ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Meeting

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hyatt Regency Airport, Orlando, FL


Attendance: Marie-Paule Cani, Rob Cook, Paul Debevec, Jeff Jortner, Jim Foley, James O’Brien, Scott Owen, Turner Whitted, Joe Marks, Jackie White, Ginger Ignatoff, Erin Butler, Gregg Talley, Daniel Schmidt

Absent: Jacki Morie

Guest: Jaime Radwan

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am. Scott Owen thanked everyone for coming and welcomed guest, Jaime Radwan, Communications Chair, to the meeting.

Electronic Motions (August, 2010 – January, 2011)

The ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee commends Terrence Masson and the SIGGRAPH 2010 Conference Committee for their outstanding work in making SIGGRAPH 2010 a technical, creative, and financial success.

Owen (motion), Morie (second), O'Brien, Debevec, Jortner, Foley, Whitted

Absent: Cani, Cook

To approve the minutes from the July EC Meeting

Owen (motion), Foley (second), Cani, Debevec, Jortner, Morie, O'Brien, Whitted,

Absent: Cook

To approve Jackie White for a one year term (July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011) as the EC representative to the SACAG.

To approve Scott Lang as the Chair of the Chapters Committee and Jaime Radwan as Chair of Communications and Membership for a three year term effective September 1, 2010

To approve the CAG's recommendation of Mk Haley as the SIGGRAPH 2013 Conference Chair

To approve the SACAG’s recommendation of Hong Kong as the site of SA2011

Cani (motion), Foley (second), Debevec, Owen, Cook, Whitted, Morie, Jortner

Absent: O'Brien

To approve the minutes from the November EC meeting

Owen (motion), Cook (second), Morie, Cani, Whitted, Jortner, Debevec, O'Brien

Absent: Foley

To accept the SACAG’s recommendation of Pedro Sander from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as the Courses Chair for SIGGRAPH Asia 2011

To accept the SACAG’s recommendation of Lee Yong Tsui as the SACAG Chair from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2013

Meeting Notes

Motion to thank SACAG for putting on successful and creative SIGGRAPH Asia 2010.

Cani (motion), O’Brien (second), Cook, Debevec, Foley, Jortner, Owen, Whitted

Absent: Morie


S2011 Budget

Joe Marks gave a brief update on S2011 and requested approval of final budget.

The plan for S2011 is to keep the changes/reductions implemented in 2010. Conference is anticipating lower registration since it’s in Vancouver, so they’ve registration fees the same except raising nonmember rate by $50.

The committee discussed changing the registration fees, but feel this should wait until SIGGRAPH returns to LA in 2012. Exhibits are running ahead of budget by 15-20% ahead which is surprising. This is due to additional international exhibitors.

The Program is the same. Dailies was very popular in 2010 so it is back. The Geek Bar will be cut unless it receives sponsorship. Technical session rooms have been cut from 10 to 8 rooms. At some point, the conference might need to be more selective about how much content it accepts.

The EC discussed having an emissary go to the Papers Committee to talk about the conference, budget realities, select top quality. The meeting is in Seattle—perhaps Turner could go.

Motion to accept SIGGRAPH 2011 budget.

Foley (motion), Jortner (second), Cani, Cook, Debevec, O'Brien, Owen, Whitted,

Absent: Morie

2012 Budget

SIGGRAPH is back in LA; this is the first year of the 5-year agreement with LA Bureau.

Per the agreement, the Bureau will give SIGGRAPH $100K each of the 5 years. The plan is to put $300,000 in reserves after the transfer. The surplus from 2012 and 2013 will bring us back to our required reserve fund balance.

Ideas for 2010 include:

• Looking at registration fee increase. (Attendance and Exhibits budgeted based on 2010.)

• Sandbox will be eliminated; look for co-location.

• Decrease to 8 technical session rooms.

• Looking at NVIDIA and/or CGCom as co-locators to help increase our registration by bundling both registrations. None of this is reflected in 2012 budget; it would be additional income.

Motion to approve SIGGRAPH 2012 preliminary budget.

Cani (motion), Jortner (second), Cook, Debevec, Foley, O'Brien, Owen, Whitted

Absent: Morie


Finance report SA2010

Daniel gave a brief overview of SA2010. SIGGRAPH Asia had 9200 total attendees, an estimated 75% of them from Korea. Registration hit budget on full conference and doing well on group sales. Courses-only passes was an experiment that didn’t work; 900 passes were budgeted; only 250 sold. The political unrest definitely impacted late and onsite registration—50% below budget.

The Exhibit Hall was 20% exhibition larger than 2009.

Estimated bottom line: $110,000 operating loss


Daniel gave a brief overview of plans for 2011. This will be the first year under the new agreement with Koelnmesse. SA will be held December 12-15 in Hong Kong. The program includes bringing E-tech and Art back.

Registration fees will be similar to 2010 and the courses-only pass will be eliminated.

The primary market for the conference is mainland China. Professor Liu is reaching out to contacts in China and there are plans underway for a brochure in Chinese.

SIGGAME Proposal

Scott Owen reported that the SIGGAME has not come back to ACM with another proposal, but it will most likely be discussed at the March SGB meeting. He is seeking EC counsel as to how he should vote. He feels the proposal will pass.

Joe Marks reported that game papers will not be a focus at SIGGRAPH; the papers have not been of the quality we want. Instead, the conference is looking at taking a successful small game conference and having it co-locate with us. The EC discussed that their impression is that SIGGAME is very academic and very little industry is represented, as opposed to SIGGRAPH.

Financial Update

Jeff Jortner gave an update on the 2012 Budget. The Finance Committee met and reviewed the budget on Friday, making several adjustments. The EC carefully reviewing SVR and conference proceedings, gathering additional data on sales and true costs before making any recommendations. Once we have this additional information, a final draft will be sent to the EC for review and approval.

The EC briefly discussed the proposal for automatic membership for conference attendees (beginning 2012 conference) and agreed that we need to wait until our strategic planning is complete before making a decision on this.

The production of the Leonardo issue for the past three years was funded through a Reserve Fund request. This will end in 2011 and the cost for Leonardo will need to move into the EC 2012 budget. Additional information is being gathered on this as well as our contract renewal with Leonardo.

Memorials on Website

ACTION Item: Scott Owen will form a Task Force to decide on a policy for this.