I discovered at camp that I’m not so good with climbing the 13m tall leap of faith. My body was shaking like maracas, my brain paralyzed with fear and when I jumped it felt like nothing.

Camp was great but it could have been better if dinner was more pleasant and enjoyable and for breakfast we got a bigger selection of food because toast and cereal are plain boring.

What I liked the best about camp was the giant swing. When I pulled the string at the top my stomach felt like it was exploding and that I was about to lose my lunch.

What I learn about myself is that I was terrific at sand soccer. Because near the end of the match I got the soccer ball and ran to the goals. Everyone tripping over on the sand it was as if time slowed down and dramatic music played then out of nowhere I kicked the ball into the goals!

Camp helped me gain friends who I never usually talk to or play with at school and learnt all more about them.

Thomas Larratt

Camp Reflection

In 2017 the 5/6s at St Charles went on camp at the Briars. On most of the journey I was asleep.

I was the first person in my group to go on my favourite activity. That was the giant swing where you were harnessed by a leader, then your friends would pull using a rope and by running up a ramp, pulling hard on a rope.

This pulled my body up up into the sky.   At the top i pulled a small green rope. Thiis  released the lock and i flew side to side.  I felt like i had left my stomach at the top.  I went as fast as a rocket up and down.

I Know no one will forget the beach activities. I did the beach run. There were different things you had to do like porpoising to the beach flags and running back in the crazy cold water.

The low ropes was one of the least exciting activities but it was still fun. I loved it when Seb flipped Fontaine and she fell on  Kathryn.  Seb and i were in a partner group and we finished frst. We still had a lot of fun because the chance of you not falling off is low. It was like slipping off a building and falling into a truck of pillows and surviving.

These were some of the heart pounding activities.    



I had an AMAZING time at camp. It let us be more adventures  and out of our comfort zone.


 My favourite activity was the Giant Swing because you felt like you were FLYING  and all your friends looked like tiny little ANTS , because you were 16 feet high when you felt 76 feet high. MY second favourite activity was the Flying Fox. When you hopped on the ride all your friends in your grope yelled 3 2 1 and them you when zooming off it felt like you were flying and the wind was taking you to the end of the ride and you got to be FREE!!!

The beach activities

At the beach we did lots of FUN activities,such as Flag Races because you got  to run across the warm bright sand and capture the flag. We also did a beach swim because you got to run around and be actives

Movie time

On the second night at around 7:30 we watch a movie called SING in a little theatre room before the movie started we were allowed to get dressed into our PJ’s so we were comfortable and warm most of us bought our pillows into the theatre room so we could lie down on them and relax. After the movie finished we all jumped into bed and then a FIRE alarm went off and we all stared to scream by the time we work up the alarm went of four times at night and twice in the morning

I really enjoyed camp and I hope to go there again.  



Camp helped me to build my confidence in activities that are above ground. Camp was great but it could be better if the food wasn’t so sickening. I discovered that archery was actually really hard even though it looked easy.

What I learnt about myself is that I am actually really organised compared to the girls in my cabin !!! I learnt that the Giant Swing wasn’t actually that scary.

 I found camp challenging , but it was only challenging with the Leap of Faith because of the climbing up. I learnt that I can challenge myself in any activity someone gives me !!

In conclusion, I found camp really fabulous and a better way to learn about myself and also learn about my peers !!!


Camp Reflection


On camp one of my favourite activities was archery. Archery seems really easy until you have your first go and it goes completely of course and hits a tree. Also, if you think you can do it, then why do you not have a go and fail on your first go?

My favourite activities on camp was the giant swing. It was one of the best experiences of of my life! The giant swing starts off by you climbing onto a ladder and a helper strapping you into the harness.

Shortly after that you are pulled up by everybody to a height of 16 meters! Everybody will give you a countdown and then you pull a rope that will drop you, well that's what is supposed to happen.

 If you are me, you forget to pull the rope towards you and then it randomly drops and you are screaming so loudly you sound like a girl.

Camp Reflection 24.5.17   Alyssa


     I really enjoyed participating in the activities at the Briars Camp.

One of my favourite activities was the Leap of Faith. I loved this activity because I usually don’t like heights and this particular activity pushed me out of my comfort zone. When you jump from the platform you gently float down to the ground. I also thought that the Giant Swing gave me the feeling as if I was jumping off a cliff, but then I felt like I was flying.

