So you want to play modded;

A guide for Modded Terraria for the /r/Terraria SubReddit and other people

created by /u/Daakuryu(please don’t stalk me… I’m really boring)

So you want to play modded;


A few things to keep in mind.

How exactly do I start modding Terraria?

Mod list; There’s so much room for activities!

Major Mods

Medium Mods

Quality of Life

Features and Vanity

So you’re either new to Terraria, having just purchased it recently and you want to get “the most” out of your experience or you are a Vanilla Veteran and want to spruce up the old marriage with some kinky stuff.

If you are the former I would suggest at least doing a regular Vanilla run first, there is a lot of content there already and having some experience can help you decide what mods you will go for in further playthroughs’

The purpose of this guide is to give a reference for how and what as these are very frequently asked questions in the /r/Terraria subreddit.

Before we get into the meat of the subject I do want to address some other questions as well as some considerations to keep in mind;

For the lazy, Mod list starts at page 7.


I am playing Terraria on iOS/Android/PS4/A Tamagotchi I found in the back alley of a Tim Hortons/3DS/Xbox/Switch(eventually) Can I play Modded?

No you cannot, to play Modded requires using a modified version of the Terraria executable which these system do not support. The only ones who can play Modded are Windows, Mac and Linux versions.

I’ve followed your guide but now I get errors. What gives?

Could be a bad install, could be you have the wrong version of Terraria because you didn’t update, could be you are missing a file or necessary install(other mod or 3rd party program) or a mod causing issues. Post your error to either the subreddit or the mod forum and someone will generally try to help you.


First of all hate is a pretty strong word there buddy and second, no it did not; Vanilla and Modded files are kept separate in case you feel like switching back and forth. More details on that later.

Terraria keeps crashing/lagging.

You may be a victim of toomanymoditis, fortunately some topical ointments and a more careful selection of mods can help alleviate symptoms. Again I will touch on this in a moment.

Why haven’t you put my favorite mod/the mod I made in your list?

Mostly because I hate you, yes YOU specifically…

Truthfully there are literally hundreds of mods and there are YouTube channels that dedicate a fair portion of their time to showcasing many of them. I can’t play all of them, I can’t know all of them and therefore I can only make recommendations based on my own experiences as well as collected information from other people on the /r/Terraria Subreddit.

A few things to keep in mind

Your Mileage May Vary.

Just because everyone is clamoring about this mod or that one does not mean it’s necessarily for you and that is perfectly fine. The beauty of modding is that you can customize your experience to suit your tastes.

Soylent green is people!

Mods are made by humans, with all those icky human feelings, ideas and blood and guts. More importantly Mods are made by many different people with normal lives outside of Modding rather than a team whose job it is to make a thing. That means at any point in time you can expect.

  • Life to get in the way of updates.
  • Support to be dropped completely.
  • Incompatibilities with another mod.
  • Weird bugs and silly behaviors.
  • A mod author to completely ignore your request to reference things from another mod you really like.

In the same vein if a Terraria update occurs it is entirely possible the tool used to allow mods to run will stop working for a while and it’s also entirely possible that once it catches up to the update some mods will never work again due to the mod author no longer updating because he’s got 3 kids and 5 jobs to deal with.

PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER! itty bitty living space.

Terraria is old, and therefore was built with old computer architecture for old computers. It has since gone through several major updates that have added content, features and how the game plays/performs with some fairly major rewrites involved especially in 1.3.5 but what it has not done is changed its basic architecture; THAT would require a 100% rewrite. So it’s still living in the same tiny house with the same limitations it had before but now with more stuff packed in.

To get technical Terraria is a 32bit game built in C# on the XNA framework so it has all the limitations of 32bit applications, chiefly memory limitations as well as any limitations from the XNA Framework itself. For instance while the modloader has patched around some of the memory limitations of being a 32bit application the devs have stated they have tried numerous times to make a 64bit version and have failed each time due to Terraria itself being 32 bit and more specifically because of XNA limitations.

