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                                                                                                             May 2, 2017

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School Climate Survey

Open House

Education Week Events

EAP Craft Market

Earth Week

McDonald’s Fundraiser

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May 2

Catholic Education Week Mass and Director of Education Awards

May 3

Pita Lunch Day

May 4

Education Week Open House

Chess Tournament at Dr. F.J. McDonald

Dance Showcase at Sacred Heart

May 10

Mazzola Lunch Day

EAP Craft Market

McDonald’s Fundraiser

May 11

Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

OCSB Swim Meet - in collaboration with Special Olympics Ontario

May 12

Gr. 6 visit to Sacred Heart

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Blessed are you, Lord God, creator of the universe, You guide us with your wisdom and unconditional love. Continue to bless all with the gift of wisdom, knowledge and creativity so that we may achieve great things in the world in new ways. Strengthen our capacity for understanding and peacemaking and open our hearts so that we may continue to grow in our faith in you and find ways to bring the Good News to others. We ask this prayer in the name of Christ our Lord, Amen.

School Climate Survey

Every two years the Ministry of Education requires that we conduct a School Climate Survey where we ask students, staff and families to give input on the environment in our schools. In Catholic schools, our Catholic teaching on the dignity of the human person is the starting point for all issues of diversity. Catholic schools strive to create an environment where all members of the school community feel safe, welcomed, included and valued. We ask that parents and guardians take a few minutes to fill out this survey. We ask that each family complete only one survey for each of the schools the children in your family attend. Each survey is linked to the school your child attends.
The survey link is also available on the school website. All school staff and students in Grades 4-12 will complete a similar survey at school. The student survey measures safety, bullying, equity, inclusivity and student well-being. The surveys will help in-school teams determine school needs, make decisions on improving the climate of our school, as well as help to determine whether programs are effective at improving the school climate.

Open House

We will be having our Open House, on Thursday, May 4th, from 8:30-9:30 am. All parents are invited to attend and visit their children’s classrooms as the students work on a variety of exciting math activities. Students will remain in their classrooms to work on solving these problems, while the parents visit the classrooms and walk throughout the school. The choir will also be singing for the parents who attend. Finally, the dance team will perform their dance at 8:45 am, in the gym. Parents won’t be able to attend the Dance Showcase at Sacred Heart, so the Open House will be the opportunity for parents to see the team perform.  

Education Week Events

There are many other special events happening during Catholic Education Week. On Tuesday, May 2nd, the Catholic Education Week Mass and the Director of Education Awards will be held at the Notre Dame Cathedral, located at 385 Sussex Drive, starting at 7:30 pm. Our amazing Junior Resource teacher, Michelle Tierney, will be receiving one of the awards. All members of our school community are welcome to attend this event. Thursday, May 4th, will be a very busy day, as the St. Stephen Chess team will be heading to Dr. F.J. McDonald school to play some matches and the Dance team will be performing at Sacred Heart, as part of the Dance Showcase. 

EAP Craft Market

Our Gr 4 and 5 Students are participating in the Entrepreneurial Adventure Program. Their next business venture will be a Craft Market, held in the gym, on Wednesday, May 10th. Each group will display their bracelets and other assorted items, and students will be able to look at them, try them on, and place orders. Pricing information will be sent out next week. The orders will be filled within two weeks and all proceeds will support the OK Clean Water Project. You can find out more information about the EAP ventures on the following student created blogs: St. Stephen Entrepreneurs and Ok Gear.

Earth Week

 week we will be celebrating our own St. Stephen Earth Week. Each day the students will be asked to wear a colour that represents one of the Earth’s environmental elements. We have changed two of the days, to give the students the opportunity to wear Sens colours on the day of Game 4. The new schedule of Earth colours will be as follows:
Monday, May 1: Plant Life - Wear Green
Tuesday, May 2: Water - Wear Blue
Wednesday, May 3: Air - Wear White
Thursday, May 4 (changed): Energy - Wear Red, Yellow or Orange
Friday, May 5 (changed): Earth - Wear Brown

McDonald’s Fundraiser

Our School Council has organized another fundraising evening at the McDonald’s at 1250 Stittsville Main Street, on Wednesday, May 10th. Between 4 and 8 pm, present the form that will be sent home with the students in the near future, and 20% of the total of your meal purchase will go towards supporting School Council initiatives. Purchases can be made in the McDonald’s or at the Drive-thru. Thanks for your support.    

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