At the Enchanted Maze, the tube swings, and the 3D maze were my personal favourites. The tube swings gave me an adrenaline rush as i was speeding down the trail, while the 3D effects in the maze were extraordinary because I felt as if the images were jumping out at me and my heart felt as if it was pounding out of my chest every time I turned a corner.

I had fun with the people with my cabin because they all had a good sense of humour, all kind and they were all sympathetic. We were all supportive  of each other and if someone felt homesick,  we would be really kind and try to make them happy.

Camp helped me to realise that I am a very lucky child and that I should be grateful and to appreciate the little things in life, because the things that i don’t care about could mean a lot to a less fortunate person.

Camp Reflection

By Aaliyah

camp was an amazing experience! I pushed myself to the limit and learnt how to overcome challenges. I loved the activities and  the fact  that I got to know more about people that I wouldn't usually talk to and even my closest friends was a fulfilling experience.

My two camp highlights were the Enchanted Maze and the Giant Swing . the Giant Swing pushed me outside of my comfort zone because i took the risk of going all the way to the top. The  moment I let go of the rope I felt a rush of adrenaline, I felt like my stomach had come out of my mouth and it didn't go back in until I realised how much fun I was having, even though i conquered my fear of heights. The Enchanted Maze was an amazing experience and I think it came close to being the the best fun I have had in a really long time with my friends. I loved the fact that we got to go off with our friends and do whatever activities we wanted to. I thought it gave me a chance to bond with them. My favourite activity at the Enchanted Maze was the tube slide even though I was really scared I felt like I could do it.

The biggest challenge for me was having to wear my moon boot for a majority of the camp. Even though I had to wear my moon boot it still didn't stop me from having fun.

Camp was an extraordinary experience and something that I will never forget. I have made so many memories and had some great laughs with my friends.

           Camp Reflection 2017

At the Briars Camp I Discovered that I should challenge myself much more.

Camp was interesting because some activities I didn’t want to do, but my favorite activity was the leap of faith because it challenged me in something I had never done before.

Camp would have been better because I personally wanted more and different activities.

Camp helped me because I now have more courage and the activities made me conquer my fears.

What I learnt about myself was that I can really push myself to the limits.  By always having a go and never giving up.

At camp I used my five senses to taste the interesting food, to smell the fresh air in and out of the cabins, to feel the horrific feeling I had before the activities.

                                      Camp Reflection 2017

At Camp 2017, the 5/6 classes went to the Briars Camp. One of my favourite activities was the Giant swing. I enjoyed this activity because I found it just as satisfying as last year’s Giant swing. It was satisfying because you get really nervous and jittery before hand, but after you pull the rope at the top and start swinging, you feel relieved.

Another unique activity was when we went to the beach. I liked it because we did a variety of amazing activities. For one of the activities we did a heap of running races, and for one of the races we did porpusing , and i’m pretty sure it would be funny watching 10 students porpusing to an orange cone! I also enjoyed playing capture the flag on the beach.

I was also really excited to go to the Enchanted Maze. While we were there we went on the pipe slides which was fun. There were a whole lot of activities to do! And they were all entertaining. I also enjoyed going in the haunted house. I felt really happy and energetic doing all of the various activities and also solving puzzles! When we were there i could hear people laughing, having a good time, and bouncing around like crazy people! There was never a dull moment at camp.

Written by Sebastian R


Camp was very challenging  forme because I had to face some fears and living somewhere else away from home.

The activities I liked the best was the giant swing,Leap of faith and archery.

I discovered how to be a lifesaver whenever someone is drowning and hurt.Thank god I learnt,how to be a lifesaver so now I know what to do!

  Camp was great but it could have been better by having an on suite and to stay up late.(well we did in our cabins).

I learnt that all the activities weren’t as scary as I thought they would be.

Camp reflection

At camp I learnt about so many things about myself that i didn't even know of! At the start of camp i was petrified of heights and i still am but one activity boosted my confidence…

The Giant Swing. In Between this activity i didn't want to go to the highest point but i was determined. When it was my turn i said to the instructor i don't want to go to the to top but when they started to pull my mouth wasn't saying stop. I was relieved all my stress just disappeared like a lightning bolt.

One of my favourite things was the night walk. It was very interesting and spectacular because of all the different animals and the beautiful plants. I discovered so many things and expanded my knowledge on animal species such as wallabies rabbits and wombats! That night was astonishing.