Add Modding to that and you are basically stuffing a group of fattened turkeys into and already fattened turkey.

This brings us to;

Less is more

Because of what was stated above, too many mods can cause the game to crash, lag and perform poorly. This can also be compounded by how much of a potato your computer is.

There’s other reasons however why this statement is true. Especially when it you are talking about what would be considered Major Mods.

Terraria at its base has 348 enemies, each with their own percentage based loot table. It also has roughly 3900 items that can be obtained through various means. Some of the major Mods almost double that amount of enemies and add thousands more items.

If I were to tell you I will give you $500 if you guess what number I am thinking of which number would you prefer my selection be on?

  • Between 1-100
  • Between 1-1000
  • Between 1-10000

Well it’s the same thing with Terraria.  If you add 400 monsters and 1000 items to the game from one mod, the game now has 748 Enemies to choose from and 4900 items that can drop.

So what happens if you are looking for that Bezoar for your Ankh shield? It’s going to be less likely the creature that drops it spawns because there is so much more possibilities.

Now add a second Major mod, and a third then throw in a few medium sized mods for flavor and you have yourself a farming nightmare.

Then you have the fact that major mods and to some extent medium sized mods tend to center around themselves + Vanilla and apart from a select few they will not take into consideration the existence of other mods and what you get is a lot of overlap in terms of weapons, accessories, armor and progression, with some mods clearly overpowering the rest and making the others look useless by comparison.

That doesn’t mean you can’t go crazy and add all the big mods your system can handle. In the end it’s up to you and I’ve personally done a Calamity/Thorium/Tremor run. Just don’t expect every item to be as meaningful.

So personally I feel less is more, Terraria and modding offer a lot of replayability so it’s perfectly fine if you focus on one Major mod and a few Medium ones then start a new play through later with a different set of Major/Medium ones.

It’s your game after all.

There’s no place like[a]

While the Terraria subreddit has a lot of people with varying amounts of experience and skills, it cannot always help when you are having issues with mods. Sometimes the best place to ask for help is on the forum of the mod you are having issues with. If you aren’t sure where that is, a quick google search of Nameofmod tmodloader should bring it up as one of the first few links. This doesn’t mean don’t ask in /r/Terraria it just means we might point you there because we don’t know.

It’s your fault.

If something happens that you need help fixing, always, always, ALWAYS start with the assumption that YOU, did something wrong. As unfair as that might sound, if there’s thousands of people playing a mod and only 3 people having the same issue you are having it’s more than likely it’s something you did or didn’t do.

That’s not to say there aren’t bugs in the mods or the base game for that matter. It’s just that it’s a lot better to start with the concept of it being your fault and accepting any help that will come and from that help could rise the possibility of a brand new code bug being discovered showing it wasn’t your fault after all rather than starting by blaming the mod author and thus pissing off the fanbase right off the bat.

Some assembly required.

While most mods should work right out of the tin, others may have some sort of requirement. Either another mod, in which case in the browser there should be a yellow exclamation mark next to the mods name that says what its required mod is, or in some cases it may need a bit of external help because it is doing something fancy.

A good example of this is Terraria Overhaul which requires that Microsoft’s .Net Framework be at least version 4.6, without it some things will break. It also unfortunately means Overhaul may not be compatible with MacOs and Linux, since they use a 3rd party software to bring in some of .NET’s functionality though at this time I have not had any confirmation on whether or not that is the case.

But enough talk, have at you…

How exactly do I start modding Terraria?

This part of the guide is going to focus specifically on the Windows 7 version and by extension the Steam version specifically; the reason for this is I have no experience with MacOs or Linux versions and I bought my copy of Terraria on Steam, the Windows 10 Steam version should be close enough that you can follow along as well. However there should be some guides for other versions as well on the forum which I will link in this guide.

If you are on Windows XP just toss the computer in the trash please.

