Whereas: the PSC’s contract campaign efforts so far have failed to yield positive results.

Whereas: without a credible threat of a strike, PSC members have no power to push our contract demands and especially the demand for $7k per course adjunct starting pay.

Whereas: the PSC carried out a strike authorization campaign for the last contract and did not incur Taylor Law penalties.

Therefore, we demand that the PSC launch a strike authorization campaign immediately and support it through the following steps:

  • Strike authorization pledge:
  • Assign campus organizers to reach out to all members with a strike pledge card affirming they will vote yes to a strike authorization vote on the current contract, and that they will respect the picket line if and when we strike.
  • Membership mobilization: develop and support teams of rank and file members on each campus to:
  • Work with organizing staff to get strike pledge cards signed.
  • Work with members, students, and other supporters on campus to build the campaign.
  • Educate members about the importance of a strike and how effective strikes can win important gains.
  • Organize picket schedules and train picket volunteers, including in how to respond to potential picket-crossers.
  • Organize drives for food, clothes, books, and other items that might be needed during strike.
  • Begin outreach to collect information about which members will need financial assistance during a potential strike.
  • Coordinate with PSC central regarding strike funds and CUNY-wide logistics.

  • Building mobilization capacity:
  • Double the number of part-time liaisons.
  • Hire more organizers.
  • Task all organizing staff and part-time liaisons with developing and supporting the mobilization teams on every campus to get pledge cards signed and build strike support.
  • Restore full pay to part-time liaisons and allow them to join the PSC staff union.
  • Eliminate unrealistic quotas for liaisons and retroactively consider all their efforts to build power toward a fair contract as legitimate paid work.
  • Include rank-and-file “7K or Strike” activists and organizers in every aspect of this campaign
  • Hire student organizers on each campus and/or pay stipends to students to build solidarity.
  • Hire community organizers to mobilize CUNY community members including alumni, families of CUNY students, and parents of NYC public high school students.

  • Financial resources:
  • Raise dues to 2% for all members earning more than $70k/year.
  • Set up an online fundraising platform for a “militancy” fund to provide support in case of a strike.


  • Publicity:
  • Launch a broad public campaign designed to maximize and mobilize the support of students, other unions and their members, and the wider NYC community for a possible strike.
  • Encourage the meaningful participation of all rank-and-file member-activists who bring skills and experience into the campaign, especially with social media.

  • Coordination:
  • Create a CUNY-wide strike authorization coordinating committee that includes rank-and-file campus leaders and organizers from every campus.
  • Empower this committee to make adjustments to plans and procedures in consultation with PSC staff and in keeping with the spirit of this proposal.