Study Abroad 101 or Career Buffs


CU Professional Engineers are global Engineers.  This week you will explore two how to expand your engineering career.


There are two options available to you this week.  Please select your preferred option.  You will be asked to submit a screenshot of these completed assignments on D2L quiz this week.  

Option 1: Study Abroad 101

Study abroad is an incredible opportunity to travel, explore and broaden your experience and perspectives while staying on track with your degree!  CU has tons of different study abroad programs available to all kinds of students.  You can learn more about CU’s study abroad program on the CU Study Abroad Website.

For this assignment, you will be required to complete “Study Abroad 101”.  This is an online quiz with 6 questions that will be graded automatically.

You can access the online quiz on the Study Abroad 101 website.  Here are the steps required to completing the quiz:

  1. Visit the Study Abroad 101 website.  Look for the “1. Study Abroad 101” section, then look for the “Online” section.  Click the Log-in here link.

  1. Choose the “Yes” option to confirm that you are a CU Boulder student and press “Submit”.  Login with your identikey username and password.  Do NOT click “New User Registration”, even if you have never logged into the study abroad website before.  This option is for non-CU students.

  1. You may be asked to fill out profile information about yourself.  This may include asking for your address, demographic information, or a profile picture.  This information is for the CU Study Abroad office.  You can choose to fill out any information they are requesting; or you can go straight to the quiz by clicking “Overview” on the left hand side of the screen and clicking the “First Steps (Pre-Application)” link under the “My Applications” section.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find a section called “Assessments”.  


        Click on the “Study Abroad 101 Online!” link.  This will take you to the online quiz.

  1. You will be asked to watch a 14:42 video from the Study Abroad office.  At the bottom of the page, click the “Yes” button to take the short quiz.  You must score 80% or above to pass the quiz.  You may take the quiz up to two times.  To pass this assignment, you must get an 80% or above on the quiz.

  1. When you are done, please take a screenshot of the entire page, please make sure your name (in the upper right corner) and your final score is visible in the screenshot.  Please submit this screenshot in its original form (png, jpg, tiff) on D2L.  Do NOT submit a zip file.

How to zoom out and take a screenshot

Before you take a screenshot, the must make sure that your name and assessment score is visible on the same page.  If you cannot see both of these elements, you must zoom your screen out.  Here is how to do that on different web browsers:

Once you can see your name in the upper right corner and your assessment score on the bottom left, you are ready to take a screenshot.

Your final screenshot should look something like the following screenshot.  You can see my name and assessment score (outlined in red) in the same screenshot.  Submit this screenshot to D2L

Option 2: Career Buffs

Career Buffs is a comprehensive online career resource for CU Boulder students and alumni and your connection to all things career-related.  You can fill out a profile that will be seen by employers looking for students for internships and other positions.  Career Buffs is supported by Career Services and comes free for all students.  You can read more about them on the Career Buffs website.

For this assignment, you will have to fill out a Career Buffs profile.  To edit your profile, please follow these steps:

  1. Login into the Career Buffs portal with your CU student identikey and password.  

  1. In the top-left corner, hover “My Account” and select “My Profile” from the dropdown.  This page will show you your profile.

  1. Click the “Edit Profile” tab to edit your entire profile.

  1. Fill out the different sections.  The more detailed you are, the better a chance of an employer finding you in the system because they are looking for someone with your specific skill set.  For this assignment, you must fill out all sections that are required my Career Buffs (they will have a red asterisk * by them).

  1. When you are done, click on the “View Profile” tab.  Take a screenshot of your ENTIRE completed profile.  You may have to take multiple screenshots to capture your entire profile.  Please submit this screenshot in its original form (png, jpg, tiff) on D2L.  Do NOT paste the screenshot into another document and submit that.  If you have multiple screenshots, create a document with all screenshots pasted in and submit it in docx or pdf form.  Do not submit a zip file.

How to take a screenshot

Once you have completed your profile and are viewing it from the “View Profile” tab, you are ready to take a screenshot.

If you have multiple screenshots, please paste them in a single document (docx or pdf) and submit that.  

Your final screenshot(s) should look something like the following screenshots.  These screenshots have been compressed for this example, but yours should be completely legible.  Please submit the screenshot in its original form (png, jpg, tiff) OR the document with multiple screenshots on D2L.  Do NOT submit a zip file.