General Membership Conference

The Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas

Thursday, September 7

2 PM:  

Reception desk opens in hotel lobby

6-8 PM:

Ice Breaker—Renaissance Room

Friday, September 8—Ballroom A

8:00  -

Reception Desk opens in front of Ballroom A

8:30 – 8:45:  

Welcome/Admin Remarks

8:45 – 9:45:  

What Are You Working On Now and What Would you Like to See More of from MWSA.  Take a moment to show off your new book or tell us what you’re working on, and let the Board know if you have an issue you’d like covered during the conference.

10 – 10:50:  

The Path from Writer to Author:  A presentation of the key elements of effective writing and advice to writers about steps they should take in order to become a published author. – Joseph Badal

11 – 11:50:  

Make Your Writing Better – A panel with Jack London, Don Helin, and Valerie Ormond.  Moderator - Bob Doerr


Lunch – Minuet Room

1 – 1:45:

I’ve Written my Book, Now What – Some experiences and thoughts of our members:  A panel with Kathleen Rodgers, John Trudel, Dennis Koller,   Moderator – Don Helin

2 – 2:45:

Self  Publishing and Anthologies – Presentations by Jim Tritten and Pat Walkow

3 – 3:45:

Writing Juvenile Fiction and Children’s Books – Grace Remey, Jasmine Tritten, Carolyn Schriber .   Moderator – Bob Doerr

4 – 4:45:

Warriors Remembered – A presentation by Albert Nahas

4:50 – 4:55

Admin Remarks


Open Microphone



Saturday, September 9—Ballroom A

9 – 9:50

General Membership Meeting

10 – 10:50

General Membership Meeting Continued

11 – 11:50

Social Media:  Blogs, Newsletters, Facebook, etc.  –  Do They Help?  -  Panel: Dana Marie Tibbitts, John Cathcart, Jack London, Jeanette Vaughan     Moderator: Valerie Ormond


Lunch: Minuet Room

1 – 1:50

A Focus on WWI  with Jack London, Valerie Ormond, and Don Helin

2 – 2:50

WWI Continued

3 - 3:50

Heroic Measures -  Presented by Jo Ann Powers

4 – 4:15

Wrap Up

4:20 – 4:45

MWSA Review & Awards Program with John Cathcart, Awards Director


Awards Banquet – Minuet Room  

Sunday September 10

9-11 AM

Voluntary Informal Discussions, Networking, and one more chance to talk to the Board.  This is not mandatory and people are free to leave whenever, but it is time attendees can take advantage of if they so desire.