Admission Agreement for Child:                                    Date of Birth:

Children's Cottage and the authorized representative of the child jointly complete this agreement that

will be maintained in center for review.  Basic services are early care & education from birth through entry

into first grade. Part-time schedules are available per chart below.  Parent/Payer is authorized rep who

signs agreement.  Child's authorized representative will be given 30 days notice of any rate change.

Annual Registration is $100 and non-refundable.   Agreement may be terminated if parent gives 2 week

notice to center. If the child withdraws with a 2 week written notice, a refund for care paid for beyond the

2 weeks is available.  Center may terminate the contract if the program is not meeting the child's needs

with a 1 week notice to the parent.  Reasons for dismissal or removal may include the center’s

determination that the staff’s or children’s health or safety is threatened by the child or parent.

Rights of the licensing Agency for the state of Calif  (1) To enter or inspect the premises without prior

notice  (2) Interview children or staff without prior consent  (3) Inspect records  (4) Observe the physical

condition of children, including conditions that could indicate abuse, neglect, or inappropriate placement.

Weekly Schedule


Half Day 8-12


Reg Day 8-5

PRESCHOOL Extended Day


Reg Day 8-5

INFANT Extended Day

5 Days






4 Days






3 Days






2 Days






Drop in






Monthly tuition is due by the 5th of each month.  Payment can be made conveniently with your smart phone, tablet, or computer by accessing your password protected Curacubby account at our website.  Paying by Bank ACH debit from your checking account is free.  Paying by credit card incurs a convenience fee of 2.9% plus 55 cents. Checks and cash may also be paid at our school payment box. If an account is not paid in full by the 20th of the month a late fee of $25 will be charged. If account is not paid in full by the end of the month child may not attend the following month.

We close on New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Memorial Day (Fri & Mon), Independence Day,Labor Day,Thanksgiving and the day after, and one week for Christmas break. The center will close two additional days each year for Staff Development. If child is out due to illness, holiday, staff development, disaster (flood, fire, earthquake etc) tuition remains the same. After 6 months of enrollment families can take a free vacation week off when child does not attend.  

I agree to pay the monthly tuition amount of $ ___________________  

X_____________________________________           X______________________________

                   Parent / Payer Signature and Date                               Director Signature and Date