Revised March 28th, 2018 [Season 6]

General Rules of Conduct


Each player must register an account to participate in LUTI.
Registration is authenticated via Twitter, meaning each player must have a twitter account to sign up.

Players must fill in the following information:

Fields marked with an asterisk* are optional.

You may edit your details at any time from the Profile Management page.

SWs cannot be edited while a season of LUTI is in progress.

Players that opt-in as captains will be prompted to create a team.

Teams can consist of a minimum of 4 players, and a maximum of 10.

Registering a team will require the following information:

Upon registering an account, players may select their team from the Profile Management page.

Unlocked teams will be viewable from the drop down menu.

Captains can accept or deny requests to the team from the Team Management page.

Staff can promote team members to co-captains upon captain request in helpdesk

Once a captain has accepted all their team members, they may lock-in their team.

Locking in a team will approve its inclusion into LUTI after which no further player changes may be made.

Player Transfers

For the purposes of LUTI, a transfer is defined as a single player being added to a team.

Removing a player from a team is not a transfer.

Transfers are bound by the following rules:

To transfer a player to your team, notify staff in the #helpdesk channel on Discord.

The SW of the player you wish to add to your team must be shared with staff as well as the player’s former team and division, if applicable.

If a transfer does not abide by the rules outlined above, it will be declined.

League Format

All communication between staff and players will occur on Discord.

[X] Forge

12 teams

[1] Enperry

# Based on signups

[2] Rockenberg

# Based on signups

[3] Krak-On

# Based on signups

[4] Annaki

# Based on signups

The amount of divisions depends on the amount of teams signing up.

Regular Season

All times are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Cycle Onset:

Monday 2am

Contact Deadline:

Tuesday 9pm

Scheduling Deadline:

Monday 12am next week

Default Time:

Sunday 9pm

Score Deadline:

Monday 1am of next cycle

Captain Communication

If teams are unable to play their match by the score reporting deadline, staff will make a ruling based on evidence collected between the teams at fault.

Scheduling Your Match

Issues With Scheduling

In every case, bring issues to staff at the #helpdesk channel on Discord to resolve the situation.

Match Protocol


The schedule below will cycle for both weeks of playoffs (Weeks 7 and 8).

All times are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Week Onset:

Monday 2am

Contact Deadline:

Tuesday 9pm

Default Time:

Sunday 9pm

Score Deadline:

Monday 1am


Dragonuto will swear eternal love to you for reading the rules. Thank you!

Penalty System

LUTI implements a 3 strike policy.

Teams are subject to disqualification through receiving 3 strikes.

Actions that will result in a strike include, but are not limited to:

Depending on the severity of the offenses, the consequences of receiving 3 strikes may vary from a temporary ban for the remainder of the season to a permanent ban from any event ran by LUTI or its staff members.

LUTI staff reserves the right to immediately ban or disqualify any team or player as they deem necessary.