Narrative Writing Planner:

Fairy Tale: Jack and the beanstalk

Characters: Jack, Giant and Jack’s mom.


  • Orientation: Once upon a time, jack and his mom lived on a common in a poor tumbledown house of sorts, with only a white cow to keep them. every day, Jack picked up snapping wood and sticks for the fire; his mother dug the garden; and the white cow grazed the land side. but, one morning, Jack’s mother said, “Jack,” she said, “the crock’s empty; the garden’s bare; we’ve got no meat; we’ve got no money; and the white cow is dry. you must take her to the market and sell her.’’

Setting: In the house, beanstalk,castle,kitchen,oven,the,clouds

Problems: Jack all was steal the giant’s things and the giant wants to find Jack    

Solution: the giant went down but jack used the axe and chop the beanstalk    

Conclusion:  Jack lived happily  ever after