The first thing you need to do is identify a few key folders as these will be important.

The Terraria game folder is located wherever your steam install is, by default this is C:\Program Files, so it would be in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Terraria. Some users may need to look inside C:\Program Files (x86) instead of C:\Program Files.

This will hereby be referred to as the Terraria Folder.

If you aren’t 100% sure where your steam folder is for some reason because you didn’t use the default settings but forgot where it is exactly you can always go to your library, right click Terraria, click properties, click local files and then click browse local files.

The second important folder is the save folder. You can reach this by clicking the Windows Start button, then Documents then going to the \My Games\Terraria folder. Or more directly by typing C:\Users\<the username you use on your computer>\My Documents\My Games\Terraria.

This is where your worlds, players and config reside and the same will apply to the modloader.

This will be referred to as the Save Folder.

With that out of the way it’s time to get tModLoader; Developed by blushiemagic and Co this is what will allow you to install and run the actual mods. You can find it here.

The main page will always have the most up to date versions in its download section as well as installation instructions, changelogs and all manner of information.

Download the version that matches what you are trying to install for. In my case the Steam Windows version.

This will give you a compressed file containing a number of other files inside.

Go into your Terraria Folder and rename Terraria.exe to TerrariaVanilla.exe should you wish to play vanilla at any point you can use this exe, you can even make a shortcut to it on your desktop for ease of access.

Next open up that compressed file you downloaded, select all the files inside and drag them directly in your Terraria Folder

Now open up Steam, go to the Terraria page in your library and click play. If everything was done right Terraria will open and you will see the Menu will now have a few extra options. Specifically Mods and Mod Browser(beta)

Congratulations you have installed tModLoader and are ready to start your journey into the wacky world of Mods.

That said; Alt-Tab out of the game for a moment and go have a look at your Save Folder. You will notice that inside it, alongside the Players and Worlds folders there is now a Folder called tModLoader and inside IT. There will be another Players and Worlds folder.

This is what I was talking about when I said Mods saves are separate when you so angrily stated you hate me.

Now while I suggest starting fresh since a few mods out there affect world generation and new players with free items. if one were to absolutely want to bring their old world and players along for the ride you could simply copy the Players and Worlds folders from the Save Folder, into the tModLoader folder. I suggest copy rather than move simply so you have a vanilla backup.

With that out of the way you are now free to start installing mods.

Go back into the game and click the Mod Browser.

Mod list; There’s so much room for activities!

Or, OK that is a LOT of mods, so what do you suggest?

This Section is going to be split into different types.

Credit for some of this list goes to user u/godisdeadm8 on Reddit.

Unless specified, all the mods in this list can be downloaded through the tModLoader Mod Browser, the forum links provided here are simply for the sake of providing the possibility of manual download as well as a quick method of accessing more information on the mod or getting support for it.

Major Mods

These are mods that add a metric ass ton of content, enemies, bosses, weapons, accessories etc.

  • Calamity: Arguably the biggest of them all, it adds many enemies, weapons, items, new biomes, a slew of bosses that go beyond Moon Lord, a number of extra difficulty modes and oddly enough a story told through boss progression.
  • Thorium: Norse inspired mod that adds new biomes, enemies, NPCs, weapons, bosses and two new playable classes.
  • Tremor Mod: The abandoned child of mods, while it has fallen out of favor with many including its own Devs it still a pretty major mod that adds a substantial amount of interesting content, if not always thematically fitting with Terraria. It is still being maintained by another dev but it’s former ones have moved on to a new mod.
  • Spirit: Two new biomes, new enemies, bosses, items,  events, NPC’s

Medium Mods

Like their Major counterparts they add a lot of content but not as excessively as Majors and often they act as a complement to the Majors as well.

