E-mail Setting to Include Original Message in E-mail Replies

It is a good idea to make sure that the setting to include the original message in e-mail replies is set to easily keep track of e-mail conversations. Instructors teach several classes each semester and receive numerous e-mails daily. Enabling this setting helps them to provide more timely and accurate responses.

  1. To enable this setting, login to DSCC eLearn and select the Email icon. Then select the Go to E-mail link to open the e-mail inbox.

Email icon 1-2.PNG

Select settings 2-3.PNG

  1. Select the Settings button to open the Email Settings option. Under E-mail Options, mark the Include Original Message in E-mail Replies option. It is also a good idea to mark the Save a copy of each outgoing message to the Sent Mail Folder.

Email 3-4.PNG

  1. Select Save to confirm these changes.