DHMN Organizational Meeting

Jan. 26, 2015

Call to Order

Present: Shane G., Jake K., Steve P., Bob T-Son, Tater, Mark F., Mike P., Kristin M.,

Late arrivals:

Potential (past) attendees: Karl P., Ed K., Ross L., Tim B., Erin Q-L., Paul K., Seth, Sara K., Sim, Dan Brunner., Sim, Jason S.,

Approve Minutes

Moves to approve: Shane G

Seconded: Mike P.


Treasurer's Report

DHMN Treasurer's report as of 1/26/2015:
Balances and accrued liabilities:
bank: $2667.37
stripe: $48.25
paypal: $76.77
cash: $22
Utility obligation (acquiring):-350.38 ?
February rent (about to pay): -450 ?
total: $2014.01
monthly difference: +62.73

notable balance changes included above:
nothing notable this month

$298.93      12/18-1/20
51.45   12/23-1/23
350.38 owed so far

Gained 1 Student (Jakob Brouillette)

Current tallies:
2 @ Family
12 @ Full
3 (4) @ Student
3 @ Limited
1 @ Sweat Equity

814.78    current monthly membership income
 22.50    current "monthly" prepaid membership income
-785.08    current monthly averaged outlay
Average Monthly buffer: $52.20

Monthly outlay in above budget includes:
3400/yr utilities
450/mo rent
621/yr insurance

Move to Approve: Mark F.

Seconded: Bob T-Son


Old Business

Previous motion to create a subcommittee to explore expanding the board beyond the existing officers to be headed by Mark F. Nothing to report yet.

New Business

Organization of Physical Space

Shane and Sim have been organizing some of the space.

My Office project

Shane and Erin are working on it.

Stock refrigerator and freezer with goods for purchase by members.

Shane proposes staging more events to get members and guests together.


Move to Adjourn: Bob T-Son

Seconded: Shane