Here at Christian Global Medical Healthcare Incorporated, we provide a wide range of services to heal the body, soul, and spirit of each individual.  Follow the menus above for details. We value customer satisfaction and your business with us and please tell us how we are doing and what to improve for you.  Come again and thanks in advance for referring us to your families, friends, neighbors, workmates, your clients, and others so they too can get timely primary care to prevent complications and premature death; we exist for this reason to increase access to care to reduce health disparities. Lastly, please donate to help us carry on charitable services and God bless you.


Our Mission

The mission of Christian Global Medical Healthcare Incorporated is to increase access to timely high quality excellent but optimal appropriate affordable Christian faith-based holistic primary, urgent, and other forms of medical care services in client centered desirable settings for the body, soul, and spirit of all people to reduce health disparities among various populations in this community, this nation, and in this world regardless of ability to pay, their race, income, social status, immigration status, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, creed, ethnicity, and any other identifiable characteristics.

Our Main Vision

Our vision is to become the largest global Christian faith based healthcare system reducing health disparities among various populations by engaging highly skilled diverse respectful, prayerful and  caring professionals to increase access to care by providing appropriate timely holistic care several days a week for longer hours supported with daily onsite prayers to impact the  lives of patients and teammates with the gospel of Jesus to salvation while implementing the followings to remove barriers to healthcare for all patients.