Fact and Opinion Lesson

Remember what we have learned in class about facts and opinions:

A fact tells what happened or what can be proven.

An opinion tells how someone feels or what they think.

Choose from the links below to review and practice fact and opinion. After, submit the Google Form Quiz.

Practice: Read the Newsela Article on Oreos and and fill in the Oreo response Google Draw activity.

Activity: Create and submit a Google Drawing that tells at least three facts and three opinions about an animal you have researched.

Learning Activities:

Fact/Opinion Lesson on YouTube

Fact/Opinion Song on YouTube

Fact/Opinion Lesson on Study Zone


Binky's Fact and Opinion

Fact and Opinion Game

After you complete the above activities, take the quiz below.

Check: Fact or Opinion?  (Google Form)


Read this article 

Oreo Facts and Opinion page