I really enjoyed the flying fox because even though it wasn't scary it was quick. As i was flying through the air i could feel the breeze on my face and i could hear the students in my activity group cheering me on. I was proud and excited because i wanted to do it again.

Written by michael

 Camp reflection 2017

What I liked the best at camp was the Leap of Faith  because you get a target to hit, punch or head butt.  I went to the top and head butted it then I had another go and went to the top to head butt it again.  I felt so fantastic after I did it but when i started to climb I felt afraid, but then I felt ok.

I discovered at  camp  I am not good at archery, the only scores I got were 4s and 3s.  I held the bow the wrong way.  When I let go  and the arrow was released it was as fast as a cheetah.

One of the nights I felt sick. I did not like that at all.  While everybody was having ice cream I was stuck in my cabin sick. That was not fortunate for me.

The Giant swing was hair-raising when I pulled the rope I felt, scared, happy and frightened all at the same time but overall it was  fun.      

I think camp was super fun but some things could have been better.



Camp Reflection!

Camp  was amazing, literally! The Enchanted Maze was the first place we went to and it was the best! There were slide-tubes which were massive and I went on them many times. There was also another thing which was the Spooky 3D Maze. In the maze I heard lots of banging sounds and lots of loud scary sounds, that terrified me on first go at the maze.

The activities at our camp were great, fantastic and magnificent. Archery was the one I was really excited about. But when the bow was too close to my arm and i released the arrow, it hurt my arm. The Leap of Faith was a really scary activity because it felt like you weren’t harnessed onto anything and you had to climb up on a pole and I also felt I was going to die! It should be called Leap of Death!

The cabin I was  in was great! It had a fan, a heater and bunk beds and also the fire alarm went off like ten times, probably because someone sprayed aerosol cans in their cabin. Overall, I give camp a 10/10. ☺☆☆☆☆☆ ✓

By Fabian


Camp was fantastic because it gave me some life changing experiences that I will never forget!

What I liked the best about camp was the Giant Swing and the Leap of Faith! The giant swing was super duper fun! I loved it when you go to where you want to be on the giant swing, your group counts down from 3 then you pull the string then you SWING! At the moment you start swinging your heart and stomach drop and you can’t stop SCREAMING! The leap of faith was also enjoyable! I liked it when you were at the stage you want to be, your group counts down from 3 and you jump and if you're at the top and you jump there is something you can punch, slap or head-but! The challenging part was climbing to the top!

Camp was amazing but it could be better if the fire alarm didn’t go off 6 times!!! I learnt that I could go to sleep no matter how much noise my friends made!

Camp was an awesome experience and I hope we go back to camp again!

Sofia M!

Camp reflection by lucas.m

At camp I discovered that I could step out of my comfort zone and overcome my fears.

What I found challenging were leap of faith and the giant swing I found these activities horrifyingly terrifying because I have a great fear of heights.

The giant swing was the greatest challenge for a child that is extremely afraid of heights and is about to go up 16 meters into the air it is truly a horrible thought.

Ascending into the air I felt  a lush breeze touch my face, and then I was overcome with nerves of fear.

After pulling the string and swaying from side to side I had realized that I had stepped out of my comfort zone and taken a step into conquering my fear of heights.

After doing the giant swing and my knowledge of climbing trees I thought that doing the leap of faith would be a piece of cake.

As I peered at the first person going up compared them to the height they were one I thought on my turn what would happen if I slipped and what could go wrong. 

Camp reflection 2017

Camp influenced me greatly by pushing me out of my comfort zone.The activity that pushed me out of my comfort zone was the Giant Swing.i flew straight up and i could hear

“GO” “YAY” from my activity group and when i pulled the rope it was so relieving I felt the adrenaline  flow thru my legs it was the best moment of my life.

It was also scary,but it also felt like I was weightless and it dropped my stomach.It was nerve racking.I was with people i didn't really  know much about so I got to know them a bit more i enjoyed this.



Camp was fantastic! Before we got to camp we went to the Enchanted Maze we have something to eat then we explored the place. We found a huge slide that was really steep. We had to carry a round up a steep hill. We could either go by ourselves or with a partner I went with a partner then I went by myself. It was a little scary at first but then you get use to it. The slide was really fun but really tiring to walk up.

After that it was time to leave so we got on the bus and started heading to camp. Once we got to camp we had to leave our bags at the front on the camp then we headed to where the cabins where so we could hear the rules, activities and directions. Later we got in out groups for the activities and starting heading down to where we are meant to go.