  • Sacred Tools: Mod centered around magical panda(pandolar) weapons as well as a Pillar themed Lunarian race. Adds NPCs, two spreadable biomes, a few enemies and some bosses.
  • Antiaris: The new mod from the Dev team behind Tremor they have promised to deliver Quality over Tremors fairly massive Quantity.
  • Crystilium:  Add weapons, enemies and bosses all centered a beautiful new biome called the crystal.
  • GRealm:This mod requires another mod called BaseMod in order to function, adds new items, enemies, npcs, bosses and an evolving event called The Horde.
  • Elemental Unleash: The creator of tModloader herself has created a set of bosses aimed at testing the player.
  • Beyond the Forgotten Ages: Still heavily a work in progress, adds a bit of content with a lot planned in the future.


 Quality of Life mods remove or change certain aspects of the game to make things less tedious or just plain more awesome.

  • Terraria Overhaul: Absolutely not for everyone; This mod changes the game in a massive way. I-Frame dodge rolls, Bunny Hopping, Rocket Jumping, Guns that require reload, Swords that need to be aimed, Velocity and Momentum which affect combat, New grappling hook mechanics, Seasons, The smell of burning houses in the morning. Blood, Gore, and a goddamn Mop. Requires .NET Framework 4.6 to work properly so may not be compatible with Mac and Linux(testing required).
  • Fargo’s Mutant: Two New NPCs who sell boss spawn items for Vanilla as well as several other mods but only after proven yourself against said bosses. Also adds a swarm feature that allows to summon a boss in multiples of 10 multiplied by however many you can stack of the summon item. (base is 100 so 1000 bosses) If that wasn’t enough, it also adds a numbered of items which will eventually lead you to be an overpowered demigod.
  • Max Stack plus: Upgrades stackable items so that their cap becomes 9999, See previous comment about stacks of summon items and imagine the insanity…
  • imkSushi: Adds recipes for a number of items that were drop only, also adds a series of Themed Tokens which can be exchanged for items matching that theme and allows you to flip ores and corruption/crimson items for their alternative versions.
  • Reduced Grinding: Ups the drop rate on many of the rarer items.
  • Magic Storage: Adds a set of chests that are linked together to form an upgradeable megachest and provides a searchable interface as well as means to access said chest from remote locations.
  • Helpful Hotkeys: A set of configurable hotkeys that allows you to do convenient things like switch ammo, quick use and more.
  • Recipe Browser: Having more items means a lot more recipes out there, this adds a searchable interface that you can use to see how to make a specific item, who drops what, and what a material is used for. Basically a better version of the guide so you don’t feel as bad for brutally murdering him through his effigy.
  • Auto Trash: Are you getting too many of an item you don’t like? Tired of all those tombstones littering the world? This trashes whatever you blacklist automagically.
  • Boss/Items/Banner checklist: For the OCD collectors, click each word for the individual forums.
  • Solutions Mod: Adds a new NPC that sells a growing list of Clentaminator solutions that allows you to transform biomes as you see fit. Dirt to Mud , Snow to Forest, Stone to gemstone. There are a lot. It also adds a set of Clentaminator mods that change how it behaves, from short bursts to longer plumes to 3 pronged spread, etc.
  • Vending Machines: Kill your NPCs, Collect their souls and turn them into undying vending machines for your strip mall. Yes, even the Traveling Merchant and the elusive Skeleton Merchant.
  • Yet another boss health bar: Because let’s face it the tiny health bar with the numbers that go away when you aren’t hitting the boss does not give enough information. So a Massive one at the bottom of the screen is better.
  • Summoner’s Association: Adds a few Summoner centric items to enhance this woefully ignored class.
  • Shorter Respawn Time: Do I really have to explain this?
  • Better Yoyo’s: Better Yoyo’s, yep.
  • Zoaklen Mod: Adds a ton of variety for throwing based builds.
  • Vein Miner: An Emo’s best friend… no wait wrong type of vein. Allows you to mine an entire Ore Vein in one shot by holding down a configurable button while mining. By default it only works on Vanilla Ores but a button can be configured to add other block types.
  • Wireless: Adds wireless transceivers that will send wiring signals to a receiver as well as a two way version. Helps remove wiring clutter as well as simplifies teleporter system creation.

