(Southern Oregon Almeda wildfire)


All of these GoFundMe pages are struggling to receive donations, while others are surpassing their goals. Please don’t overlook these families, many of them have nothing left. It breaks my heart to come across so many pages that have nothing or very little donated. I understand it can be time consuming to search for low-funded pages, so hopefully this document makes things a little easier! I will update this doc as often as I can! Pages with the lowest funds will be kept at the top of the list.

Please help me out by sending me GoFundMe pages that are struggling! You can send these via Instagram (@izzy_rodriguez) or Twitter (@issabel__) 

  1. Fuego Almeda

  1. Oregon Fires Decimated My Home

  1. Lost our home

  1. Home burned down from Almeda Fire Need Help

  1. Our parents lost their Home in Almeda Fire

  1. Lost our home at the fire

  1. Anything helps

  1. Disabled Woman lost everything in Almeda Fire

  1. Timothy's Family Fundraiser

  1. Due to the fire we lost everything we had

  1. Help my family we lost everything in a fire

  1. My family lost everything to The Almeda Fire 

  1. Alameda Fire Help

  1. Mom & Sister Lost Home In almeda fire

  1. Almeda Fire Relief Fund

  1. Home lost due to wild fire

  1. Gutierrez Family

  1. Mark Miller's home and all possessions burned

  1. Help Annie King after fire relief

  1. Disaster strikes a recent single mom

  1. Raising funds for my family

  1. Martin & family lost everything in fire 

  1. Pastors Santiago & Leonor Argueta 

  1. Family of 5

  1. Help Nicole & Krystal Recover From Fire

  1. Help Grandma who lost everything in Phoenix

  1. Help Ashland OR Almeda wildfire victim


  1. Devastation after Almeda Fire in Oregon

  1. Bucks for Bill Fire Relief

  1. Single Mom and 2 Kids Home Lost In Almeda Fire

  1. Fund For Andy and Mom

  1. Fleming family

  1. Fire Relief Fund For Sharp Family

  1. Barbara Louch's home & car destroyed- Alameda fire

  1. Family of 4 lost everything in fire

  1. My friend and her son lost their home in the fires

  1. Fire Relief for Johanna Briceno and family

  1. Wildfire Phoenix Oregon

  1. Family lose home during the Alameda Fire

  1. Family lost everything in fire

  1. Almeda Fire, Relief Funds for 3 Families in Oregon

  1. Family Ayala Cruz disaster relief

  1. Brad Smith and Edy Westcott

  1. Help my grandparents who lost their home

  1. Help us restart! The Sims family

  1. Help me and my little girls get our home back

  1. I lost everything in the almeda fire.

  1. Support Michelle, Oregon fire victim

  1. Help Our Family

  1. Espana Brother Almeda Fire Collection

  1. Coleman Creek Space#1

  1. Robbie & Carrie Grabowski Relief Fund

  1. Lost Home in Fire

  1. Help Zoya get a new place to live

  1. Help my mother and sister who lost her home

  1. Oregon wildfire-The Ramirez Family

  1. Best friend lost everything to Almeda fire.

  1. Cedano-Flores Fire Relief Fund

  1. Lost home & dog in alameda fire

  1. We lost our home to the Almeda fire.

  1. Larry and Karen Colbert disaster relief

  1. Help family who lost everything in wildfire

  1. Fire relief for Heather Glazier & Annabelle

  1. Home lost to Almeda fire

  1. Maynard Family Fire Fund

  1. Gifford and Grisham Family Fire Relief Fund

  1. My Grandma's House Burned - No Insurance

  1. Please support the Alcaraz Ramirez family

  1. Fire relief for my daughter & her family

  1. Lost home due to fires in Medford

  1. Almeda Oregon Fire-Roman Family we lost everything

  1. Home lost to fire in Phoenix Oregon.

  1. Alameda Fire Relief Fund

  1. Almeda Fire Victim Relief Fund

  1. Lost my home in the fire and need help

  1. Rising from the Ashes

  1. Teresa, Rusty, and their kitties need our help

  1. Family Home Lost in Oregon Almeda Fire

  1. Help Alameda Fire Victim Alicia Start A New Life

  1. Help Bob get back on his feet after fire

  1. Help the Ledesma Pacheco’s get a home back

  1. Total fire loss

  1. My Mom lost everything to the Almeda Drive Fire

  1. Lost everything in wildfire

  1. Loss of home

  1. Rivera family wildfire recovery fund

  1. Ryan Oswald Fire Fund

  1. Maria Mora-Olivares Fire Relief Fund

  1. Assistance for Bev & Jim

  1. Family friend lost everything in Almeda fire 

  1. Help the Garcia family recover from Almeda fire

  1. Home lost to fire in Phoenix Oregon.

  1. Lost home to the Almeda fire - De la Cruz Salas

  1. Suarez Ramirez Fire Recovery Fundraiser

  1. Rodriguez Guinac Family

  1. House Burnt down in Phoenix Oregon

  1. Alvarez & Solis Family

  1. Fire Relief Fund for My Family

  1. Help Haney Family Rebuild

  1. Casillas relief fund - home loss due to fires

  1. Recovery for the Mcadams

  1. House and most possessions gone

  1. Help Familia Oregon-Diaz rebuild their home.

  1. Rebuild The Overturf’s - Fire Fund #almedafire

  1. Renate’s Almeda Fire Recovery

  1. Help Robin Rebuild after Almeda Fire

  1. Grandmother Lost Home in Almeda Fire

  1. Lost home due to Oregon Wildfire

  1. Lost Our home & Everything in Medford, OR Fire

  1. Incendio

  1. Family of 4 lost home in the Alameda Fire

  1. Nunez Family Almeda Fire Relief Fund

  1. Uncle Home Gone in Fire, After Loss of His Father

  1. Chris Bowland Alameda Fire Relief

  1. My mom lost her home in the Oregon fires 

  1. Help the Rivera Rodriguez Family Find A New Home

  1.  Please help my home was burnt down

  1. Almeda fire relief funds for Albright family

  1. Burned home in Alameda WildFire

  1. Almeda Fire took Roberto Suarez home

  1. Taqueria Picaro Fire Relief Fund

  1. Help my family get a new home

  1. Cabrera Family Lost Everything in Almeda Fire