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BRC May 13th 2013 Minutes
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7:30 Call to Order. Attendees: Dan Trapp, Doug Havlin, Toby Trapp, Meghan Trapp, Sarah West, Pat, JT, Angela, Andria Powell

  1. Committee Reports
  1. Membership is currently 102 paid members. We have had 150 in sales of apperal. The shirt company has some overrun of our colored shirts, that they will sell us for 50% off. We have men’s grey shirts and white shirts. Everyone loves the RRR blue shirts.
  2. Public Relations & Special Events - 2 mentions in the paper about the Law Day run, thanks to Pat. And the trashy run. We’ll send them info on the Parks and Rec Tree for more good PR in the newspaper. Sarah will do the legwork and see what we need to do to purchase the tree. The funds have already been approved.
  3. Group Run
  1. Trashy Run - May 25th
  2. Tuesday Speedwork - Meghan’s collecting workouts for speedwork. We’ll put the schedule up on the website and have an ‘official’ workout each week. Then people can modify those as they see fit. Doug will send some workouts to Meghan.
  3. Fall Marathon/Half Marathon Training. - Starts July 27th for Rock ‘n Roll. It’s a 14 week program now. July 13th for the informational meeting. We’ll come up with something for the first 2 weeks so they can be ready for week 1. Maybe publish some limits of what you should be able to do to begin the program. Ideas were you should be able to run 3 miles for the full marathon, and less for the half marathon.

d. Treasure’s Report

deposit of 936 and we had 4 expenses of 300 for chili cookoof, 3 RRR reimbersemnts 302.05 to Pat, 1132.94 to Doug for hotel rooms, Dan 484.78 for hotels and gas. 150 from andrea in clothes sales

$5732.35 is the new balance.

  1. Old Business
  1. River to River - everyone loved the shirts, we have RRR race shirts Large and mediums
  2. Couch to 5k - Success again, lots of folks at the Law Day Run. Some bad weather days, but good overall. Next year we might need a 2nd coach or some alternate coaches. RRCA has coaching certification programs. We might want to pay for part of the fee to get someone certified. So we can have some actual certified coaches.  Do we need to do the Law Day Run course before the actual race? We could send a survey to see what the graduates of the past group what they think about running the course before the race. We can have a week in the middle of training where we get out on the roads and run some actual roads. Maybe every 3 weeks we do a run on the roads with hills and turns to get them used to running hills and not just something totally flat like the track. We can do the Main Set on the roads but do the warmup and cooldown on the track. That would make it easier to meet and get everyone together.

  1. Law Day Run - not great weather but great showing of support.

  1. New Business
  1. Volunteering for the kids triathlon June 22nd - at dorchester swim club. Greg Sierra. Kids 5-17 yo. Benefits swim team and dyslexia. Needs someone to help timing the run or race marshall the course.
  2. June 16th Starting the 8 week Beginner Biathlon training. Doug will be running it and Mario will be helping out. We’d love BRC support and help.
  3. Donating a Tree in memory of Boston Marathon bombing victims - We’ll do that Sara will take charge. We’ll get to pick a spot, but it won’t be planted until October.

Member Announcements / Accomplishments

        1st place Running Club Division for RRR.

June 10th will be next meeting. We’ll do it as open meeting and see how the turnout will be.

8:15 Adjournment

Next meeting to be determined.