Features and Vanity

Mods that aim to adjust the game in one direction or another or just give you more options when it comes to building that replica of Minas Tirith you’ve always wanted to make.

  • Jenosis’ Furniture, Food and Fun: More Furniture, More food, More vanity items, a few accessories and a nice little grandma to get mints from
  • Chad’s Furniture and More: Tons More Furniture, decorative items and more blocks to build from.
  • Hamstar’s 50000000000 mods: Ok so there aren’t really that many mods and he’s conveniently put several of them into a modpack for everyone but basically if you like punishing yourself for the very idea of existing this is the set of mods for you; Endurance, Durability, Injuries, Number of Lives, Price of items matching demand, a time limit,  anti-cheesing protection.  There are also a few beneficial mods in there and he is actively working on a mod that will add the ability to throw and suplex enemies and bosses. There is a clip somewhere on the forum of him suplexing a Unicorn… think about that for a second.
  • Wing Slot: Adds a dedicated slot for wings so they don’t use up a precious Accessory slot.
  • Antisocial: Turns your vanity accessory slots into normal slots, allowing you to equip twice as many accessories.
  • I want to point out that you should be careful with any mod that adds actual accessory slots like More Accessories+, when Re-Logic added the Demon Heart it showed that new slots could be added, however the way accessory slots work is a fixed Array of 7. Using The Demon Heart brings the number of slot to 6, Using Calamity’s Celestial Onion OR More Accessories+’ Heart of Nature brings the slot count to 7. Using both or using any other item that increases the slot count past 7 WILL break your character completely. Because Antisocial uses the vanity slots instead this problem does not occur for it.
  • Enigma Mod: Allows turning potions into crystal accessories that give the effect of the potion as long as the accessory is equipped. As you progress the different crystals can be merged to provide multiple potion effects in one go. Also adds a soul gem which gives class type bonuses that grow as bosses are defeated.
  • Experience and Classes: Adds a set of upgradeable Class Tokens as well as an experience bar. The Tokens grow in power as you gain levels from murdering poor defenceless zombies and giant murderous eyeballs.
  • Expeditions: Ever like you’re not sure what to do next? Do you like being told to do menial tasks for rewards? Have you ever felt like taking up Photography? This mod adds a questing system for both the story as well as more menial things like make me a furniture set I can sell) all centered around a new NPC.  It is split into two parts, Expedition Base and Content, you need both mods for it to work. It also adds a camera and a set of quests centered around taking pictures of things.
  • Cheat Sheet: Allows you to give yourself anything, summon anything, kill everything. Pretty sure the name basically explains it.
  • Prefixes for Enemies:  Known to cause issues with other mods by virtue of its very existence. It adds a massive list of potential prefixes onto enemies when they spawn which all have a variety of effects that range from making things humongous, tiny, on fire, explosive to ALMOST immortal and more. Basically adds a ton of zanyness to your playthrough. There are currently 3 versions kinda floating around;
  • The main version which requires Cheat Sheet because of some bug that breaks other mods without it.
  • A re-compiled version by a friendly user that removes the need for cheatsheet.
  • Another re-compiled version by a friendly user that removes the need for cheat sheet AND also removes all the extra items that this mod adds.

The latter two require a manual download and install and the main version may not be in the mod browser at all either.

  • Learn By Doing: Receive certain improvements through repeated use of some behaviors.  (Running, Jumping, Flying, Eating, Using healing potions, Getting hit in the face, etc)
  • Ore Seeds[b]: No forum link, adds seeds you can plant in clay pots/planters for all vanilla ores, gems as well as some of the ores from major/medium mods so you can farm them instead of mining them. You need a certain number of the ore/gem + a mushroom seed and a demon altar to make the seeds.

[a]Equal opportunities ::1

[b]Currently part of a discord and there is a download through the browser