a Bridge Can’t Be All That Difficult, Can It?

Week 2 Build the Chesapeake Bridge Span

Week 3 Skill Builder 2 Investigating 2-D Shapes – Rectangles and Squares

Week 4 Build the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Week 5 Skill Builder 3 Investigating 2-D Shapes - Triangles

Week 6 Bridge the Dames Point Bridge

Week 7 Skill Builder 4 Strengthening 2-D Shapes

Week 8 Build the Tower Bridge

Week 9 Skill Builder 5 Making 3-D Frame Structures - Cubes

Week 10 Build the Firth of Forth Bridge

Week 11 Skill Builder 6 Spanning Gaps – Beams or Arches?

Week 12 Build the Astoria Bridge

Week 13 Skill Builder 7 Investigating Cantilevers

Week 14 Build the Golden Gate Bridge


Lego Robotics Introduction & Obstacle Course (ages 9-13) - Gordon Winther of Academic Enrichment and Consulting Services - Fee $60

Students (ages 9 - 13) will be introduce to the Lego Robotics program where they will build and program a variety of robotic devices and then will learn how to program them using a special Lego Robotics program (Robolab). In the Obstacle Course class, students will move on where they build one device and then concentrate on how to program it to do a variety of tasks moving through numerous courses.


Lil Homemakers (ages 6-7) - Tonya Bolam - Fee $45

Do your little girls love to play "house"?  Well, this class is for them!  The first 7 weeks we will be focusing on cooking simple recipes.  They will learn chopping, flipping, rolling dough, etc.  This will help them gain the skills to be your helper in the kitchen!  The second 7 weeks, we will be crafting and simple hand sewing.  Most of the crafts are made for them to enjoy and use, but will be able to repeat them for simple gift giving.

'Lil Homemakers is a class that is broken down into 2 semesters.  The first class is our cooking class and the second is a crafting class.

Cooking Class---Lil’ Chefs  $20.00

Week 1 – Dirt Pudding

Week 2 –  Frog in a Log

Week 3 – Pretzels

Week 4 –  Muffins

Week 5 – Pizza

Week 6 – Taco

Week 7 – Cookies

Crafting Class – ‘Lil Homemakers --$25

Week 1 –  Scarves 

Week 2 and 3 — Art Board

Week4 –  Weaving

Week 5 and 6 –  Flip Flops and Ponytailers and Tutus

Week 7 – Outdoor Pillows


Michigan History - Class Canceled


Move It and Be It (ages 4-5) - Amy Husted - $2

The kids will end their day with active movement, including some fun games such as twister and hokey pokey, as well as Christ centered yoga, animal races, balloon balancing, rhythm sticks and eggs, etc. 

Mystery of Music: Where Do They Get Those Lyrics? (ages 12+) - Jacque Raymond - No Fee

Is there more to Christain music then just the beat? We will be looking at Contempory Christian Music by artists like Reliant K, Casting Crowns, Hawk Nelson, Switchfoot, Third Day, Toby mac, FireFlight, And Many More.


Where did they get the lyrics and the inspiration for their music? We will be hearing their testimonies and music. We will search the scripture for their message. As the class progesses we will be writing our own inspirational songs. Supplies:  Music CDs of your favorite Christain artists, a Bible, and your listening ears.


Week 1 Chris Tomlin...Picking bands for the following weeks

Week 2 Casting Crowns and bands the kids have suggested.

Week 3  FireFlight and bands the kids have picked

Week 4 Reliant K and bands the kids have picked

Week 5 Big Daddy Weave and the bands the kids have picked

Week 6 Francesca Battistelli and the bands the kids have picked

Week 7 Third Day and the bands the kids have picked

Week 8 Switchfoot and the bands the kids have picked

Week 9 Kutless and the bands the kids have picked.

Week 10 Hawk Nelson and the bands the kids have picked

Week 11 Toby Mac and the bands the kids picked

Week 12 Mercy Me and the bands the kids picked

Week 13 Newsboys and the bands the  kids picked

Week 14 work on our song. 


Odyssey of the Mind (ages 10-14) - Michelle Lepper - $10

Odyssey of the Mind - is an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarten through college. Team members apply their creativity to solve problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics. They then bring their solutions to competition on the local, state, and World level. Thousands of teams from throughout the U.S. and from about 25 other countries participate in the program. I have adapted it to work for a small co-op with team competition in the classroom. There is no outside competition involved in this class, but it utilizes the same principles and examples as the international competition.


