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Thoughts from the Open Thread

Remember: Please leave a comment in the thread too about what you changed and your thoughts. Thanks!

Ted Underwood: I took myself out of the section “DH has always embraced cultural critique” because I made no claim about genealogies of DH (see comments). I changed the other summary of my remarks from “DH has always been cultural” to “There’s no evidence of a ‘refuge’ and scholars have no reason to want one.” That’s not intended narrowly as a remark about “DH”: it’s a broad affirmation of the centrality of social categories to the humanities in the 21st century. Seeking a “refuge” from social categories would be self-defeating; I think that model of researchers’ motivations is a straw man. I took myself out of the section on “identity politics” because that’s a phrase I deliberately avoided using in the thread (TU).


Ernesto Priego: I have inserted comments where I made changes. Thank you for setting up this open shared document. Summarising people’s views will always be a minefield. I appreciate the effort and the intention.

I agree with Ted Underwood (TU) that “seeking a “refuge” from social categories would be self-defeating”. I find the whole initial question really troubling. I don’t want “a refuge” from my own ethnicity, gender, class or sex. And I might be male and straight  but if I lived in the US I would probably be a “scholar of color”. In Mexico I am called “whitey” but in Britain I am obviously not white and I don’t come from a privileged background (privilege is relative-- of course I am more privileged than others).  My ethnicity does not appear in drop-down menus in job or scholarship applications. What is specific about DH that could offer this kind of “neutral” shelter from such important categories? Is there anything specific at all about DH, really, in what we are discussing which does not equally/very similarly apply to any other academic discipline? Because I could start discussing about how as a Mexican undergraduate and MA student I felt excluded form Latin@ and Chican@ studies. Is it a question of the current prevalence of major funding and reputation around the digital humanities in the US instead? Sorry for long comment. These are important issues I care about. -Ernesto


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