The first activity we did was Low ropes it was really fun but a lot of people were falling off. Then we went to the next activity which was archery, when you look at it it looks simple but when you hold the bow it gets really hard i didn't get to shoot the target but it was still fun. After we went to our cabins they were a little small but they were fine for us.


            Camp reflection

I found out on camp that the giant swing was humongous and frightening. As I was being hurled up to the very top i was getting sweaty. When I finally got to the top, my seat turned around and I pulled the rope and fell.          

Another thing I loved about camp was Archery. The Leap of Faith made me feel sick, but I loved jumping off the platform. Archery was so fun, I couldn't believe it, I actually got a bullseye and all the ranks too.      

I loved night times, because on the first night we did a nature walk and on the second night we watched “Sing” the movie. Some of my favorite bits of night times were talking and playing card games like Exploding Kittens and Uno.  

The flying fox was awesome because it exhilarated my nerves and I had high altitude.  I zoomed and zoomed it was so fast.

The Enchanted Maze was amazing because it had so many features, such as the tube slides,mazes, obstacle courses and other things too.

Camp was so awesome.

Sebastian S

Camp Reflection

Camp for me was the best experience I’ve ever had. It was a fun and challenging Camp to go to and I enjoyed being there. I will never forget the memories and experiences.

My favourite activity was definitely the Giant Swing. I loved the adrenaline rush of when I was swinging 16 metres up in the sky, looking at all of the things on the ground which had quickly turned into ants. But there was a nervous build up while my camp group was pulling me up, gripping the rope with white knuckled fists. It was an amazing experience and I’m proud of myself for going to the top.

Archery was one of the hardest activities to do. It may look easy but getting the arrow in the target was a 1 in a billion chance. With this activity you really have to adhere to the quote “practice makes perfect.” You have to concentrate hard and really focus on the target. This activity showed me to take my time and really focus, it was a challenging activity but also fun and taught me something.

I really enjoyed camp this year and without a doubt it’s the best camp I’ve ever been on. I loved the activities and new friendships I made, and all of the new learnings I have discovered.


By far at Briars camp the best activity would have to have been the Giant swing because the adrenaline when you are getting pulled up and the thrill when you start flying it is miraculous being up there.

After going to archery and finding out the way for me to use the bow I got 112 points, so this activity could not have been any better.

I found that the Flying Fox and the Low Ropes were pointless. After you did the Flying Fox once it got pretty boring and Low Ropes was just unnecessary so they could have been better.

Finally camp could not have been any better because it was fun and I was with my friends.


Camp reflection

Briars camp helped me gain confidence and be less scared of hights. What i like best about camp was the Giant swing, leap of faith and cabins.

We also watched a movie. It was such an amazing movie, and After a long day it was nice to rest and relax my body while watching the movie. The next day we went to low ropes.the low ropes were not as fun as the rest because it gave me rope burn and while i was supporting the person it was a little bit boring.

The low ropes did not go for long and it was frustrating to do.

The best activity was the Giant swing. Out of my group I was the first to go up. While the person was buckling me up  I was really nervous and eager. The other kids were pulling the rope and gave me a countdown, 3,2,1, WOOSH! I pulled the rope and and my gut dropped. I flung up and down wanting to hold on to the rope but couldn’t. It is like a magnet. I wanted to hold the rope but it did not let me. It was so much fun. While I was on the giant swing my heart was thumping so fast. It slowed down,  as it gave me time to relax while I was swinging in the air.

I learnt at camp that you can do things that you never thought you could do. It was a great experience.


BY Danielle.B


Camp was a great experience and helped me to step out of my comfort zone.  

I enjoyed the stop at the Enchanted Maze, because it gave us a chance to have a bit of independence.

My favourite activity was the Giant Swing. It went so high and fast, I definitely went out of my comfort zone because I went all the way to the top, I felt so alive.

The leap of faith was really scary, because it was so high up. I only went half way, but it was still a great experience.  

The beach activities were very entertaining. There was lots of laughter and games. The water was so freezing, I could have turned into an ice cube.

The night walk was quite spooky, because it was pitch black but we had our torches. I learnt a lot about the wildlife, we found a wallaby and she was so cute, I could have given her a hug.

I enjoyed camp because I got to know my friends better, make new friends and become a more independent person.  

CAMP REFLECTION   24.5.17      SIENNA      


Camp was a spectacular experience and was a great time to socialise with other people and have days full of entertainment!