9/10/09            Tower of Pasta

9/24/09            Tug O War

10/8/09            Waste Not, Want Not

10/22/09          Squeezed Together

11/5/09            The Longest Rope

11/19/09          In the Right Spot

12/3/09            Demolition

1/7/10              The Long Support

1/21/10            Basket Ball

2/4/10              The Strongest Link

2/18/10            Cantilever Structure

3/4/10              Marble Mayhem

3/18/10            Build a Bridge and Get Over It

4/1/10              Create Your Own Hands-On


PE 6-9 (ages 6-9) - Chris Schultz - No fee

Let the energy flow!  This class allows the flow of the God given energy  kids possess.  A main game is taught each week of the semester followed by a shorter less structured game.  Sportsmanship encursaged.  Understanding the rules (especially baseball base running rules) are stressed. 


Week 1  Outdoor games

Week 2  Kickball

Week 3  Dodgeball

Week 4  Baseball

Week 5  Frogs and Flies

Week 6 Line Soccer

Week 7  Radio Active Yogurt

Week 8  Outdoor games

Week 9  Kickball

Week 10  Dodgeball

Week 11  Baseball

Week 12  Frogs and Flies

Week 13 Line Soccer

Week 14  Radio Active Yogurt

PE 10+ (ages 10+) - Cherry Stanek - No fee

We will be playing a variety of team sports including soccer, football, softball, kickball, dodge ball, and other games.  Need not know how to play. Tennis shoes and good sportsmanship are a must!


Pet Friends (ages 7-9) - Pam Amell - Fee $5

In this class, we will make a new “pet” friend each week. We will learn what they eat, their natural habitat, and how to care for them. We will also do crafts, read books and have plenty of time to love them up! We will be bringing a special pet home, but don't worry..... It's very easy  to take care of. It can live anywhere, you don't have to feed it and there's no cleaning up after it. :) Some of the pets visiting include: Guinne pig, hamster, rabbit, snake, turtles, frogs, dog, cat, gecko and others.


Piano Lessons (ages 8+) - Jillian Haskins - FEE $10 per lesson ($140 for the year)

Hello!!! My name is Jillian Haskins and I am a homeschool graduate. I have been taking piano lessons now for about 12 years. I absolutely love it and I also love teaching. :) I started teaching in Sept of 2009, and have gained 12 students thus far. Come join me in the fun ! :D The very first week will be figuring out what they have learned, and what level they should progress with.  After that has been achieved, I will continue in teaching technic & music theory, along with playing pieces that the students will enjoy. :-)


Fee will be $10 per half hour. Payment is expected at each lesson time, but I am willing to reschedule missed lessons.


It would be great if students could bring any/all of their books into the first lesson. - This will help me to know what they have learned, and what books they may need. If there are any students that do not have any books and/or have never had lessons before, then I have a supply of beginning books to start them off. If parents have any preference as to what they would like their kids to learn, please feel free to send me a message or call me. If books are given out, they usually range between $5-$10 per book.

Every student should practice at least 30 min per day. It could be broken up if needed. If parents are interested in weekly sessions, please feel free to contact me.

My email is if you have any questions. :)


Project Rain Forest (ages 6-9) - Class Cancelled


Script Ninjas! (ages 13+) - Sarah Morell - Fee $5

Learn to script like a ninja with Visual Basic Scripting.  Visual Basic (VBS) is a great way to break into learning "computer languages".  It's one of the simpler languages to learn and the knowledge will carry over into learning other computer languages.  Class time will be divided between instruction and developing our own computer programs with VBS.  If you have a laptop, you will need to bring this to class. You will also need to download and install Notepad++ (it's free and it's a souped-up version of regular Notepad).  If you do not have a laptop, contact me and I may have one you can borrow during classtime.  Basic computer knowledge helpful (able to click a mouse, open files, save files, etc.)


Week 1: Programming philosophies:  If you do it more than once, automate it!  Lazy programming (copy/paste is your friend).  Programming is dangerous! (one wrong script and everything's gone).  Getting started: Opening Notepad++ and seeing how it works.

Week 2: Variables, Constants and Comments, Oh My!

Make a comment, variables and constants, assigning values and constants, displaying contents of variables, constants.

Week 3: Script Your Math Work. 

Assignment operators (=), math operators (+ - x /), combining 2 strings, and quotation marks. 

Week 4: Functions and Subroutines.  Make message boxes and input boxes.

Week 5: More Functions and Subroutines.

