Directions for Using Sphere, Safari Montage and Edublogs

  1. Create your video using Sphere and save to folder on desktop. It will save the video in AVI format.

  1. Convert video using Any Video Converter (from AVI to MP4)
  1. Open AVCFree
  2. Click on browse/upload
  3. Click on convert now (in upper right hand corner)
  4. Click on no thanks
  5. Your MP4 videos are in Computer>Videos>Any Video Converter>iPhone (You can drag this to your desktop for easy access)

  1. Upload videos to Safari Montage (Internet Explorer)
  1. Click on Creation Station
  2. Click on browse/upload file and navigate to your MP4 (be patient)
  3. Click on video name at the top
  4. Click on edit>rights management and make sure you’ve given home access
  5. Click on permalink
  6. Highlight embed code and copy

  1. Embed video in Edublogs
  1. Click on the text tab to view html code
  2. Type title of video and hit enter
  3. Paste html code of video
  4. Repeat process if you have multiple videos
  5. click on Visual Tab to preview

Directions for Using iPad and Safari Montage

  1. Create your videos on the iPad and save them to your camera roll.
  2. Open the Safari Montage app on your ipad and tap on Creation Station. (The server is
  3. At the top, tap on choose
  4. Select your video and tap on done
  5. Give your video a title and description
  6. Tap on upload at the top
  7. Login to your Safari Montage account on your computer. (Use Internet Explorer)
  8. Go to My Files and tap on QR Code next to your video. You can copy/paste this QR code and print.
  9. Use any QR code scanner to play the video on a device.