Matei Copot / towc -

Full-Stack EcmaScript Developer



Bratislava, SK

+421 950278504
+44 7517145354



- ESNext / TS / SCSS

- Node /  npm

- Express / Sails / core
- Vue (/ Angular / React)

- vuex / redux / mobx

- Chrome Extensions

- Canvas Animations

- Maths Background

- Linux / terminal / vim

- Networking / CEHv8

- Happy to be Trained!

Notable Positions

Manager, Progressbar Hackerspace (Bratislava, SK, volunteer)

  • Overcoming urgent daily software, hardware, and human-facing challenges
  • Contributing to Open Source on a daily basis, from GPIO management libraries to Node docs
  • Bringing innovative technologies and exchanging information with international tech enthusiasts

Frontend Consultant, Methodicate (Oxford, UK, remote)

  • Developing UX-first frontend search and account management systems, in Angular 4 / Loopback
  • Communicating with various departments to comfortably meet deadlines / spec requirements

Graphics Contractor, Rotageek (London, UK, remote)

  • Researching bleeding-edge techniques for performant animations in Canvas / CSS / SVG
  • Carefully analysing a spec and working with authors to resolve ambiguities, and researching the marketplace in order to enhance the spec

Frontend Maintainer, Active Allocator (NJ, USA, remote)

  • Analyzing an existing React/Typescript codebase, while bringing the Mocha tests up to date

Frontend Developer, Eoxplore (Reading, UK)

  • Designing and Writing interaction-heavy branch sites from scratch, in Vanilla
  • Working with partners like Melodies and ISBM to redesign their pages for meaningful animations, interactions, and positioning