New internal functions; now(), date(), len(); the VBScript Language Function Reference

Week 6: True/False, If...Then...Else, Comparison (greater than, less than)

Week 7: And, Or, Not...Nesting If/Then Statements

Week 8: What is an Object? Wscript Shell

Weeks 9-14 will depend on student progress during 1st semester


Shout It Out! (Cheerleading) (ages 8+) - Doreen Haupt - Fee $15

This class will be fun and energetic.  I will teach all the basics of cheerleading such as: voice projection, working together as a team, how to stand and move, as well as some basic cheers.  But for  most of the year we will be working on a PomPom routine to perform at the end of the year program.  Therefore, there will be a cost of about $12-$15 for pom-poms that we will use in our routine and are yours to keep at the end of the year.   The routine will be taught in segments, because we meet only once every other week, the girls (or boys) MUST PRACTICE THIS ROUTINE AT HOME EVERY DAY!

Show n’ Tell Storytime (ages 4-6) - Nicole Dodson - Fee $2

We’ll be building up these kids’ confidence to  speak in front of others by watching them show and listening to them tell about their favorite things from home. The theme will be extended with storybooks, so bring your listening ears!


Week 1, Sept. 10          bring in a photo album or favorite picture to share

Week 2, Sept 24            favorite food and we share eachother’s food

Week 3, Oct 8             3 toys that begin with the same letter

Week 4, Oct 22        favorite costume or dress up item

Week 5, Nov 5             things to help us stay healthy

Week 6, Nov 19        a collection of at least 8 items

Week 7, Dec 3              favorite Christmas book and we read eachother’s books

Week 8, Jan 7             favorite new Christmas toy

Week 9, Jan 21        favorite movie (30 minutes or less) or toy from a movie

Week 10, Feb 4          favorite hat or article of clothing

Week 11, Feb 18         favorite game

Week 12, Mar 4          3 toys that are the same color

Week 13, Mar 18        favorite sport gear

Week 14, Apr 1          free for all - bring in whatever you’d like to show us!


Steppin In’ to Glory Dance Class (8+) - Ginger Latta - Fee $12

This class is designed to participate as a team. I would like to encourage ALL ages to be a part.  We will learn to use the gifts and talents God has given us to give God the Glory as well as gain knowledge on equipping the army of God. Guaranteed to have A LOT of FUN! (We will meet at least one time outside of co-op)


Weeks 1-7: We will gather together to form a team (or maybe even 2 or 3) that we can learn to work together with different parts as we learn about different ways the Lord has given us to Worship & give Him Glory! I would love to have something done for Christmas as well as for the end of the year program.

Weeks 8-14: We will continue to study God’s word with colors, movement & props, there meanings and why we use them as well as work on something special for the end of the year program.

Suitcase Adventures! (ages 6-9) Michele Peasley - Fee $6

Grab your binoculars! Pack your camera! The students and I will be discovering a suitcase full of quirky stuff! We'll be diving into some pretty exotic places using extraordinary literature, which will teach us about: culture, geography, science, english, history, maybe some applied math, art and more! Homework:  minimum to none; Supplies:  basics and to be announced


week 1: Grandmother's Pigeons - We're going to Greenland!

week 2: Time of Wonder- We'll vacation on an island of the coast of Maine!

week 3: The Story of the First Hot Air Balloon Ride- We'll float around France!

week 4: Maybelle the Cable Car- San Francisco, here we come!

week 5: Popcorn at the Palace- Introducing POPCORN to England!

week 6: The Cats in Krasinski Square- A trip to Poland.... awaits us!

week 7: An Orange for Frankie- Christmastime during the Great Depression... near Detroit.

week 8: Nico's Octopus- The island of Greece and fishing!

week 9: Cappy the Lonely Camel- Asia and the Middle East

week 10: Fatuma's New Cloth: East Africa, kanga cloth and chai tea!

week 11: On the Pampa's: We'll be staying at a ranch in Argentina!

week 12: Turtle Bay: We'll be learning about sea turtles in Japan!

week 13: Abuela's Weave: In Guatemala

week 14: Isabel's House of Butterflies: Mexico and the migration of Monarch Butterflies

If for some reason, I'm unable to get one of these books for class, I will substitute with something just as nice!


Toddler Time (ages 2-3) - Staffed by Nursery Workers - No fee

Children ages 2-3 will have the opportunity to free play in a friendly and safe environment. Optional activities will be available. This option may be offered during 2nd, 3rd, and 4th hours if demand exists and space allows.


