MACBETH   Socratic Seminar Reflection        5/2

The end of the year brings with it an opportunity to reflect on your own learning. We will begin the reflection process with our most recent learning feat: the seminar. Answer the following questions using complete sentences.

1. What do you think is the best theme to emerge from today’s discussion? why?

 2. What are some ways Shakespeare developed that theme?

 3. If you changed your opinion during the discussion, what changed it?

4. Using your own knowledge on this topic or issue, create a question to start a new seminar.

5. What is one thing you liked that you said or thought?

6. What is one point someone else said that you agree with?

7. What was the most interesting question?

8. What was the most interesting idea to come from a participant?

9. What was the best thing that you observed?

10. What was the most troubling thing that you observed?

 11. What new questions arose as a result of the discussion and debrief?