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SF ENL Ingress Community Guidelines - April 2017 Release
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Welcome to the San Francisco Enlightened community!

Local Enlightened players ages 13 and older are welcome to join our communities on G+ and Slack. We regularly get together to share supplies, capture and link portals, and generally enjoy playing together. We share fellowship through meals, meetups, events, and instant messaging.

As with any community, we have a set of standards. Rather than make you guess what we take seriously, we’ve written down our standards in the form of guidelines. Many of these reiterate the Niantic Community Guidelines. This document is not intended as a replacement for those guidelines, and violations of those guidelines should still be reported to Niantic (except in the case of unofficial Ingress software, some of which we tolerate); this is about participation in our community rather than the right to play Ingress. These guidelines may be revised if the need arises.

We have zero tolerance for threatening, stalking, harassing or harming other players.

We also assume in general that you will obey the law while playing. If you don’t, remember that we will not bail you out of jail.

By joining with us you are expected to abide by these guidelines. In brief, the people are more important than the game. Be nice!

Community Guidelines

I will only play with one account. I will carry and manage my own ingress gear, unless another player specifically agrees to hold something for me.

I will not play for others or have others play for me outside of my presence.

I will not falsify my position (no spoofing).

I will respect other players’ privacy, revealing only the information about themselves that they’ve chosen to make public or that is available by observing their game play.

I will not collaborate with the opposition (no win trading, no sharing information on planned activities, no sharing personal information about fellow agents, etc.). Cross-faction field art is welcome.

I will assume that any information I hear about ENL-only activities (farms, field ops, smashing, etc.) is not to be shared outside SF-ENL, unless an event is marked as OK to share. I will ask the event organizer if it is OK to share information outside the community before mentioning it elsewhere. If I’m in a private channel, I will assume the audience is only the people in that channel.

I will avoid hate speech related to gender, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.


Violations of the community guidelines can result in a range of consequences, from an informal warning to expulsion from the SF Enlightened community. The guidelines apply equally to all members of the community.

Violations are reviewed by a committed group of trusted veteran agents. The group will investigate the accusation while maintaining a balance between privacy and transparency. For example, if an Enlightened agent is accused of telling Resistance about farm plans, we’d want to talk to the agent before making any decisions. The goal is to maintain every agent’s ability to participate in the community and we intend to err on the side of no action: violations require real proof.

The review group may reverse decisions and review cases in the face of new evidence.

Reporting Issues

If you need to talk to someone about an issue, you can get in touch with the review group by using the form at