Traveling Through Time (ages 6-9) - Marla Young - $20

Miss Frizzle may have her magic school bus- but Miss Marla has a magic co-op!  So come along with Miss Marla and let's visit or have a visitor from some exciting ancient civilizations.  We'll learn a bit about some ancient cultures and their way of life through stories, picturese and some cool hand on activities.  So come along and enjoy our past! Each week we'll visit one of the cultures of the ancient world.  We'll peek into the lives that these distant ancestors, and see how they lived.

Week 1        The Ancient World

Week 2        Mesopotamia

Week 3        Egypt

Week 4        Europe

Week 5        Indus Valley

Week 6        Minoans and Myceneans

Week 7        Mediterranean

Week 8        Ancient Greece

Week 9        Rome

Week 10      Africa

Week 11    India

Week 12    China

Week 13    The Americas

Week 14     Aust.  & Wrap up


Treasure Island Adventure (ages 10+) - Sherri Melillo – FEE: $10 includes a copy of Treasure Island & supplies. 

Get out your eye patch and saw off your leg -- it's time to launch the Hispaniola and go search for Captain Flint's lost cache of Spanish gold! Students will read the unabridged Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson at home throughout the year, in preparation for the adventure in class.  Kids will learn boxing the compass, reading signal flags, and telling time with ship's bells. Write their own pirate stories, make an oilskin treasure maps, and learn the songs from the novel. Nautical terms like hawser and capstan will be covered along with regular old words like incongruous and dexterity.


Class 1: At the Admiral Benbow, Pirate Flags

Class 2: Poor, Poor Billy Bones, Boxing the Compass Worksheet

Class 3: The Oilskin Packet, Make A Treasure Map

Class 4: All Aboard the Hispaniola, Make Pirate Treasure

Class 5: Apples and Mutiny, Track the Voyage of the Hispaniola

Class 6: Land Ho, Painting of Treasure Island

Class 7: The Doctor Speaks, Pirate Vessels

Class 8: In the Stockade, Ship’s Bells Worksheet

Class 9: Jim Hawkins at Sea, Signal Flags

Class 10: The Death of Israel Hands, Coins

Class 11: Captain Silver Rawks, Interpreting Long John Silver

Class 12: The Treasure At Last

Class 13: Finish Projects

Class 14: Parrrrrrty -  Treasure Hunt

Treasures: Beading - Class Canceled


Lego We-Do Robotics/Knex Simple Machines (ages 6-9) - Gordon Winther of Academic Enrichment Consulting and Services  - Fee $60

Using a relatively (2 yr) new program designed by Lego, students begin an exploration of the concept of robotics by learning to build a variety of projects and then learn an icon based programming program to make them function. Each project uses a motor and different types of sensors (motion & tilt) to have there devises do different taLego Robotics I (Introduction) and II (Obstacle Coursesks. This is an excellent introduction to Lego robotics. The projects built have themes of animals, sports and vehicles. Using K'nex material, students will explore the design and engineering of buildings and other famous structures. Students will create projects such as skyscapers, the Taj Mahal, bridges, etc and learn about there history and location.


NOTE: Younger students may have difficulty with the material. If your student is 6 or 7, please use your discretion in signing up - students must be able to sustain attention and follow directions.


Week 1 - Introduction of material and programming. Students will begin 1st project.

Week 2 - Students will learn how to program 1st project to do a variety of functions. 1st project will be disassembled and 2nd project begun.

Week 3 - 2nd project will be finished and programmed. 2nd project will be disassembled and 3rd project begun.

Week 4 - 3rd project will be finished and programmed. 3rd project will be disassembled and 4th project begun.

Week 5 - 4th project will be completed and programmed. 4th project will be disassembled and 5th project begun.

Week 6 - 5th project will be completed and programmed. 5th project will be disassembled and 6th project begun.

Week 7 - 6th project will be completed and programmed. 6th project will be displayed for parents and then disassembled.

Week 8 - Students will be introduced to the Knex Simple Machine material. Students will begin their 1st project on levers.

Week 9 - Students will continue with 1st project on levers and begin second project on levers.

Week 10 - Students will complete final project on levers and begin next project on gears.

Week 11 - Students will complete and demonstrate 1st gear project and then begin 2nd project on gears.

Week 12 - Students will complete 2nd project on gears and then begin 1st project on pulleys.

Week 13 - Students will complete first project on pulleys and then begin 2nd pulley project.

Week 14 - Students will complete all projects for a display for parents (with explanation of each).