Sebastian Rozenberg

b. 1985 in Lund, Sweden



The Lottery, online

Selected exhibitions & shows:


Financing poetry, performance at The smell of burning compact discs, Delfi Malmö, 23 Mars.


The Tongue is an Eye, performance at När man står på ett ben och lutar sig så här, Stockholm May 18 - June 4


builder trader poet, performance at Mount Analogue, Stockholm

video version here


Tower Show: EGG, Pildammsparken, Malmö. Oct 30 - Nov 8.

builder trader poet, performance in Good Times & Nocturnal News installation,

at TRUST, Overgaden, Copenhagen, August 29

A journey based on irony and suspense July 22, London. Organised by amacollective.

M.S., 4 2 7 Gallery, Riga

Feel the Discourse!, Guest projects, London

eStamina, Import Projects, Berlin


Sinne, Helsingfors, Finland

Life Sport, Athens, Greece.

An Artist and a Rover, ArtVilnius ’14, Vilnius.

Clay Body. New release with/as Sail A Whale.

MACBA - Museum of Contemporary art in Barcelona, Spain. with Carl Palm

Inter Arts Center, Malmö, Sweden. with Carl Palm

Toves Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark. with Carl Palm


”Palm & Mikko at the end of the mind”, Performance, Finnish Institute, Stockholm

Mixed Media at Rupert, Vilnius with Carl Palm

Varde Ljus, Site specific works in darkness. Ställbergs Gruva

Retreat Festival, Stockholm. With Carl Palm

Dopet, Group exhibition at Ställbergs Gruva

Bar Grroawl Leftovers (Venisch) Cafe Hammer, Hammerstrasse 133, Basel

Bar Grroawl Group Show. S. Marco 865, Venice, Italy


SPACE:TIME Group exhibition curated by Barriobajero at Revenue, Stockholm

The Millennial Biennial, organized by Brad Troemel. Rod Barton Gallery, London.

Shared Seminar, a performative workshop, Vasa Konsthall Gothenburg.

A Gaming Guide, at

BYOB, Stpln Malmö


Ekko Festival at Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway.  As Sail A Whale


B-Galleria, Turku, Finland. As Sail A Whale.

:-):-):-) Realizing Solutions To The Immaterial. The Gelman Gallery

”En dörr står på glänt" Videoscreening. Klarabiografen, Kulturhuset, Stockholm

Version Festival, Chicago, US.



Loyal Magazine, vol 2, issue 1, New Sensations

Good Times & Nocturnal News #3.

Feel the Discourse!. Catalogue, Guest Projects London.

Deplace. Migrating Art Academies Compendium.


Guideboken för De nio livens museum. Sinne, FI

Throuwe on tsnoK,


Good Times & Nocturnal News #2, by Carl Palm and Egle Kulbokaite. released at CAC Vilnius.

Publikation Ett, Ställbergs Gruva.


A documentation, Sail a Whale. Sincerely Yours / Acephale

Residencies & Grants:


The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.


The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Nordic Culture Point.

Ringa residency/workshop at kim? Riga, Latvia

RUPERT, Vilnius, Lithuania


Ställbergs Gruva, Ställberg, Sweden


Exhibition text for Rustan Söderling exhibition at Svilova

Exhibition text for Zoe Barcza, International Loner at Shoot the Lobster, New York

Exhibition text for Carl Palm at Nosbaum Reding, Luxembourg


Editor at publisher CLP Works  2014 -

Art Editor for Const Literary Preview  2012 - 2014