What I enjoyed the most about camp was the giant swing and the leap of faith because I really love being high off the ground. Even though the giant swing was scary to most, I think it was a great experience and a once in a lifetime chance. The Leap of Faith was truly enjoyable and it was amazing. Jumping off the platform, I felt like I was falling off a cliff but when the harness caught me, I realised it was like falling off a chair, you don’t go very far.

I discovered that Archery was one of the hardest  activities. It looked really simple but trying to hit the target was like the chance of surviving a 100m fall with crocodiles at the bottom who haven't eaten in days.

Camp helped me to appreciate the opportunities that I get at school and to always try new things. Camp is always a great adventure and I can't wait to go on another thrilling experience again.

Isla ♡ 22 .5 .17

Camp Reflection 



Camp was a wonderful opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. I challenged myself mentally in having the courage to do the Giant Swing and the Leap of Faith as I was a bit nervous. I really enjoyed the Giant Swing in the end it gave me an enormous adrenaline rush.

Camp helped me to create stronger friendships and to make new friends. Camp encouraged me to mix with other people in my activity group and helped me to discover new things about other people that I don’t usually mix with.

Camp gave me lots of new experiences. I enjoyed all the activities on camp and in completing each activity I discovered something new about myself. I learnt that I love the game Beach Flags, I didn’t really like Archery as I found quite challenging however I really enjoyed the Giant Swing.

What I enjoyed the best was the GIant Swing as it gave me the sense of freedom as I flew through the air. I would definitely do it again.

In my opinion camp was a wonderful experience and I would do it again. It was a fantastic opportunity and I loved it.

Camp Reflection Chelsea

What I liked the best about camp was the Leap of Faith. I discovered that I’m afraid of heights, but I like to challenge myself to go as high as I can and higher. I felt petrified when I was climbing up the Leap of Faith, on the cold pegs.

At camp I used my 5 senses, I could hear the fire alarm going off for no reason. I could taste the interesting food. I could feel the rope on the Giant Swing as I released myself. I could smell the hot camp food being cooked for the students and teachers to eat, and I could see my friends getting smaller and smaller as they pulled me up on the Giant Swing.

On camp I discovered that the more I challenged myself, the more enjoyment I got from the activities. I learnt that it’s great to challenge myself to try new things.

I really enjoyed going on the Tube Slide with my friends, and the excitement when we were just about to go down the slide. I loved being spun around and sprayed lightly on the face with water.

Camp Reflection

Camp was a fantastic experience that I will never forget! My favourite activity the Giant Swing! As I climbed up the big ladder I was already getting nervous, but as I was pulled to the top of the sixteen metre swing I started to feel so scared my socks almost fell off of my feet! Before I knew it my activity group was shouting “3, 2, 1!” and I roughly pulled the little white rope to release me. As I dropped I was screaming in much excitement yet also in fear. I swung to and fro at a fast pace, while the seat was spinning rapidly! It was an amazing activity and I’d love to do it again some day!

My least favourite activity was Low Ropes. I put on my bright red helmet as I jumped on to the first section of the course and my supporting partner helped me while I did. I stepped across the wire rope slowly as I trembled along. I fell a number of times and kept switching between sections miserably I gave my helmet to my partner when it was their turn. Low Ropes was very boring and hard, I wouldn’t recommend it.

I found camp was challenging when we were at the beach. As I was running on the warm sand  I felt as if my feet were boiling in warm water. The long activities were like trying to hold onto a rope for dear life on top of a pit of hungry snakes, especially when we were either running or playing soccer.

Overall, camp made me feel like I was on a popular TV show most of the time, and it would be nice to go on another fun adventure like this next year!



Camp helped me to try my best and stay calm when I tried activities that I am not usually used to.

When I was climbing up the ‘ Leap of Faith’ the camp instructor and my friends helped me to remain calm and to keep going when I found it difficult to climb up to the top. Overall, I really appreciated that this activity gave me an opportunity to improve my confidence in climbing tall objects.

I learnt that I am more tidy and quiet than some people in my cabin. What I also learnt about myself is that I can actually play soccer and do archery.

In conclusion, ( out of all the activities at camp ) my least favourite activity was archery. Even though it looked very simple and easy ( from the way the instructor had showed the example ) pain stung at my hand every time I let go of the arrow that launched into flight and had a far-fetched chance of hitting and sticking to the board.

Camp was a memorable experience that I encountered very fascinating activities and dream-like moments and memories.

By Teagan