Committees of the Vestry for 2017 (with Vestry Members Assigned)

Administration and Finance

Vestry members: Lee Beam, Molly Brown, Rick Chittum, Lundy Pentz (ex officio)


Vestry members: Erik Boody (ex officio), Rick Chittum, Richard Obenschain, Matt Shreckhise, David Wallace


Vestry members: Lee Beam, Lynn Manka


Vestry members: Lilchy Huffman, Richard Obenschain, Pat Williams


Vestry members: Judy Armstrong, Hunter Moss

Youth and Children’s Ministries

Vestry members: Muffie Newell, Sue Read, Karen Tate, David Wallace

Adult Christian Formation

Vestry members: Jim Manchester, Muffie Newell, Karen Tate

Hospitality and Events

Vestry members: Molly Brown, Hunter Moss, Juliette Swenson, Pat Williams

Membership Engagement

Vestry members: Judy Armstrong, Ernest Holley, Lynn Manka, Juliette Swenson


Vestry members: Ernest Holley, Lilchy Huffman, Jim Manchester, Lundy Pentz (ex officio)