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1. Please give us your name, address, phone numbers (home and work), and e-mail address.

2. Please provide us with a brief biographical sketch containing information about yourself, your family, if you have children, where they go to school, etc. Include information about your educational background, employment, organizations you belong to (professional, community, social), and any other pertinent information.

 I am a recently retired teacher from the district. I taught middle school and high school for 30 years. I have experience with the rules/laws of several secondary education departments, such as; General Education Science, Special Education Behavior Adjustment Class (Emotionally Disturbed) and co-teacher of high school English, federally funded position (RTI) Response to Intervention Specialist, and teacher of high school English and Reading for (SOL)Students of Other Languages (ESL newcomer program and beginner/intermediate).

3. Why are you running for school board? What are your goals for AISD?

I wish to remain a part of the educational community and Alief ISD. I believe the board needs a fresh look at the schools, students, staff, and curriculum from a teacher’s point of view.

4. What do you see are the biggest problems confronting the district? employees Prioritize and explain.

5. Would you be willing to meet on a regular basis with the leadership/members of Alief -TSTA/NEA to discuss issues and concerns? How would this best be accomplished?

I would be happy to be involved in a meeting about concerns, suggestions, and ideas that involved board members and ATSTA members.

6. Are you willing to commit the district’s resources to make AISD the top employment choice for school employees? How would you propose to not only attract but also retain those employees?

Yes, of course! I believe many tools are already in place to improve the campuses.  Improving the morale of all concerned would improve the word of mouth that Alief is a great place to live and to get a good education.

7. Do you support furloughs to save the district money?  Do you support cutting teacher/employee salaries to save the district money?

I am not aware of either one of these suggestions being discussed. If the subjects did come up, I believe other suggestions would be a better alternative than employees and their families having to deal with the extra financial hardship.

8. Are you willing to commit to having true site-based decision making at the campus level for AISD school employees and parents?

It is believed that there is a true site-based decision making committee.  I do believe it needs some interventions.

9. What are your opinions in regard to sex education and prayer in public schools? Why?

This is a law that is not open for change. If the state allowed districts to change the requirements, then gathering information from staff, community, and students should be considered.

Although, to comment, I believe that as uniforms strive to deflect out of school discussions and activities then open religion should also be held to a minimum in our diversified environment. As for sex education, …..?

10. What is your opinion on allowing vouchers for students who attend low-performing public schools? Explain.

        I am a strong advocate for my school district. All schools have strengths and weaknesses and vouchers are misleading. Presently, a person may transfer to another school in the district that earns a better ‘report card’, but the criteria used for the report card is not always clear to a person not involved in education. A private school is even harder to rate because it does not follow the same guidelines as a public school and it does not always offer a better education.

11. What is your position on teacher incentive pay based on student performance?


12. Do you support using teacher evaluations in making decisions regarding reduction of force?

        The evaluations are one tool to help in any decision.

13. Do you support using student test scores in evaluating a teacher’s performance?

        Same as above

14. Who and what groups do you consider your biggest supporters and why?

        School personnel and students. People who have worked with me understand my true goal is the student.

15. If Alief-TSTA/NEA decided to endorse you, what would you like for us to do to help in your election campaign? (Money, person-to-person contact, other.) Please explain.

16. Would you support Alief- TSTA/NEA on addressing rising health care costs in the district?  

16A.Would you work with us on writing an effective, fair policy that worked to reduce the number of after school meetings/tutorials in AISD?

        I believe that would be a good idea for a committee.