towc \ Matei Copot -

JavaScript Developer



Oxford, UK

+44 7517145354

Skill Set

Full-stack web implementations and design

Creative / Logo animations

Code reviews / Consulting

Tutoring / Mentoring (web tech + logic/design concepts)

JavaScript means

Anything from using webgl for canvas animations, to using frameworks like React for complex UIs, to back-end systems with Node, which include TTY/GUI tools with electron, to name a few cases.

I like the JS philosophy of openness and availability, allowing it to have a worldwide community from which anything can be learnt.

I do have some experience in using other languages like C++, Haskell or PHP, and I’m always happy to learn more, but JavaScript is where my heart is.


For various years, to the benefit of startups, corporations and anything in between. In this time, I’ve improved their systems considerably on both back-end and front-end, bringing their teams up to date with the new technologies and helping them implement them in their codebase.
Just like JS, I can be useful from anywhere for mostly any purposed, and I’d rather not be confined to a single space. I can consider relocation, but remote is best.