Chicagoland Dance Festival Workshop Schedule 2018


Friday, August 17


O'Hare 1

O'Hare 2



Workshops in the shaded boxes are $7 per person.  Buy tickets onsite.

2:00 PM

Two Step – It’s Just For Fun (N): Beth Emerson

WCS- Easy Flight Patterns (N):

Jason Miklic & Sophy Kdep

No experience needed for "Basics" classes.

3:00 PM

WCS – It Takes Two (N):

Jason & Annmarie Marker

Nightclub – Love it and Lead It (B):

TBD...but someone awesome!


Performance and Style How-Tos for Line Dance Competitors - (all levels): Emily Bouchonville

4:00 PM

Hustle- Easy as &123 (N):

Erica Smith

Waltz – Swing, Sway, Shape, Style (I):  Christopher Muise & Amanda Clark

Two Step Basics – Megan Anderson

5:00 PM

WCS – TGIF Happy Hour Special  (N):  Mario Robau

Cha Cha – Take a Break! (B):

Melissa Culbertson                                               

WCS Basics, part 1:

Lori Rousar & Ryan Dobbins

6:00 PM

Hustle – Modern Moves (I):

Nino DiGiulio & Dawn Lara

Two-Step – Social Dance Favorites Direct from Texas  (N): Chad Guidry

WCS Performance Routine 1:  90 minutes: Colleen and Arthur Uspensky Novice level or higher; perform SUN at 10:30A during team competition. $30: 3 hour class & performance.

Saturday, August 19

10:00 AM

WCS – Connection Concepts (N): Gary  McIntyre

Triple Two Step – Pretty & Leadable (N): Christopher Muise & Amanda Clark

Turn like a Champion (all levels):

 Rachel Champion

11:00 AM

WCS – The Music Made Me Do It (I): Matt Auclair

Two Step Classics w/ a Twist (N):

Marc Davidson & Sylvie Raymond

WCS Basics part 2:
Lori Rousar & Ryan Dobbins


Nightclub – The Shape of You (I): Eric & Jenica Zimmer

Hustle – Cutting Edge Cool (N):  

Billy Marti

Posture, Pose & Attitude on the Floor (all levels) Satu Kettelapper

1:00 PM

WCS – Dressin’ Up the Basics (N): Jason Miklic & Sophy Kdep

Two Step - Fun Social Patterns (N):
Penny Lalonde

The FAMOUS Styling Tips for  WCS Followers: Lori Rousar & Becky Larsen

2:00 PM

WCS – Wicked Styling for Simple Patterns (I): Glenn Ball

ECS – The Swing that Rocks! (N):

Mark & Kami Weber

Shag Basics:  Bev Solazzo

3:00 PM

Hustle – Wrap It Up (I):  Erica Smith

Waltz - KISS:  Keep it Simple & Smooth (N): Rachel Mercedes

WCS Basics part 3:
Lori Rousar & Ryan Dobbins

4:00 PM

Two-Step – Sassy & Classy (I): Chad Guidry & Shelley James

WCS - Magic from the Markers (B):
Jason & Annmarie Marker

WCS Performance Routine part 2: 90 minutes Colleen and Arthur Uspensky

Novice level or higher; perform SUN at 10:30A during team competition. $30: 3 hour class & performance.

5:00 PM

WCS – Play with Timing Variations (I):  Gary McIntyre

Cha-Cha-  It’s Getting Hot in Here (I):  Sam & Chris Wetzel

Sunday, August 20

10:00 AM

Two Step – Go Slow to Go Fast. (I):  Marc Davidson & Sylvie Raymond

WCS -  Playful Patterns (N):

Matt Auclair

WCS Performance Routine pt 3: Colleen and Arthur Uspensky

11:00 AM

WCS - Pattern Musicality (N):

Gary McIntyre

Hustle - Shadow Variations (N):

Erica Smith



WCS – If This Is Chicago…It Must Be the Blues (I):  Mario Robau, Jr.

FAM JAM! 2 Step (N) Brittney Valdez, Eric Nava Rachel Mercedes & Newell DeFreest


1:00 PM

Nightclub - Swayin’ to the Music (N) Sam & Chris Wetzel

Two Step – One More for the Road (N):  Ronnie & Cindy Mullins